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[Talk With Developer] Voice of Developers 26/8/2020

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[i=s] Edited by irezer at 2020-8-27 06:28 PM [/i]

Hi MLBB players. Developers have been paying attention to MLBB's community feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Here are some suggestion of date 8/26. (Suggestion resources from: players from official MLBB Discord groups, players’ proposal to customer service.)

If you want to see the previous feedbacks, you can refer to these links:

1.)[Talk With Developer] Community Feedback & Devs Reply [ 27/4/2020 - 21/7/2020]

2.)[Talk With Developer] Voice from Developers 19/8/2020

MLBB Player Suggestion #1

Player Nickname: lilvonie?

Uhm hey i love the game but the new sound effects on heroes like the attack on Miya is too loud i guess. uhn thats it.

Keyword: #sound effect #Miya



 Developer Reply

In version.10 (advanced server), her sound effects will sound more comfortable.


MLBB Player Suggestion #2

Player Nickname: 「Engel」

Nerf Pharsa transformation skill in a bird cooldown and her dmg skill 3.

Keyword: #Pharsa #skill


 Developer Reply

At present, many heroes with dash skills can counter Pharsa, so we won't adjust it for the time being. Thank you for your suggestion.


MLBB Player Suggestion #3

Player Nickname: Coco Monster

Would you please change the special skill(ss) or ultimate of Bane for every skins he had because no changes of colors or effects on his SS. there are a lot of species of sharks but no effect of his ss. I hope to change it the soonest of revamped it.

Keyword: #Bane #skin effects


 Developer Reply

Thanks for the suggestion, we already have plans to revamp and optimize the old skins.


MLBB Player Suggestion #4

Player Nickname: hïšhκαrï

1. We need more battlefield icons of Hero Passive and equipment's unique passive during battle to give info if they are available or in cooldown.
2. Kaja's passive needs icon to show if it is available or if it is on cooldown.
3. Equipment Lightning Truncheon needs icon to show if the unique passive is available or in cooldown.
4. Equipment Queen's Wings needs icon to show if unique passive is available or in cooldown.

Keyword: #cooldown icons


 Developer Reply

1. You can observe the special effects on the weapon to confirm whether it is ready.
2. Because the cooldown is relatively short, and too many icons may lead to information interference, we are not considering increasing add this one.
3. We have added related icon, you can experience it in the new version.


MLBB Player Suggestion #5

Player Nickname: Sgt. Brayle

About Penetration
Can you please, make the calculation for penetration better?
Final Defense = Initial Defense * (1 - Percentage Penetration) - Flat Penetration
Instead of:
Final Defense = (Initial Defense - Flat Penetration) * (1 - Percentage Penetration)
The first one is better because buying Flat Penetration doesn't decrease the potential of Percentage Penetration, like the current one did. (e.g. buying Hunter Strike and/or Blade of the Heptaseas will make Malefic Roar and Hunter Machete worth less)

Keyword: #penetration


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. You must have done in-depth research on game numerical values! In fact, we are also continuing to optimize the calculation of some attributes, hoping to bring you a better experience, such as slowing attributes, reducing HP regen attributes, etc. We have also noticed the calculation method of penetration, but the adjustment of attributes will affect many equipment and skills, we need to be more careful. When we are ready, we will act!  


MLBB Player Suggestion #6

Player Nickname: Ososamah"

Punishment system:I think the punishment system should be different according to your rank,in high ranks (Epic, Legend, and Mythic) the punishments should be so strict and severe but for low ranks (Warrior, Elite, Master, and Grandmaster)the punishments should be less strict and severe. The reason is for low ranks most of players just play for fun and they are casual players so it will be bad for them and they may quite the game if they got strict punishments. But for high elo they take the game seriously and they have good knowledge about the game so punishments should be so strict. For classic mode. I think this mode should have two options draft pick and quick pick . Quick puck all ranks can play but for draft pick only grand master and above can play this will help grand masters to understand the game and it is better than the blind picks in the current system.

Keyword: #punishment system


 Developer Reply

Thanks for your advice. In order to reduce malicious violations in the game, we have been improving our penalty system. We have recently been considering different penalties for different groups of players. According to current plan, this modification will take effect in version.16.


MLBB Player Suggestion #7

Player Nickname: EzRvenant

I suggest to add 2 different sound settings one is the voice of the characters and the other for the system voice. Add an option to lower the sound of those two. I want to lower the voice of the system(eg. Launch attack, Enemy has slain, Retreat, etc.) Because it is too loud for me. I much prefer to hear the voice of the characters than the system sound. Hope you could consider adding this option.

Keyword: #sound #volume


 Developer Reply

We already have relevant plans about such adjustment. Please stay tuned.


MLBB Player Suggestion #8

Player Nickname: GUESS WHO IS THIS?

#Nerf Lou Yi pls
I tried 1v1 against her using fighter and i have no chance of winning pls nerf her her passive damage is so unreal fvck i hate meta and newrelease heroes its like they dont adjust her properly.

Keyword: #Lou Yi


 Developer Reply

Thanks for your feedback. We have reduced the range of her 2 skills. Given that there is no damage for Luo Yi's ultimate, we have set her passive with high damage. We will continue to observe the performance of this hero.


MLBB Player Suggestion #9

Player Nickname: Flosviu

Adjustment for Brody - Make brody can use his 2nd skill without target needed, but reduce the stun duration to 1 second.

Keyword: #Brody


 Developer Reply

Thank you for your suggestion. There are both strengths and limitations with Brody 2nd skill, and we will adjust him according to the data and overall performance.


Post time 2020-8-27 12:04 AM | Show all posts
Suggestion no.8 is kinda funny. Losing fighter against mage and blaming it on the passive.


Ahahaha. Well, developers will observe the hero. So, no need worry about it. If you have your own suggestion, you can directly suggest to CS in-game / this forum / any official platforms.  Post time 2020-8-27 03:35 AM
Post time 2020-8-27 10:52 PM | Show all posts
I hope developers are working on the new maps layout. We are dying for it.


You can provide your suggestion/s with more details to CS in-game / this forum (under Suggestion Section) / any official platforms.  Post time 2020-8-28 03:38 AM
Post time 2020-8-28 08:23 AM | Show all posts
Dreamseeker replied at 2020-8-27 10:52 PM
I hope developers are working on the new maps layout. We are dying for it.

Good job , for me i hope to see new equipment in MLBB
Post time 2020-8-28 11:58 PM | Show all posts
Where is the Mysterious Event?
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