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Master and Counter YU ZHONG
Its been my main these last few weeks. I win from 50% to 80% of thegames I play with him now. This is how.
-Emblem. Fighter to get more lifesteal or Assassin if you like thekills.
-Spell, I like pushing towers and joining teamfights so I use arrival.But if there is someone dangerous like chou guinivere aurora nana I usePURIFY.  I have seen people using flickerwith him, I think it’s a waste; you should use execute instead. You can chaseor escape with the dragon, no need to flicker or sprint.
-Lane,  I like going solo top.Usually my team asks me if I want to 1-3-1 with me mid but I always say no; Ienjoy being solo, plus we can always use two carriers. Do 1-3-1 but leave me topand hyper the marksman. You need help I will arrive with spell or fly as adragon.  
-Time. It might be annoying for you and your team but you ALWAYS need togive them updates of your ultimate time “30 secs for my ultimate” that means DON’TFIGHT. “10 secs for my ultimate” means I AM ALMOST READY, but don’t start yet. “ultimateready” means Im waiting for the action to happen.
-Items. Im changing my set now, im not sure, but start with attackknife, then simple boots then bloodlust axe, then SPEED BOOTS. I have morekills thanks to the speed and I also can escape better. I used to get defenseboots but there is no need for defense if you have the speed because you canrun and jump away. After that my third item is blade of despair. With thatfreaking green sword Im ready to kill even tanks. That’s it for the items, anythingelse you want to get. I have seen many dragons with revival shield but that’s awaste!!! You are not supposed to die as a dragon. If you are going to die justrun or jump or fly away. I never get revival with him. I go full attack if Imkilling and maybe some defense if I died from magic or from physical attacks.Any defense with cooldown to transform into a dragon as fast as possible.
-Counters. Anti lifesteal of course. And the physical antilifesteal (ifyou are marksman). The dragon is good at killing marksmen and mages, and indragon form he cant be stopped or slowed down. He is also great at fightingtanks and fighters because he is like ruby, he is endless healing!! Heros thatcounter him?? Im not having troubles with anyone in particular, that’s why heis so OP. Yes, maybe valir will push you away, and the  Lin Yuo pulls you, Molina makes you a Molina,Aurora freezes you and chou pushes you but in those games I use purify so it hasn’tbeen a problem. I just purify and escape as a dragon. They used everything inme and my team can kill them easily. Fighting 1 vs 3 or 1 vs 5 is hard, I diefrom all of them, no time to lifesteal. So you want to kill him fast. If you didn’tkill him in 5 seconds you should retreat because his team is coming or he hasenough lifesteal to figth all of you.
-When to use the dragon? To start a teamfight (but I don’t recommend thisbecause this is when I die) or to finish the teamfight. Anyway both cases areSURPRISE ATTACKS. Don’t use the dragon if they see you cause they are ready foryou. Third case is using the dragon to escape thru walls, just like pharsa.
-Teammates? As I said before I don’t want a bunch of support to help me.I rather play with a tank a marksman a mage a fighter. Today they got 2 tanksand one support for me and I was like “ehm, I still want to go top”. Peoplelove the dragon angela combo, personally I don’t. I am always solo, I don’t needno angela on me. I will keep that top safe and even push it alone! Today I killedthe tank and the marksman top, that Lesley had the buff, franko pulled me butthey both died. After that they just cleared minions and stoped fighting me. IEXPECT my team at mid to get the kill, or maybe the people in the bottom becauseim usually fighting 2 top.
I recommend dragon top, another fighter bot, and any 3 mid. If possiblea marksman to have good damage. But if you have an assassin go for it, get allthe buffs and jungle, I don’t need anything.
-Combo. You need to use the damage skill first and then jump to theenemy. The damage skill has a 2 second delay so you need to get use to it. Tomake it even harder, it damages only at a certain distance. If the target is toclose you don’t do any damage, same if its too far. Its hard but you can getused to it fast. This is why im using speed boots with him, its easier toattack the enemy and if you are able to touch them 2 times they need to retreatbecause another successful attack and them might die. The full combo is gank asa dragon, touch them 2 or 3 times and transform to dragonoid BEHIND them,because they will try to escape. Don’t transform next to them because they canflicker or stun you or something. GO WAY BEHIND THEM and use your damage skillimmediately. Make them run away to your team (I want to believe your team isright behind you).
That’s one of the most unfair skills in the game: to pass thru the 2enemy tanks and just attack freely the enemy marksman. Theres no way to stopthis. It is very VERY risky because they will ALL start attacking you, but youare supposed to have some advantage over them otherwise you will die fast. Ifyou couldn’t kill him then jump away and you will trap 2 or 3 enemies,lifesteal and keep retreating. This is where your team jumps in and killseveryone.
The other way is being the last in the teamfigth, when the enemies usedall their ultimates spells and skills. You are there full life and withultimate. Kill everyone (sometimes I don’t hahaha I just keep pushing towers becausethat is my priority).
-My personal nightmare is a marksman with buffs and items. Kimmy orgranger can kill me very very fast but they need at least 3 items and doublebuff. Theres no way of getting close to them.

 Author| Post time 2020-8-4 03:39 PM | Show all posts
TheBlackDragon replied at 2020-8-3 04:23 PM
speed boots as in rapid boots or swift boots?

hahahaha i never remember the names of the ítems hahahaha. Its movement speed, he doesnt need any speed attack ítems at all. You want him to punch hard, not fast.
Blade of despair and all the high damage attack ítems, only speed movement boots PLUS assassin emblem with speed movement; the idea is to chase and catch everybody, you want to be the fastest.


thanks.  Post time 2020-8-5 09:50 AM
Post time 2020-8-1 01:52 AM | Show all posts
Thank you for sharing these tips
hopefully it will be useful for Yu zhong users here or for those who are just learning to use him
Post time 2020-8-1 03:01 AM | Show all posts
For me yu zhong only useful because his ult the rest skill is risky
Post time 2020-8-1 03:35 AM | Show all posts
Nice.. Detailed...tnx for sharing though i don't use that drgon
Post time 2020-8-2 04:00 PM | Show all posts
Tbh i still don't know how to play this hero properly, so i'm gonna try to use your tips. I hope i can do better next time.
 Author| Post time 2020-8-3 08:49 AM | Show all posts
Its not easy to be a dragon, other fighters like xborg and terizla just need to spam their skills. Dragon needs tactics, technique and luck, but the rewards are bigger.
One of the best ways to attack is escape and then jump to them when they are following you. It takes between 10 and 30 games to get used to his timing.
Post time 2020-8-3 04:23 PM | Show all posts
speed boots as in rapid boots or swift boots?
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