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Edited by Vymonchyyy at 2020-7-30 11:56 AM

In the past, aldous can be considered as a threat.. enough a threat that he took a ban slot.. but now, ALDOUS IS NOT.. ive been very angry the past fwlew days bcs there are ppl still think aldous is an excellent choice of hero.. 5 lose streak, and 4 of them has aldous in it.  I kept on saying no aldous, even tho they have like 500 matches 60%wr i still say no aldous.. obviously my teammate didnt listen..

Now, many of you knows how to deal with aldous, but im also sure many does not know.. for those who dont know, here are some weakness of aldous so you wont burden your teammate if you really arent that good with him..

1. Easy to bully early game..
2. Which also leads to lame jungle capability..3. Which when you exploit these weakness, he will has low stacking capability

If i face aldous, i usually take initiative to take the same lane with him.. and pick heroes that "wont really matter even if didnt lvl up properly".. such as xborg (has shield that give him immunity if he want to run with quite a useful ulti)ofc.. aldous tend to go solo so xborg is a really excellent choice for the job.. how to bully aldous??? Here:

1. NEVER CLEAR YOUR LANE.. once again, NEVER CLEAR YOUR LANE.. instead stand in front of aldous turret and ofc keep watch on minimap just incase his teammate are coming.. this will allow you to deal little dmg to him while also prevent him from killing minions..
2. I guess its obvious but if you odlfflane you dont need roam item..
3. He goes jungle? Bully him too.. bully bully bully..
4. He swapped lane?? Swapped lane with your teammate too..
5. Gang him up..
6. You got enemy aldous with little stacks even on late game..

I hope this will lessen the count of feeder and useless aldous in the future.. thank you xD

Post time 2020-7-30 12:17 PM | Show all posts
Yeah fully agree... Only low tier player complain about Aldous being op..if u can just cut his stack in game he is useless then a minion...what low tier player do is they bully him early game like 2-3 min then totally leave him alone in mid game and give him enough time to stack i have seen many offlaner who just giving aldous free farm...just dont give him time to stack ..its tgat easy to counter him xd
Post time 2020-7-30 01:45 PM | Show all posts
nice!! thanks for the tips. I new some of them but I learned a lot here. We also hate having aldous in our team. We are 3 together and lateley we have been getting aldous randoms.... so so sad. Whenever we have an aldous he just feeds. But when the enemy gets an aldous he is a killing machine and his whole team supporting him hahahaha.
this makes me think, maybe the next time i have an aldous in my team i should help him instead of ignore him. Anyway, i still feel he is the worst fighter.
Post time 2020-7-30 01:59 PM | Show all posts
I feel bad for Aldous, I really do these bullying on him when I use Kimmy, Leomord and Xborg. He did not even reach 150 stacks in late game. I just stand in front of him puncture him with the first skill and basic attack then gank kill him. But indeed, there is a way to fix this it is the 1-3-1 method easy stacks and kills.
Your thread would really help a lot of low tier players, salute to you! Cheers, Happy Gaming!
Post time 2020-7-30 03:35 PM | Show all posts
Kupa can tower dive Aldous. Preventing him to gain free stack under his tower.
Post time 2020-7-30 08:08 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-7-31 12:37 AM | Show all posts
Clouddevelic I love aldous playstyle of waiting till late game because it adds a different playstyle to this moba. I just hate how rank has been determined by 1 playstyle in this moba. Which is hyperagro carry. I wish there were more playstyles that teams need to adjust to.
Post time 2020-8-6 02:16 PM | Show all posts
I've had a few matches with players who likes to autopick Aldous if no one bans him.
I simply pick a CC hero that can provide early ganking for early kills, but not for Aldous but for the rest of the team. That way we'll be leading in terms of damage/gold and we can just forget about Aldous or have him as bait if needed and just finish the game as early as possible lmao.
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