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[Complaint] Account Hacked ; Poor customer support and rant about account security

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Edited by ratul547 at 2020-10-7 02:51 AM

My game account was hacked a few days ago.
I was able to recover my account after a few attempts.

But the hacker managed to waste the resources (crystal of aurora, rare fragments) that I was gathering for long. And most importantly the hacker changed my country flag using the flag change card that was given free to every player 3 years ago. I am from Bangladesh and the hacker changed it to Myanmar. It couldn't be happened if there was a way to discard or convert the flag change card that I didn't need at all.
Now I won't be able to participate any national contests with my friends and squad. This is frustrating.

Right now, I cannot afford a flag change card to fix it. After all, it wasn't my fault. I've checked every account associated with my game id and there was no trace of any suspicious activity in any of them. The active logged in devices are all okay in them. No security issues found in Facebook, Google and VK account . So the security breach was on moonton account for sure. I also heard that it is possible to enter into any players account by tempering the game data. So if this is the case, the encryption system of  MLBB is really weak which is responsible to expose the players' account vulnerable to attacks. Also the events that are hosted online which require players to share links and assist friends are so weakly coded that anybody can login to anyone's account if they have very little idea about base64 encryption.

I must say that moonton account management system is extremely poor and this is open to many security vulnerabilities. There is no way to manage account from a web interface. I had to wait more than half an hour on game loading screen because the hacker was still playing in a match. And there is no way I'm going to buy an overpriced national flag change card to fix something that I was not responsible for.

Now, what I need is:
1. Restore my original country flag to Bangladesh
2. Secure moonton account with 2FA via email or phone number
3. A better account management system with an easy to use and secure web interface.

(I guess I will continue trolling in national contests untill I get my flag back.)


Now I have more to say about customer service.

Everytime I contact to In-game customer support, they start to speak gibberish and they don't have any idea what I'm talking about despite how many times I explain something to them. Never got any help from them in the three and a half year with MLBB. From the beginning, this poor
service got no update at all. The same old trash service with automated messages and braindead semi-illiterate people who don't even understand english properly.

My account was hacked on 30th August. So I was trying to seek help.  I was told by discord moderators to send an email to for support. So I e-mailed to the address and there is no reply although 8 days have passed. If this is the normal time for the customer service to reply to emails, there is no way it is a good customer service. many things can be happened in this long timespan.   

This game copies from everything but doesn’t improve it's customer support or security system.
Just look at supercell customer care. they are the best support team ever. Take them as an example. Compared to Supercell support, Moonton customer care is just cows**t. This game is rotten no matter how many project this or project that is taken. There is no point of continuing a game if it has so many security vulnerabilities and customer support is garbage. Moonton all cares about MONEY. Not the players. A truth that everybody knows

So I guess, this post will be ignored in the same way as they are selectively accepting the feedbacks that are convenient to them and ignoring  feedbacks that are actually necessary.

Post time 2020-9-8 10:31 AM | Show all posts
dude welcome to money.toon
 Author| Post time 2020-9-7 08:08 PM | Show all posts
IGN : ꧁Ʀατυℓ꧂
ID : 46944217(2078)
Post time 2020-9-7 08:46 PM | Show all posts
I don’t think it is possible that hackers can temper the game data to gain access to accounts. If that was possible, then I think we would have heard more reports from people with over 300-400 skins. They could also be targetting streamers’ accounts as well. So therefore, I don’t think it’s possible that hackers can temper the game data to gain access to accounts.

I think you could have clicked into some phishy link that was able to give hacker information or you entered those information for the hacker. But regardless, I don’t know what happened regarding your case or what you did.

There are players here that had gotten hacked. They waited months and got responses from and was able to get their account back.

Like what the Discord Moderator have told you, contact for support, we can’t do anything else here as well.

There’s also this Secondary Verification located on your profile->account and located right below where they show you your account ID. You should turn that on and use a different password other than your moonton account password.
 Author| Post time 2020-9-7 08:54 PM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2020-9-7 08:46 PM
I don’t think it is possible that hackers can temper the game data to gain access to accounts. If t ...

I never click on phishing links let alone giving private information to random websites. And I am well aware of online security because my work has some involvements with online securities. I use two factor authentication on my every account and never use weak passwords or same passwords twice. I am always concerned about security yet it happened with me which struck me hard. I have mentioned my concerns in a clear way about Moonton account. Also, there is no two factor or secondary verification system in my account yet, although I've seen it in test server.
Post time 2020-9-8 02:56 AM | Show all posts
Sad story. It is unfortunate that happened to you.
Post time 2020-9-8 02:43 PM | Show all posts
wait for

Post time 2020-9-13 03:06 PM | Show all posts
In my opinion, may have clicked something fishy..a link or anything. I have my account since the game has been released and have never had any trouble.
The security of MLBB contains variable ways for you to recover your account - first things to try BEFORE using the "email"option. Why? Because email/cs ingame is flooded with emails and requests that have to be handled everyday. So Moonton offered solutions to players to recover their account by themselves first and if impossible, then request help via email.
Even more, they added a Security Password that only the owner of account can know, so that in the unfortunate case of someone else having access to the account, that person can't use diamonds, send skins and other without that exact password.
Yes, it's unfortunate that you lost the flag change card and fragments..But at least your account is safe again..
Also, I agree with your suggestion that the account can/should also be Secured via Phone Number ( with the possibility to edit the phone number in case you lose/change it) .
 Author| Post time 2020-9-24 05:32 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2020-9-13 03:06 PM
In my opinion, may have clicked something fishy..a link or anything. I have my account since th ...

I have already stated in a reply on this thread that I am very well aware of online security. I never click on suspicious links let alone giving private information. It is not wise to assume something that fast about somebody.
Post time 2020-9-27 01:22 AM | Show all posts
I did not "assume" actually but there are ways to hack without obvious scam links. You can even receive a photo, look at it and the next thing you know, you got your data stolen. Internet can be a dark place.
What's the status of your issue? Is it all good now?
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