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[Share] No tank or 3 tanks? What is better?

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Edited by HoaHoa at 2020-8-27 12:40 PM

Well, the answer might not be obvious: NEITHER.

You need a tank in your team, yeah, but don’t get 3 tanks!! Or 2 tanksone support. There is a thing called “Damage Per Second”, it means how muchdamage you can do in one second, and it is just too low when you don’t getenough attack. So, one support one tank is cool, two tanks is cool, or selenaValir buying mask and playing support its cool because they ARE NOT SUPPORT,they are mage and assassin, so even with the mask they do a lot of damage. Thisdoesn’t happen with Angela, Rafaela, and tanks.

Let me show you this terrible terrible game (photo at the end). I wasfirst pick, zhask. Somebody switched me because I was the only player whoshowed hero. Then 2nd and 3rd pick where Uranus Angela.Here I was already nervous because Zhask is late game, Uranus can survive buthas no damage, and Angela is support. Then, our 4th pick was khufra(cause Uranus said he was offlaner). The last player had to pick Hanabi (he wasgoing to be Valir or Gord but we all insisted we needed a marksman).

We had a great team (for brawl). Lets see what went wrong:

-The 2 carriers were Hanabi and Zhask, mid-late game heros

-We were tanky, could sustain all the damage but couldn’t throw anydamage back to the enemy

-Angela is a great support for INITIATORS, using her ultimate on Zhaskor the tanks was good for saving them but after that we needed to escape; wecould survive sometimes but couldn’t kill them.

-No heros with ganking ability, except for Khufra, who is a tank not anassassin.            

What the enemy did well:

-They had Helcurt, an assassin who can gank and escape, and he can alsopush towers.

-They had a standard line up (tank fighter assassin marksman mage), ableto attack defend gank push escape… (we were only able to defend).

-They did nothing special, the assassin killed us a little, the fighterand marksman pushed a little, the tank and fighter defended… that was it.

Why did this happen and how to avoid it?

-Maybe our angela is angela always no matter what, even if the team doesn’tneed an angela. I understand this love-obsession with some heros but if you canonly play angela, maybe you should do that in classic because in rank you willlose more than win (cause every match is different and you need to adapt yourheros to counter enemy heros)

-matchmaking sucks? Nope, not in this match, we lost at the draft pick.

-Enemies were pro? Nope, they just had a balanced team. Our team focusin defense (we wanted to be punching bags hahahaha, and hoped Hanabi got a savagewith her passive hahahaha).

-Some heros are good in all situtations, like Khufra and Uranus, butAngela is just for specific cases, like when you have a fighter with highmobility, or an Esmeralda who can fight 1 vs 3. Zhask is also a pretty goodmage because of the damage and ability to push towers but HE IS NOT A CARRIER. Oncethe ultimate finishes he needs to retreat, that’s the difference between zhaskand any marksman who deals lots of damage with basic attacks.

-I have been seeing lots of people latlely picking hanabi, not sure why.There are better marksmen like granger Bruno claude kimmy yin shun shin…Theproblem with hanabi is that she starts to be not useless in mid game, after yougave her 3 red buffs and 2 turtles, protected her for 6 minutes and the rest ofthe team hasn’t died. The other real marksmen can kill in the very first minionwave, before getting buffs, and they have dash skills to chase and escape.

-DON’T JUST PICK A HERO BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM, try to adapt to the newheros, buy them, try them, master them…

-Don’t pick 2 tanks one support, unless your 2 tanks have execute andyour support deals damage like Valir or Selena. And you have a great marksman,like a granger with 500 games or a freaking fanny top 10 Japan. Otherwise youneed to split the responsibility of doing damage into 3 or 4 players. When youchoose to have only 2 damage dealers they need to be good heros and the playerswho picked them must be really good at playing them. You cant expect a Gord,Zhask, Aurora, Layla, Miya to carry you from early game; that only happens withother marksmen and assassins.

 Author| Post time 2020-8-4 03:45 PM | Show all posts
I got the first kill!! We were 1-0, I thought it was posible but by the time we were 1-8 I gave up because they also had 5 towers, no hope. When this happens just afk, its ok.
Post time 2020-8-4 11:31 PM | Show all posts
People should read this...nicely written
Post time 2020-8-5 12:46 AM | Show all posts
Well written and very informative. Love the line ' DONT PICK A HERO BECAUSE YOU LOVE'.  Thats why good players play all heroes and fill the gap, and knw how to counter pick. Ty for your concern.
Post time 2020-8-5 01:15 AM | Show all posts
Simply pick Hilda bro. A tank with great damage
Post time 2020-8-5 07:10 AM | Show all posts
Actually I seen uranas as more of a fighter surprisely. So I don't know why roaming mask? Yeah I mean 3 support is practally gg unless u go hypercarry 1-3-1 format. However, you don't have any fighters. I seen high rank people go anyone tanks and selena is played more as an support bc of her dmg and stun.
Post time 2020-8-6 02:08 PM | Show all posts
is popol kupa a tank now?
Post time 2020-8-8 03:00 AM | Show all posts

so many people play him as a support. Just as many people play selena, pharsa as a support.
Post time 2020-8-8 10:37 AM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2020-8-8 03:00 AM
so many people play him as a support. Just as many people play selena, pharsa as a support.

some are using tank emblem and tank items.
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