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[Lineup Strategy] New Turtle lane \ Offlane tutorial (squel)

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Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-8-18 01:20 AM

As i promised ill do a tutorial about the new Battlefield Mechanics.
If you missed it.
Here's the link : ... 0026&extra=page%3D1

Anyway let's begin.
Off-lane\Turtle lane will have the biggest XP in the game. Heroes with high Durability and sustain is the most compatible heroes in this lane.
Probably Fighter or Tanks.
Those heroes that can withstand several ganks. Survive by getting only high XP rather than gold.

Example of compatible heroes : X-borg, Terizla, Aldous, Yu Zhong, Uranus, Ruby ETC.
For beginners Minsithar is the best for you. Since high xp is granted to turtle lane Minsithar can exceed his potential because of his passive ability that Grant's him gold whenever any of his Allied commit a kill.

Play style and Tips. : As much as possible try not leave your turret range to ensure your survivability while Defending the lane. (Tower hug).
Always keep an eye on Crab. And try to steal it if possible. As an offlane there's no other gold source other than the crab and minions. Farming the Lizard is not applicable since the position of said creep is too far from your turret while the wall design preventing you to go in and out freely. Atleast hit the crab once so the gold acquired is split between you and you opponent if ever you cant steal it.

Let the minions do the job. Dont attempt to push unless your lane mate is not present or dead. Since the position of bush and wall is against you. And lessened your survivability when you leave the turret range.

Lower your aggression since your laning against the core and its support. Even if your lvl is higher then you opponent. Do not attempt to go in. Unless one of them is missing. High lvl doesn't matyer of you're outnumbered. And expect more ganks against you since offlane is the easiest to gank since the position of terrain is designed ro have a lower escape option. Also the 2nd turret is too far from the 1st. So be careful.

Ideal spell and build:
The ideal spell for offlane is Revitalize and Arrival.
Revitalize can fill up your missing health faster than only using regen.(use Revitalize if your hero doesn't require mana).
While arrival allows you to recall, regen from base and comeback quickly.(use this if your hero has mana).
Some Hero doesn't need either of the two spell. So pick something that suits them like Uranus can use vengeance or execute.

For build. If your using tank. Build it as usual.
But if your using an fighter.
The most effective item path is
1 boots, 2 damage, 3 sustain (Defence or Lifesteal).

Some exemption.
Some hero can also occupy the offlane even tho they're not fighter or tank.
Like carmilla, angela, Popol and kupa, karina ETC.

Other tips :
Since you're in turtle lane. If you're in red team\offensive team the turtle will 1st spawn in your lane side. Keep that in mind. And always keep an eye on the turtle and always try to steal it. Keep in mind the even if you hit the turtle once the xp and gold will only be shared to the team that takes it. So stealing is the only option.
Where's the nxt turtle will spawn?. If your team has the gold lead. The turtle will spawn at your Non-turtle side(bottom lane).and reversed in lord. The Lord will spawn in your top side if your team has the gold lead.

Advanced Playstyle :
If your not sure about your own skill. Dont attempt to do this.
This play style if popularized by Other Mobas and also applicable to ML. But requires high skill lvl. If you failed this will destroy you and your team.

This is Called Backdoor or Lane cutting.
What's the main objective of this style?. Simple . Cutting the lane from behind the enemy turret to ensure the pushing power of your troops\minions.

Use heroes that has a high Durability and damage.
The best hero for this is Terizla and balmond.
Immediately go to the back side of enemy top turret and kill every minions and dont let a single minion pass. Afterwards if available deny the enemy Jungle Crammer. This will leave your enemy with only 3 option.
1 Defend their turret against the minions. - but this will widen the gap between your xp and their xp since some minions will be kill by their turret.
2 defen the minions against you. But this option will leave their turret Defence less if both of them will fight you. If only one of them fights you. That opponent may be killed by you since the xp you gain is higher than theirs.
3 ask someone to gank you. But your position in Crammer side is enough to view thei lane side and jungle side so Ganking you is harder than they think.

The success rate of this technique is higher if your hero has a high Durability and sustain damage. If not . Don't do it.
Terizla has his 2nd skill to provide him the weave clearing advantage and a skill 1 for easy escape.
Balmond also haslve his skill 2 for clearing, passive for sustain\lifesteal and skill 1 for wscape.

Other ideal heroes is X-borg, Esmeralda and if you're skill enough Uranus is also an option.
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Thanks again for sharing the tips
Feel free to share other helpful tips for forum users here
keep it up!
Post time 2020-8-28 12:22 PM | Show all posts
This short tutorial are amazing. Do you have your YouTube channel already? If not please, do it. Do it, now.
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