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[Query] Top 5 most Braindead Hero.

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Hi guys. This is my list of top 5 most Braindead Hero.

1st of all what is Braindead Hero?.
Braindead Hero also known as baby hero in some games. Is the Heroes that doesn't need any skills. Thinking and timing. Heroes that may or may not dominate the game with a very simple mechanics.

Braindead may sound weird but actually they are beginners friendly since it doesn't require brain to play efficiently.

5) Valir. - you can see valir in higher elo games .but infact valir is one of the easiest mage to use. You just spam skill 1 and use skill 2 to push away enemies. The reason why valir is on 5th place is you have to actually  hit the skill 1to replenish it's stacks.

4) old Layla(not the revamped one). Layla may sound weak. But actually she's one of the strongest yet easiest to use. Her damage is great. And she has the simplest Mechanics. Spam skill 1. Skill 2 for extra Evasion in addition to her ridiculous range. And ulti for burst. The reason why she's in 4th place. Is her positioning.

3) Angela. Angela one of the easiest support to use. What ever build you use. Mage or semi tank
She will perform good. Spam skill 1 for sustainable damage and heal. Skill 2 for slow and stun. Those skills synergizes each other making her strong in early game. And ulti. That allows you to make one of your teammates durable. And also allows her to spam her skills with no Mana cost. She's in the 3rd place because of her drafting and possession choice.

2) helcurt. - literally no brain required. Just maxed out his skill 2 . That's it. Use Ult to assist anyone. Or to run away. He has silence that ruining his opponents combo. If u r dumb enough to miss his skill 2 . You can use Petrify so you won't miss.

1) nana. - and finally . The most Braindead Hero. Requires no brain. No item . No skills. You can play her without even looking in your screen. Throw Molina every where. Use you Ult to KS. Skill 1 for slow and burst. Use Sprint to run. If die her passive will save you. Throw all your skill in clash. It doesn't matter if it hits or no. Molina will follow one of you opponent ruining their combo. Her Ult explodes 3x. So if you miss the 1s one it doesn't matter. If you don't have any item. It doesn't matter also. Molina is the only thing usefull at her. The rest of her skill is for burst and sustain damage. Take not. If you opponent is in Molina form. You can land your skill. If you can't perform good at this hero. Don't play the game. Find another one and stay there. Haha
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Most brain dead hero is Odette.

Dumb hero only relies on ultimate.
Just levitates with her skirt slightly in the air.

No wonder Lancelot went gay.
That beech probably doesn’t even know how to make a sandwich.
Post time 2020-8-4 12:39 PM | Show all posts
I disagree with you on Nana. Nana doesn’t just throw all her skills. She needs to make sure her second skill hits the enemy and then she can use her ultimate and first skill. But she also needs to make sure that her ultimate hits a lot of enemies because it also stuns them. I can also tell you that with her combo, it is not enough to just kill anyone. You could place her molina anywhere, but I place it strategically. I place her molina on areas where I need vision on. If you put molina in bush, you could see if there was anyone in the bush.
I’m not sure why, but you left out some heroes that are supposed to be on this list like Eudora. Eudora, I can tell you does not even require a brain cell to be exerted to be played.
Helcurt is not an easy hero to use. You have no idea how some people can barely get skill 2 stacked up when teammates also farms. When Helcurt uses ultimate, anyone would immediately try to get back to the turret. Everyone is very cautious when they see enemy Helcurt. Helcurt is also kind oc difficult to play here because we have many CC heroes.
Post time 2020-8-4 12:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AlyAoi at 2020-8-17 05:32 PM

Helcurt is not braindead. He is actually hard for some players. When to go in fights and position fights is hard for some people.
Braindead heroes are heroes like balmond, miya, clint and eudora. heroes easy to use, I agree with most of them.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2020-8-4 01:57 PM | Show all posts
Helcurt is not a easy hero bro...same angela..well i do agree that she isn't hard to master..but the player has to make decisions in tough situations whom to help with ultimate...a good decision can make a lossing team fight win..same goes for nana its looks like that its easy yeah but a good nana will be always pain...but u missed some hero like others said
Post time 2020-8-4 03:57 PM | Show all posts
helcurt needs map awarness and Good farming, not something you trust to newbies, so NO, he is not easy, not braindead.
The nana you talk about is the old troll feeder nana, the one everybody hated because how useless she was. Good nana players synchronize the 3 skills perfectly, making her an effective mage with a one combe killer. Yeah, you can pick nana, not die, but do 10% damage and no towers. People like my squad mate get to do an amazing 30% damage with her, with lots of kills too.
I guess Eudora is the kind of hero you are talking about, she cant miss her ultimate and has high damage.
Terizla just spams his hammer as well.
Post time 2020-8-4 04:41 PM | Show all posts
Nana is not braindead. She needs good position and map awareness. She is one of best annoying support. Nana will be useless in the hand player who doesnt understand what role she should take between pure mage or support.
Post time 2020-8-4 10:41 PM | Show all posts
I believe eudora is the most suited.. dont really need aiming, ulti that follows you even if you use flicker to escape, and no hundreds of slow stacking nonsense like aldous to kill squishies in 1 shot..

Helcurt isnt easy for many ppl..

Nana isnt braindead.. more like she is the best toxic hero to pick if you want easy mvp even if you play poorly and defeated..  
Post time 2020-8-5 07:11 AM | Show all posts
I thought lancelot and Odette are a couple. Odette is not so braindead as it is still hard for newbs.
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