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[Lineup Strategy] New Jungler Role tutorial.

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As i promised ill do a tutorial about the new Battlefield Mechanics.
If you missed it.
Here's the link : ... 0026&extra=page%3D1

The reason why i do jungler 1st instead of Mid.
Is because before understanding mid lane mechanics you have to know 1st what Jungler and Companion\support hero do. To time proper roation to maximize resources.

Anyway lets begin. Junglers are one of the most complex role to play. It requires proper timing. Camp respawn awareness. Ganking Rotation and Lane Holding. Your main focus as a jungler is. Jungle creeps, Lane Holding and turtle\lord.

Compatible Hero : the most compatible hero is Assassin and Fighters but some marksman and tank can also be a jungler. Best example is Hanzou and Natalia. Their skill kit as obviously made for jungling. Aldous can also be a jungler but keep on mind that Offlane has more Stacking capabilities than jungle.

Play style and tips :
To maximize your jungling power i recommend that you use the jungle Emblem and Retribution partnered by Jungling equipment. You have 3 option of Jungling path namely (Rotation, Ganking and Objectives).

If you choose the rotation path: i recommend that you take the tallent "Veteran Hunter" to farm more gold out of jungle monsters pair it together with "Knowledge" to lower your retribution CD to spam it more. You may choose to steal your enemy Jungle to lower his Jungling resources. And start rotating lane by lane. Dont hesitate to wait in bush for the right moment to strike since you can outnumbered their gold because of your tallent. But remember that stealing your enemy Jungle is the top priority.

If you choose Ganking : you may want to use the tallent "wild power" And also paired it with sub tallent "Knowledge" to maximize its potential. This is ideal for fighter jungler since their mobility is not as precise as Assassin's. Wild power will increase the retribution effect on hero bu 20% while killing them will grant you additional 50gold. And that 50 increase as long as you keep killing heroes hit by retribution. (Take note that each jungle equipment has different retribution effect on hero).

And finally objective: if you choose this path you may want to use The tallent "Mage Killer" to enhance your damage to turrets, lord and turtle you may want to combine it with sub tallent "Iron" to further increase you damage reduction against Jungle creeps(includes Turtle and lord).

Ideal spell and build :
For Rotation and Ganking Path the only spell you want to use is retribution. While objective may choose from Sprint, Arival and Retribution to enhance your mobility and go to an empty lane for objective.

For items : 1 Jungle item(Raptor Machete for physical dependant hero, Start shard for Magic dependant, and Beast killer is optional if you think your hero wont survive in team fights), 1 Boots, 3 Damage item, 1 defence (core Defence if possible).

Other tips :
You may signal you team mates closer to Lord or turtle to help you kill or Block your enemy to avoid steal.

Keep an eye for mid and top whenever possible.

If your hero is skill dependant  follow this rotation.
Blue, Lizard, Crab, Gank top. Or Blue, Lizard, Lighto Gank mid. Follow by Objective (push or turtle).

If your hero is Basick attack dependant follow this rotation . Red, Boar, Crammer, Gank bot, Crab.

Some exemption :
Popol and kupa can act as a Jingler with the help of kupa. Granger can also act as jungler but needs Help at 1st buff.
Belerick and hilda can also act as Jungler despite of being tank. And finally Carmilla can be a jungler despite of being pure support.

Advanced technique :.

Camp Denying\ Lane Gapping : 1st you have to know if your enemy jungler is skill dependant or basic attack.
For example if your enemy is Ling or Selena they are both Skill dependant so they definitely take the blie 1st. Try to steal their read if possible proceed with boar and crammer. Its important that you take the boar 1st. So you won't be out positioned. After the crammer Gank their Top from the bush near him. If you succed in this technique you will mess 2 of their lanes. The lane you ganked and their Jungler.

Lane Holding : lane Holding is the most common Jungling technique but very useful. How. Just keep an eye on your Allied Mid or top . If mid Pings Gank on bot. You have to take over his lane untill he came back. Same thing as top if he decides to gank mid or regen on base. You have to take over the lane for a sho period of time.

Snatch kill : similar to Camp Denying but this time you will wait in the nearby bush and try to steal the buff. But you have to try to kill the Jungler too. The Jungler probably lose some hp so you can outpowers him bybthe help of the buff you steal and the fact that your mana and hp hp still full.

Hope this helps. Ty
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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One issue of pure jungling is that everyone jungles except support.
Post time 2020-8-22 09:44 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing this guide
agree with CloudDevelic, although its a bit complicated but quite strategic
hopefully a major update soon for battlefield will also introduce players to how good laning + jungling is
Post time 2020-8-28 01:43 AM | Show all posts
Edited by shinee. at 2020-9-19 02:00 PM

For jungle role players there are so many cons. Thanks for the tips.
I love it! Thank so much for this information. Jungler role is just being explored so there is so much to do. With this guide I have a better understanding of what I would do.

Post time 2020-9-19 02:02 PM | Show all posts
Jungle role will be the hardest one to play... And it will take a lot of time untill players adjust to it. This new sepparate jungle role has changed the game tactic completely..I'm curious to see how big teams will play as team comp further on and how they will juggle with the jungle role
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