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[Share] why is matchmaking is so bad ?

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Edited by redose at 2020-8-24 09:43 PM

i am mythic 2 with 420 point, solo ranked. why is my team are mythic 5 and even not graded mythic, often also a legend ???
i lose all my games because of that

if i dont use tank, those nub will play useless tank, use franco, nub kufra, etc
if i use tank, those nub cant even use core/carry.
some low tier mythic even force their hero and can only use one type of hero/role...
i usually find the player with Argus only hero...

please fix the matchmaking.
i beg you.
i dont mind waiting 3 mins for balanced match making, rather than 5 secs matchmaking with those idiot team

and if we wont have the matchmaking fixed, please low tier mythic and legend and nub,
learn how to play :
1. learn various role, dont play support or mage or fighter or tank only. please at least master 3 roles.
2. adapt with new meta, dont use outplayed hero, learn how to counter meta, learn how to use meta.
3. game sense, seriously this is the most important factor. learn when to attack, def, farming, lord, etc
4. learn how to comunicate, please tell your teammate your weakness so we can cover eachother.

i will share some quote for you idiot, from the book the Art of War by Sun Tzu.
"every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought"

it means we can tell even without even fighting, who will win this war/battle.
the key is preparation, preparation, preparation, tactic and strategy.
learn what is strong hero, what is weak hero, why this hero is strong, why this hero is weak, how can i contribute with this hero, etc
will my hero have synergy with other heroes, will my hero counter enemy must counter enemy's counter plan for your plan.

-when you firstpick franco in the ranked match, you already have lowered our chance for us winning
-enemy pick strong hero, gatot kaca, they already increased their chance of winning

if you won and your team has 2 or more underpower hero, and your enemy team has many meta heroes.
it means either your team is strong and lucky to be paired with weak opponent.
your team is average and your opponent is just too weak

Post time 2020-8-25 03:02 PM | Show all posts
mlbb will not balance the teams.
if bad players match up together and they always keep losing, they will leave the game and not spend any money. if bad players match up with good players, they are happy since they get to win sometimes and will spend money on events.
Post time 2020-8-25 01:54 AM | Show all posts
It happened to me today. It's happening everyday. I am Legend V 1 star. My teammates are 3 mythic and one Legend I 2 star.

Those nop mythic players are trolls. Two of the mythic players took non expert heroes. One took Hayabusa and he never got a single kill. He died 10 times and 6 assists. He is not punished even though his score was 3.0 . He is not a Hayabusa main and not even Hayabusa expert. But he picked Hayabusa and trolled the entire game

Another one picked cecilion. He is also mythic but not an expert cecilion. He got few kills and assists but he doesn't know how to use cecilion. He goes front with cecilion and gets killed by enemy Lancelot. He got silver.

Another mythic player took gusion. He is the first assassin and that Hayabusa is the troll who picked second assassin.

Enemy had good team work. It looks like there was a trio in enemy.

But I am a solo q player. I was s5 and forced to play tank. I hate it when I am forced to play tank. It's really bad matchmaking
Post time 2020-8-25 04:16 AM | Show all posts
We all faced this matchmaking issue, i also face epic players when in mythic rank.
In next patch, there will matchmaking adjustment, they will based on stats, rank, and other, and also 80% avoid cross rank, for more information check here: ... &extra=page%3D2
Post time 2020-8-25 09:58 AM | Show all posts
thinking about it a got teamed up with legend a lot recently
but i dont really mind anyway.
because back then when im still in legend i teamed up with a mythic a lot! and they're dont look down on me so i could play comfortly and sometimes i even carry the game.
Post time 2020-8-26 04:18 AM | Show all posts
Trust me, it could be 5 times worse than that.
Post time 2020-8-26 09:02 AM | Show all posts
Mythic match with legend is nothing wrong.
but Mythic should not match with Epic rank.
Post time 2020-8-26 09:48 AM | Show all posts
Yeah it sucks... i just needed one star to get to mythic today and our tank afk because the marksman didnt follow his instructions. They were both mythic, but one cry like a baby and the other one was a useless mm with 8% damage at the end hhaha
Post time 2020-8-28 02:04 PM | Show all posts
why not 100% when u can hit at 80% chance. ? ironic huh
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