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[Lineup Strategy] How to OFFLANER LIKE A PRO

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How to OFFLANER like a pro

In these photos I will show you 3 good offlaners, Zhask, Badass and Yuchong. I play solo, never take buffs and nobody helps me jungle or protects me.Its just that I got used to it. Nobody helping me top if Im offlaner, or they don’tbuy mask if I am mid SO I developed a strategy to turn my losses in to wins andeven MVP. I repeat I NEVER GET BUFFS and I don’t need them. I don’t even “requestback up” anymore cause I don’t expect them to come and help.

Lets begin this short guy to make you shine like me, rank up and fullfill your dreams.


Some heros are better than others, unfortunately. I have fought manygreat Jawheads but if they didn’t throw you to their tower, they don’t have enoughjuice to kill you. There was this great Martis but he couldn’t kill me and Igot ALL the towers in his lane. I didn’t kill him either, but I was able topush and he wasn’t. My favorite 4 offlaners right now are Yu chong, Badass, uranus and zhask, but there are others (which I haven’t mastered yet). Chou isalso a great option, Popol and bubu, Silvana, Hilda.  

Some heros are better at pushing, others at fighting. You need to adaptand learn counters (like Silvana counters zhask ultimate, dealing true damageand even killing him). Hilda and Masha have the best running, zhask and popolhava a minion to protect them and jungle easily… So pick more than one offlanerand MASTER IT, don’t just play it every now and then.


Don’t just pick flicker because you always use flicker. If they have aSilvana, Guinivere or Chou, go for purify immediately. You wont have time toflicker if they gank you. They are one combo killers. Enemy has Khufra?? Purifyor sprint, you cant flicker. Im main khufra and every single freaking gamethere is at least one enemy with flicker hahahaha. No surprise, that enemy,even if he is a tank, dies more than 3 times under my balls.

For most of my offlaner games I pick Purify because being offlaner meansbeing alone 90% of the time. I focus on towers. First I get my top, then thebottom, then my second top, second bottom and by this time I expect my team toget at least one tower mid. If they hadn’t, I push mid.  Simple rule: “the tower you destroy is thelane they will protect” so you cant push it anymore, need to abandon it andpush the other side. They might try to push your lane, so you need to go backand BE PATIENT. They will get tired and understand they cant get your tower,not even if they are 2 vs you. I usually save my tower with arrival. After theydidn’t get it they just quit and go somewhere else. I use arrival more than 50%of my offlaner games. Just the minion waves are enough to give you money, you don’tneed to jungle.


Offlaners  are support fighters ormages or tanks. Sometimes I get the mask first, help someone get a buff and thengo top or bottom. Give them all buffs and jungle. You just need to help themthe first 2 buffs, after that they can get it easily by themseleves. Join themto kill turtle BUT DON’T KILL IT, the turtle gives a true damage buff so you don’tneed it; the only thing you need is the minion waves (and a couple of crabsbefore you clear the minion wave at the middle, that’s the only jungle you willever get).

Mask or no mask depends on whats your team strategy, if someone asks youto help them with buff, buy the mask and sell it after 2 or 3 waves; you wontneed it anymore because you will be alone, not supporting them.


Every game is different. If you are fighting 2 at the top you needboots, maybe even speed boots to escape. If you are only fighting one, thenspeed attack or power attack, according to your hero. Yu zhong doesn’t needspeed attack to clear minions. Zhask needs 2 speed attack items to destroytowers. Don’t try to kill anybody early or mid game; your priorities aredestroying towers, defending towers and the very last is joining teamfightsmid. Freaking team expects you to help them but they wont help you hahahah, itsalways like that. They don’t realize you don’t have a buff, you are not evenlevel 4 and you are top, very far from them. In most of my games I am one ofthe last players to get to level 4, but Im one of the first to get to level 15;golden rule number two: “OFFLANERS SHINE LATE GAME, but have a very dangerousearly game”

This is why you need to be extra careful early game, don’t try to killanyone, just defend your tower and be patient.

5 POWER!!!

My favorite fighters, Yu chong and Badass, have the power to deal damageto 5 enemies at the same time. Zhask will attack safely from the inside of theminion; these 3 mother fuckers are really strong. I guess that’s why I don’t likehilda or chou, they are more assassins, great at ganking and killing weak rolesbut terrible at teamfights. One of the basics of this strategy is to usearrival and kill everybody in the teamfigth (that’s why I get the most damageand the most towers in the game as you can see in the photos, or Im the secondhighest). I have tried this with Terizla and Thamz but I just get the towers,not the damage. Maybe if I tried with Leomord… Freya might work too but I don’thave her.
My name is *Tank Fighter Mage*

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Offlane Belerick is good. Try it.
Post time 2020-7-30 06:37 PM | Show all posts
great guide thanks for sharing with us, ya great point offlaner does not needs to farm jungle idk why but i always get players who farms as mm when they play side laner and buys jungle tier3 items lol  i really pitty them
Post time 2020-7-30 08:04 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2020-7-30 09:46 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide... .
Post time 2020-7-31 01:39 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing
Hopefully this guide can be useful for the main offlaner players here
Post time 2020-7-31 02:41 AM | Show all posts
Uranas is surprisely a good offlaner.
Post time 2020-8-2 12:05 PM | Show all posts
my main offlaner hero is baxia and terizla
Post time 2020-8-9 07:45 PM | Show all posts
Very nice guide. 'Badass' is the one here I really don't like having in enemy team :)))
Post time 2020-9-15 05:24 PM | Show all posts
thank you for sharing this helpful advice!
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