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Some peopleare really good at this game. Solo players with high win rate. In order toachieve that you need to master a hero who can carry alone. Usually this herosare hard to master, easy to kill but hard to catch due to their high mobility.Assassins like FANNY GUSSION LANCELOT are the hardest to master, in that order.Fanny is the hardest, then gusion last lancelot. Basically, the only thing youneed is one support player to help you get the first buff. After that, you willbe level 4 when the next buff comes out. You can easily get the first kill ifyou have trained enough.

Helcurt isgreat too, he doesn’t really have a combo, you just need to farm fast and stealthe first kills. Karina is the stealing queen, but she doesn’t do much damagetil late game. Helcurt and Karina need more help than the other assassins. Youshould practice a lot the first 3 assassins if you are a solo player. If youhave one or two friends, it might be easier to pick karina.

If yourtank or support are better than you, you can easily pick a marksman. There wasthis amazing panda and I had to be mm because we were all support no damage.Even I, with my 5 Lesley games, was able to get MVP with 7-2-10.  I didn’t do much, he just helped me farm andprotected me the whole game. Its really hard to be marksman as a solo playerbecause not many people are willing to help.

Selena cankill really easy too, but she needs luck with the aim. My squadmate is actuallyamazing at ganking with Eudora aurora. Mages are stronger early-mid game, notmany skills needed. My favorite mage is zhask because I can push towers and dodamage too.

You can bereally good with any of these heros but sometimes its not enough. If the enemyhas a strategy better than yours, theres nothing you can do. Today I lost withmy guinivere top, me khufra and gusion mid, hanabi pharsa bottom. Our 1-2-2strategy was really bad against the enemy 0-4-1. In the first wave they camemid, almost killed me and gusion, stole our blue buff and they killed guiniveretop. I told pharsa and hanabi that was not going to work, but they instisted instaying mid. When the 4 enemies went bottom and killed them both, they blamedus.

The 1-2-2strategy could have worked if we had 2 tanks maybe. Or if we had a hero likegord who could attack all of them at the same time.

Ipersonally hate hanabi as a teammate, she cant do anything til mid game. Thishanabi went straight for the red buff, eventhough she was not going to use it.Hanabi needs all the minion waves, she is not a granger who could kill enemiesearly game. I hate hanabi and Aldous in my team, there is little they can do.

Anotherterrible TERRIBLE strategy is to expect a duo or a trio to support you. Me andmy squadmates are in the same house or in a group call, we have thecommunication advantage and the experience of many games together. When arandom player picks a marksman and expect the 2 squadmates to buy mask andfollow him everywhere, chances are you will lose.

There are 2ways of winning, having an amazing assassin, or a well fed marksman, the otherway is to have a great team. This second strategy is better. No matter theheros you have, if you are organized, tanks and supports buy masks, havepatience to gank, invade TOGETHER enemy jungle, focus on destroying towers oneby one, the enemy wont be able to do anything agains you.

I believethis is the main problem with the toxic players, those who know how to win onlybuy getting all the jungle and having one or two supports behind them.

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Mastery of any hero inside a match plays a vital role and contributes to winning. As a solo player, it's not always being the best and mastering these heroes that can solo carry. Although, yeah you can win but then again, I find myself adjusting to the roles needed or lacking in a team, this way, it can help address the gaps in team ability.

What I have realized throughout these years is that, adjusting is still the best way to win and also rooting and promoting teamwork. Although, yeah at first it can be frustrating if the core heroes are not doing well, but being toxic wont get you anywhere. You'll just have to keep doing your best and support your teammates rather than promoting toxicity, miracles will happen. Though it's not a 100% guarantee win but it can be at least a 70% chance of winning every match.
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problem with toxic players is that they think they are good but are noobs. they take all jungle monsters, buffs and minion waves but they keep feeding enemies.
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In the end, it all come down to mastering moba tactics, like strategy ,good map control , gank, with good tank, support for carry.  You may win against nubs with OP assasin/mm, but it wont help when you got bad team picks and toxics.
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