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[Hero Techniques] How to play HILDA like a pro

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Hilda isone of the best heros in the game (after her buff, before she was not good atall). Zhask, for example, has a grade of 2 in mobility, 10 in damage, 5 indefense, giving us a total of 17. Chou has 10 in mobility, 6 in damage and 5 indefense, getting a total of 21. Hilda… my dearest Hilda, has an amazing 10 inmobility, 7 in damage, 10 in defense she has 27 out of 30.

These numbersof course, are random, I just made them up; just to give you an idea of howgood she is. You definitely don’t want her in the enemy team, so try to get hereven if your team is not a really good Hilda. Hopefully with this guide youwill feel inspired to pick her soon.

  • Youcan be first pick with Hilda, there are no real counters for her. Just go forit, be first pick .
  • Emblemdefinitely has to be assassin, with HIGH AND DRY, you don’t need bounty hunteror the other. This is because you will primarily be offlaner, and you will befighting 1 vs 1 a lot.
  • Yourfirst item can be attack or boots, no defense because you have your passiveshield and you can heal in the bush. Second item should be magic defense orphysical defense, depending on who you are fighting in the top lane.
  • Ifits 1 vs 1, you are stronger, so be aggressive. If you have execute its reallyeasy to get the first kill. If you are fighting the marksman and the tank ortwo other enemies just focus on the minions, don’t try to kill because you willdie soon and they will get your tower.
  • Yourspell should be EXECUTE, unless they have a khufra chou and guinivere, oratlas, Silvana and nana… You can totally survive one ultimate like guinivere orchou, but two or more enemies with a dangerous CC might be too risky to useexecute, unfortunately you will need to use purify. I don’t recommend any otherspell because she has her passive shield and the speed boost of the firstskill. You wont be jungle at all, so no need for retribution  or jungle knife. The most you will get is acrab or maybe steal an enemy buff, that’s it; no jungle for hilda.
  • Startbuilding a mix defense, both magic and physical, according to who you arefighting. I always win my battles top, so more enemies start showing up,sometimes even 3 or 4. That’s great because your team can push mid and bottom.She doesn’t have a fix set, it needs to change every single game depending onthe enemy composition and performance. If they have only one magic hero butthat enemy is killing everyone, you might need to go full defense. For magicget any of the three items. Oracle helps her heal faster in the bushes, Athenas shield is for burst magic like Cecilion, Lilya, Gusion, and Cursed helmet toplay more aggressive and do damage while touching them. For physical defenseany item is ok. Antique cuirass makes you heal faster in the bushes and givesyou the most life. I like queens wings. These are usually my only 2 physicaldefense items but you could get Brute Force Breastplate if you are used to itor Blade armor.
  • Idon’t recommend buying the mask because she is not a real tank, so if you arejust helping your carrier to jungle and protecting him, you should have pickeda different hero like Tigreal or Baxia. I never ever buy Immortality because Inever die. I always run before dying. Blade of despair is a must with her,otherwise you wont do enough damage, but it cant be your first item because youwill die if you don’t get at least 2 defense items. BOD should be your third orfourth item. If you are able to make it your second item it means you alreadywon the game because the game is something like 10-0 in your favor. In a normalgame you will fight a lot and barely survive the fights, then retreat to abush, heal and fight again.
  • Hildais probably the best 1 vs 1 hero, which means she is one of the WORST inteamfights, just like Chou and Zilong, they have no crowd control abilities.Your team needs to understand that, they should be able to survive teamfightswith you. There is nothing you can do in a teamfight, you just absorb thedamage but die fast cause everybody targets you at the front. That’s why she isnot a real tank. Tanks can stun the whole team like Khufra Atlas Tigreal.
  • Hildais not for new players because she is one of the most complete heros who arebusy at all times. You need to have great map awareness, know which heros youcan kill and how, be good at decision making (pushing, stealing kills, defendor gank…), you need to know which items to prioritize… You also need to have alot of experience as a tank and as a fighter, that’s why I never lose when Iplay her; I know exactly how much damage I can take or do. In these photos hereyou see that I died, but I died on purpose while destroying the last tower toget super minions. Its ok to die if you are getting super minions, if you arekilled the enemy carrier, if you distract the enemy so your team steals lord;otherwise you cant really die!! You can always run away, faster than any otherhero (except masha). Once you are a good fighter and a good tank, Hilda is definitelythe best option for you to get an easy win.
  • Hildais busy at ALL TIMES, you need to clear minions, fight a little, change lanesand defend, go to the end of the teamfight and steal kills, decide to push topor defend bottom… its tiring. Even if I win I usually end up exhausted, butvery happy cause not only did we win but also I am MVP. Its super easy to beMVP with her, you don’t die, you get a couple of kills, lots of assists, getthe most enemy damage, get a high tower damage and even do some good 10%-20%damge yourself. In this photos you can see I have the most tanking plus the most tower damage, thats why she is so annoying. She is a unique hero and the enemy doesnt know how to deal with you. They cant kill you but you kill them, and you are destroying towers... This is thanks to the ability of not recalling, not even once. Thanks to your passive you are always there, no need to go back to base.
  • Hercombo is a little tricky because she depends completely on her skills, likeKhaleed. Once her skills are used she needs to retreat. The cooldown is between10 and 7 seconds, but that’s enough for dying fast. If you are clearing waves,spam your skills, there is no order. If you are fighting 1 vs 1 it’s the same.The problem is the first 3 waves when you are clearing minions and fighting atthe same time. You should always  be 100%health, just stay in a bush or try to clear waves while hiding in the bush. Itshard to pull the minions to you but with a little practice you will learn howto. I called this “mini ganking” because you are not expecting to get a kill,its more poking thank killing. In the early and mid game (before you get Bladeof Despair) you will only be able to kill silly enemies who try to kill you, orsteal your team kills; but you wont be able to really gank and kill byyourself. So you need to start attacking from a bush with your first skill, thespeed boost. Then use your second skill and immediately retreat to the bush, DONOT HIT THEM WITH YOUR ULTIMATE OR BASIC ATTACKS because you cant kill yet. Youget them at 50%-70% health, which means they can stand your combo 3 or 4 timesmore, so they wont retreat. Use basic attacks only if they want to fight youinside the bush, which is pretty stupid because you are healing and they aren’t.After 10 seconds use your combo again and retreat to the bush again. At this time of the match you are a pokerand a tank, not a fighter.
  • Herpassive is really important, she gets stacks like Aldous. For every kill orassist you get one stack, the maximum is 8. Once you get 8 stacks your ultimateis twice as strong, so if before you did 1000 damage, with full stacks its 2000or even more. Its 50% stronger but it ignores 50% defense, so its hard to knowexactly how much damage you will do BUT IT’S A LOT. Combine that with yourcombo and execute and you can easily kill anyone at anytime. This is when youstart to be an assassin fighter, but you need 8 stacks and blade of despair. SometimesI get my 8 stacks before BOD, but its not common. That means the enemy is tooeasy and the match will end soon. So Hilda has 2 completely differentplaystyles in early and late game, she is a tank then a fighter then assassin.
  • Whocan counter Hilda? Nobody, they can only kill you if you push too much or if 3enemies gank you, but they wont because you are checking the minimap at alltimes and you are playing safe. Thanks to your passive shield and your 4defense items, not even a full build marksman can kill you. You can always runaway, but if he has help and they stun you it’s a different story. So only 3enemies can stop her, she is totally fine for DEFENDING a tower if its only 1vs 2. If its 1 vs 3 you should retreat to the nearest bush, let them destroyyour tower and text “3 top help”. If your team doesn’t come, try to defend thenext turret but if the enemy keeps pushing let them have it. You cant defendthe tower against 3 enemies. Other heros like Yu Zhong, Uranus and Khaleed,heal too, but Hilda heals more, has more defense and more damage in EARLY GAME.
  • Hildafighting other offlaners.
    Uranus heals more but needs manaand deals less damage. Don’t try to kill him 1 vs 1.
    Yu Zhong is stronger than Hilda but heals less and has less defense. Youcan kill him easily before he is level 4. Play aggressive against him andfinish him with execute.
    Khaleed is super weak and doesn’t have his healing in the first wave.Easiest kill ever. He cant kill you even when he is level 4. He can only killHilda if he has buff or if he is 2 levels ahead.
    Xborg has the range, its hard to kill but you can easily make himretreat to base. You need to start “mini ganking” him and then reatreat andheal. Xborg usually retreats when he loses his shield because he cant use hisultimate and you can easily execute him.
    Zhask needs to die fast, if he uses his ultimate he will kill you. Youcan only poke him and then defend. Wait for his ultimate to finish and justclear minions because he is getting back up or he already went back to base.
    Chou can kill you with his ultimate and combo, unless he surprises youpushing. Only the tower can kill you, not Chou. But don’t try to kill himeither because he is just as fast as you, so it will be hard to catch andentering enemy jungle is too dangerous.
    Thamuz is hard to kill because he is fast and heals. He wont kill youeither, it will be just a waste of time fighting there. Go mid or jungle orsomething.
    Therizla can heal a lot with mininos, but if there are no minions youcan totally kill him. He is strong but after he uses his skills he has nothing.Retreat when he uses his second skill and keep attacking him if its safe tofight.
    Silvana can trap you when pushing, she has a shield too. Its risky tofight her, she can kill you or you can kill her, depends on who has more money,who ganked who, what spell she has…
    Natalia Helcurt wont kill you, 50% health or so and they will run awayfast. Unless they have help, otherwise they always run away scared hahaha.
    You cant kill anyone when you are fighting 1 vs 2, unless they have lessthan 50% health and you have your stacks ultimate and execute.

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Edited by ariefhzt at 2020-8-19 05:36 PM

so use hilda if in our team has a tank, right. so hilda can be an eye for team and targetting enemy carry.
i think uranus and esmeralda can counter her.
 Author| Post time 2020-8-19 09:06 PM | Show all posts
ariefhzt replied at 2020-8-19 05:34 PM
so use hilda if in our team has a tank, right. so hilda can be an eye for team and targetting enemy  ...

Uranus cant kill Hilda. Hilda cant kill Uranus. Its an endless healing battle.
Esmeralda csn kill hilda yes, but esmeralda needs buffs and be ahead in items. And she doesnt kill her fast in one ultimate jump one combo, it takes her a while, but hilda can reatreat fast, no need to die.
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I created a thread to tell people that Hilda is OP. But everyone said, she is not OP like things

After using her, she is amazing. She is a tank and still deals 2500 damage. I can kill mm, mage or assassin in ulti + one hit. My win rate improved and ended my losing streak
Post time 2020-8-20 02:20 AM | Show all posts
A lot of text but i agree Hilda was OP, seems still less players knw how OP the hero.
 Author| Post time 2020-8-20 08:41 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2020-8-20 01:29 AM
I created a thread to tell people that Hilda is OP. But everyone said, she is not OP like things

Af ...

I think she is great, she is balanced (her damage is not that high), but not OP.
OP for me means its a hero that can kill you fast and its hard to kill. Or simply WRONG, like WANWAN using her ultimate to kill everyone and being immune. Ling because of his great mobility and high damage, and Yu Zhong from the early to the late game.
Hilda, on the other hand, wont wipe out the enemy and get savage. She Will be pushing a Little and killing some enemies, so I consider her balanced but a great steady option for any game.
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some time ago I just played her, tried to build semi tank and use heptaseas for the core item and just played sneaking in the bush and when an enemy was offside like mm, mage and 'boom' 3/4 of their HP lost just with ulti and if using execute spell will immediately eliminate them too
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HoaHoa replied at 2020-8-20 08:41 AM
I think she is great, she is balanced (her damage is not that high), but not OP.
OP for me means  ...

She can kill the hyper carry in enemy team
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Just shake that fat azz
Post time 2020-8-23 08:28 PM | Show all posts
I'm still a noob with Hilda :( Your advices are good, i will move your topic to GUIDE section since it would be better place for it
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