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[Weekly QA] #WeeklyQA 2017.03.12 --- Team MLBB

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Edited by yjubilosa at 2017-3-13 01:01

                                                              Q: What is the Draft Pick mode?

R: In the Draft Pick mode, players from two teams cannot choose the same hero in the battle and must select heroes and ban opponent team’s hero with strategy after careful consideration. There are three stages in this mode including Ban, Pick and Free. At the stage of Ban, the 5th players of two teams are able to ban one hero from the other team.  At the stage of Pick, all then players will choose their own heroes in turns. But those heroes that are banned or chosen by other players cannot be selected again. And then players can alter the skin, gear set, battle spell and emblem set for their heroes at the last stage: Free. Also, at this stage, you can swap your hero with a teammate – if you and your teammate both own these two heroes.

                                                                           Q: About AFK players.

R: In the game, we are unable to eliminate all AFK behaviors. However, to maintain the fairness and competitiveness of the game, we will carry out severe measures to punish those who have AFK behaviors in battles, including canceling all battle rewards and deducting their credit score. The behavior that’s defined as AFK which results in no reward means that the player has no operation on the character for over 3 minutes – no matter it’s out of player’s own will or it’s caused by network disconnection. Once this kind of AFK behavior was detected, the system will cancel all kinds of rewards that the player should’ve received. More specifically, if the team of the AFK player wins, this player cannot get any battle points, medal points and star (if it’s a Ranked game); if the team of the AFK player loses, this player cannot get any battle points and medal points while he/she still will lose the star for this defeated game (if it’s a ranked game).

                                                   Q:  All tiers of rewards of the Ranked Game show the same.

R: This issue now is fixed on Android servers. For the iOS servers, it will be fixed after the update of patch 64.0.

        Q: Some players are matched with others who are in different rank divisions which causes some difficulties to the game.

R: We optimized the matching system in patch 64.0 and now the system will match you with comparable players more precisely. Also in the Ranked Game, an ELO gaining will be given according to players’ levels.

Q:  Moskov is a little weak. He has an attack range that is too short, lacks defense ability and the stunning effect isn’t that useful in battle.

R: The controls of Moskov are not very easy. We will see if more adjustment is needed according to his win rate.

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Team Mobile Legends

Post time 2017-4-2 11:02 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Please reply to me again about my account
Post time 2017-3-13 07:14 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Its not weak cause it can penetrate the enemy with his shadow spears
Post time 2017-3-13 01:19 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice game
Post time 2017-3-13 02:53 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for clarifying this
Post time 2017-3-13 04:00 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts

Sorry double post...

Edited by HendrikBass at 2017-3-13 04:27

see below i cant erase this one...TY
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My humble opinion and sorry for bad english

Edited by HendrikBass at 2017-3-13 04:47

1- Moskov is no weak...his spear can go through all minions till arrive to enemy hero (is op) in early levels with this...u can do a hard harass on enemy...  

2- Wrong conception about "I buy the last hero and it's must be OP for 2 weeks till nerf...but I guess this is a Admin fault cuz they always do it and people was expecting a ranged hero qith 7k hp and 9999 p.atack ....for me Moskov is OP I always win doing early harass ..stun back on mages ....and block they cast on almost all heros ...even in Chou considering his skills all like a full combo for kill u without chance...block the steal mode in moskov is OK...even maybe a nerf on critical ..,level 1 and u get all hit criticals hahahaha...and this is true I make a video about it.

3.- THIS LAST IS IMPORTANT....Report issue....AFK problem is so deep...I mean for example I read in a forum about a guy with the game in 2 devices and he launch ranked at same time...if he see his BOT acount in the opposite team he just go ready; if not he dont push in the BOT account....and that's mean he will be afk with one device and win with his main account..........I find this a real problem....i believe u need eliminate de previous avatar ready, in this way u can avoid this kind of tricks... with a status that's say 3/10 and 7/10 till all push ready 10/10 is enough.... this is the reason so many people is feeding in medium leagues....and I think we need to elevate the level for join In rank mode for avoid this kind of guy with double devices joining with a BOT ACCOUNT....mmmm someone 20 afk matchs for example should no be allowed to play rank...this is no discriminatory since for example....some people can't play blade and soul or C9 on pc cuz their computers are old is that situation a discrimination?  Should BLADE AND SOUL make a poor graphic Game?.... here is the same....if u are with a 256kb connection LIVING IN JUMANJI or playing with a baby  Nokia 1998  well this is not ur game...
4.- About Defend your country Match..... I think we need a IP FLAG autodetec like other games....cuz some people  go to another country cuz they cant get on match...for example.. check Spain Match are all Chinesse no spain people...thats unfair for people in that country... the same happens with Argentina and i saw the same situation with another country..  so when i see my country matchs i never watch cuz i know they are not selected from the top of my country ...and i never gonna give  1 diamond to someone that play on unfair way....
PS: i know about DNS and blah blah but well atleast wont be so easy  like rightnow....

IS like go to a Soccer World Cup and say to Ronaldo, Messi, and others tops players foreings to make a team and defend Spain .....Must be people from country or atleast living there consedering  here we cant check their visa status lol....

BTW check youtube a lot nices setup for Moskov....some of them with a deep stats study about  how much crit u really need for dont lose money on items and  cover your weak sides....

Have a nice day....

Post time 2017-3-13 06:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
fix afk..if player returned to game give him points..
Post time 2017-3-13 06:51 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
moskov also needs to be rebuff..he is too weak in hero kills but excellent in farm
Post time 2017-3-13 07:13 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
MOSKOV MUST BE rerf hitting backward the enemy and stunning, really? This hero was to OP cause its not a mage to have that power to push back the enemy and stun it on the same time, it must be change to slow down effect not STUN
Post time 2017-3-13 08:41 AM | Show all posts
I would suggest for AFK players should penalized 2 stars demotion...
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