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[Lineup Strategy] New Non-turtle Lane\Adc lane(Safe Lane) tutorial.

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As i promised ill make a tutorial about the new Battlefield Mechanics.
If you missed it here is the link : ... &extra=page%3D1

Anyway let's begin.
Non-turtle lane\Adc lane(safe lane) is located at the bottom.
Non-turtle lane will have the highest Gold gain but low in xp. The most suitable heroes here is a marksam accompanied by either Tank, support or mage.

Why?. Marksman depends alot in their basic attack rather than their skills. Therefore Higher gold means more items. And most adc items increase their basic attack damage significantly.
Items matter the most for Marksman rather than lvl.
While their accompany hero must use a roaming item so that their marksman will get all of the gold and xp provided by the minion weave.

Example of compatible heroes :
Marksman : Layla, Miya, granger, karrie . Basically all of the marksman.
Accompany hero : Mostly tanks and supports but some of the mages can also do the work as long as they have strong CC or Slowing effect.
Ex: Luo Yi, Valir, selena and Vexiana.

Play style and tips.
For marksman :
  • Never leave your lane : never leave your lane just to take the crammer or red buff.(let the Junglers take it since crammer is one of the xp and healt provider for jubglers), the gold reward of minions is significantly higher than what the crammer has.
  • Dont buy Jungling items : dont buy Jungling items since it Jungling items belongs to junglers. And you will take a while to fill it up since the only creeps available is the Crab.
  • Never leave your turret range unless your accompany hero is around.: Your survival rate is lower when your accompany is not with you.
  • Dont do the harassment even when your opponent is low in health : never go near with your opponent since that opponent has higher lvl than you and more durable. Always assume that he can kill you. Let your accompany do the harassment.
  • Secure kills: if your accompany hero manage to hol your opponent or draw their health too low. And all of his skills is already used. Make sure that get the kill. Use your skills to finished off your opponent.
  • Practice last hitting: although you still get a gold. Last hitting grants additional maximize your farming by last hitting the minions.

For accompany heroes:
  • Always equip a roaming item : if you decided to be an accompany hero. You must equip a roaming item to maximize the gold farming of your marksman.
  • Choose a roaming item that suits your hero : if your hero is an protective type use the courage mask to provide a quick boost in movement speed. If your hero a kill type or Ganking type chose roam mask base on your marksman. If your marksman is dps(attack speed dependant) use the Awe mask, if your marksman is a burst type(high damage) use the shadow mask.
  • Alway gank the mid if possible: since roaming item allows you to roam around the map without falling in gold and xp. Use it's potential at its full. Gank the mid wherever possible.
  • Aid the Jungler at buffs in early game: since Junglers need to farm fast . Aid them in their 1st buff but remember to use a roam item so that the xp and gold wont wo shared.

Ideal spells and build.
For marksman : the spell for marksam depends on masrksman itself. If your hero has no dash or escape skill use either Flicker or Purify. If not use inspire or aegis.
For example Hanabi. Hanabi has a cc and escape ability so inspire can further boost her ability to deal dps on multiple unit. While aegis boost her passive so she can immune more cc.
For items. 1 boots, 4 Damage items, and 1 sustain item(Lifesteal or immortality).

For a company hero:

Tank : spells also depends on what type of tank are you using. If Initiator mostly Flicker is the best. Like tigreal, atlas or lolita. If durable type mostly Vengeance , Aegis or Revitalize like Baxia, Belerick and Uranus.
For items : 1 boots, 4 sustain, 1 roaming.

Support : the most ideal spell for supports is Aegis and Revitalize but some support requires Sprint. Like Estes .Estes needs sprint or flicker ao badly.
For items: 1 boots, 3 Utility (Slow effect, CD reduction) 1 Sustain (immortality, mana or hp regen), 1 roam.

Mage : mage will do the poking and Ganking so Flameshot and flicker is the common spell.
For item : 1 boots, 2 utility (slow effect, CD Reduction), 1 damage(high magic points), 1 sustain (immortality, mana or hp Regen), 1 roam.

Other tips :
  • Accompany hero may leave the lane but masrksman must stay. Leavi the lane from time to time (rotating\roaming) is a good practice but pls ensure that when youe leave. Something must happen. Like helping the Jungler take the turtle or lord, ganking mid, or denying enemy Jungle to delay his farm. Leaving your lane for nothing is a waste of time.
  • As an accompany hero never steal your marksman kill unless its necessary.
  • Accompany hero always take the lead while masrksman will only follow orders. Yes this is pretty common in moba. The the support\tank is the game maker. And always commanding the team.often called as Pos5.
  • As an accompany hero always stand in the crab side so you can see if someone is coming and stop them or warn your marksman. The position is also good for harassing your opponent.

Advanced Playstyle.
For accompany hero :(title qst then description)
  • Baxout\Harass : meaning you will only focus on harassing your opponent rather than farming. Don't worry about your gold and xp. Roaming item had your back. - this technique is aming to reduce your opponent farming capabilities and force them to go back and stay defensive. Also giving pressure tou your lane opponent.
  • Vision control : from time to time you will always check the bush for incoming ganks. And always take any traps to avoid your marksman taking it.
  • Rotation Selective rotation : in this Playstyle you will choose weather mid, bot or Jungle. This is wher you stay in you marksam but from time to time you will got to enemy Jungle to mess with their farm. Or ho ti mid to give pressure to enemy mid lane. Or stay in your marksman and never leave but ensuring that your marksman will farm faster by helping him damaging the minions with your skill.

For marksman :
  • Tower Rat : not minding the enemy hero and always take the risk to push and often sacrifice your life for taking dow turrets. This is the most common technique for the marksam with high range.
  • Lane Freezing: you won't freeze the lane as the name stated. But you will freeze your enemies income by harassing them. And atleast let your ow minions die  whiw driving your enemy away. And farm the enemy minions when only one of your minion is left. The secret here is to let your enemy hit one of your minion before harassing. So your minion will have a lower hp and die faster.

Post time 2020-8-18 12:42 AM | Show all posts
thank you for sharing the tips, hope this will be useful especially for the main side lane players
Post time 2020-8-28 12:08 PM | Show all posts
You are great! Some of the changes on the mechanic of the game are hard to get for new players but, with simple tips like this they can play better.

Keep it up.
Post time 2020-9-19 01:59 PM | Show all posts
Great info! Adding some photos to your guides will definetly improve their quality!
Nevertheless, keep it up and share some more with us!

Mechanics will continue on changing in the next patches so it's good to keep up and adapt quick
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