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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.5.16 [Advanced Server]

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Clint, the West Justice, will be available for a free trial on the Advanced Server for a limited time. Purchase is not available.

Hero Feature: A western marksman who can fire with both his revolver and his rifle.

Skill 1: [Quick Draw] - Clint shoots 5 bullets rapidly. The bullets will hit the enemies in a fan-shaped area in turn. The damage dealt by the first bullet on a target will be increased.

Skill 2: [Trapping Recoil] - Clint shoots a rope forward, slowing the enemy and jumping back a certain distance.

Ultimate: [Grenade Bombardment] - Clint launches a grenade in a designated direction. He can store up to 5 grenades at a time.

Passive: [Double Shot] - Each time Clint casts a skill, he will shoot his rifle with his next Basic Attack dealing great damage in a straight line.



We have compensated for his damage loss due to the recent bug fix.

Attributes(↑): Attack Speed Growth: 2%3%

Skil 1(↑): Cooldown: 5s → 4s

Base Damage: 200-550250-625,

Physical Attack Bonus: 130%150%

Ultimate (↑): Cooldown: 28-2224-18s

[Revamped Clint]


Since his skill delay was increased in the last patch, here we have increased his damage in return.

Passive(↑): Physical Attack Bonus of Enhanced Basic Attack: 120%140%

Skill 1(↑): Cooldown: 88-5s

Physical Attack Bonus: 40%60%

Mana Cost: 80-13080-105

Skill 2(↑): Slow effect: 60%80%


Base Damage: 250-350280-380



We have enhanced her early-game durability and damage to some extent.

Attributes(↑): Base Physical Attack: 105115


Cooldown: 38-30s → 38-265

Duration: 1.2-2s → 2s (at all levels)



We have slightly nerfed his burst in the early and mid game.

Skill 1(↓) Penetration damage: 208-273192-252



Ultimate(↑): Duration: 67.5



Ultimate(~): Base damage under dark clouds: 400-700 440-770: Base damage to nearby enemies: 400-700 360-630



Now his Skill 1 has a higher skill cap, so we have reduced its damage to some extent.

Skill 1(↓): Base Damage: 300-475270-420

Physical Attack Bonus: 80%70%

[Yu Zhong]


We have increased the cooldowns in order to increase his downtime between teamfights and nerf his durabiltiy

Skill 1(↓): Cooldown: 5.5-4s → 7-5.5s

Skill 2(↓): Cooldown: 10.6-8.5s → 12-10:5s

Ultimate Cooldown(↓): 65s → 85-65s



Without making too much impact to his strong teamfight ability, we've slightly nerfed his durability and initiation ability

Passive(↓): Physical Defense: 45-8025-60

Skill 2(↓): Cooldown: 12-8s → 15-10s



Skill 2(~): Cooldown: 9-7.58.5s



Skill 1(↓): Base Damage: 340-540300-500



Skill 2(↓): Magic Power Bonus for each attack: 50%45%



Ultimate(↓): Cooldown 36-2842-36


Fixed the shield limit issue


Fixed the obstacle location issue of his Skill 2

Fixed the issue where the actual area of effect of his Ultimate doesn't match the indicator


Fixed the issue where her Skill 2 cannot go through obstacles in some special cases


Fixed the visual effect issue of his Ultimate

[Popol and Kupa]

Fixed the issue where Popol cannot revive Kupa in some special cases


Fixed the incorrect control duration in some special cases


Optimized the camera performance of his Ultimate

1. Hero Display Optimization: In order to harmonize the hero image with the background story, we have added new backgrounds for some heroes on the hero display interface, and will keep updating in the future.

2. Arcade Mode - [Magic Chess]

Mavis, the Vampire Countess, will be available on September 29th (Server Time). Diamond 499. Battle Point 24000. Launch week 30% OFF.

Mavis's skin [Night Princess] will be available on September 29th (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% OFF.

Little Commander [Mavis] and skin [Night Princess] will be in a bundle and available on September 29th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

3. Fragment Shop Adjustments on September 23th (Server Time)

Rare Skin Fragment Shop

Will be available:

[Mighty Guardian] - Gatotkaca

[Masked Knight] - Lancelot

[Iceland Golem) - Grock

[Akazonae Samurai] - Akai

[Deep Sea Rescuer] - Cyclops

[Black Pearl] - Karina

[Anubis] - Roger

Will be unavailable:

[Grave Guardian] - Grock

[Steam Researcher] - Kimmy

[Dark Draconic] - Argus

[Snake Eye Commander] - Moskov

[Bio Frontier] - Kimmy

[Bunny Babe] - Layla

[Heartbreak Empress] - Aurora

4. Hero Fragment Shop Will be available: Popol and Kupa, Silvanna, Granger, Diggie, Lylia, Helcurt Will be unavailable: Ling. Lunox, Valir, Natalia, Khufra, Moskov

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 9/18/2020 05:01:00 to 9/25/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.) Atlas Gatotkaca, Lunox: Popol and Kupa, Dyrroth; Badang, Uranus, Ling

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Estes Grock; Yi Sun-shin; Kaja: Helcurt; Chang'e

1. Team bonus gold from destroying inner turrets: 80 100

2. Team bonus gold from destroying base turrets: 120150

3. Reduced the team gold bonus from killing enemies with high net worth by 25%.

4. Slightly increased the area of the restoration effect at the spawn point, synchronizing it with the map.

5. Added an "alert mechanism" to creeps. The creeps can discover nearby heroes and react now.

6. Added some special effects to Imperial Sanctuary under ultra graphics (some of which are interactive), including the bush collision effect, tree sway effect, the birds near the Core Guard, and more.

7. Optimized the skill vibration effect of most heroes.

8. Added visual effects to some skills in order to strengthen the hitstop .

9. Optimized some visual effects of battlefield and equipment .

10. Optimized the camera raising effect in order to make it smoother. .

11. Battlefield Optimization

a. Optimized the effect of choosing targets

b. Optimized the art effect of the mini map

c. Optimized the visual effect of the in-battle text

Added new text of killing heroes

d. Optimized the art effect of elimination effects

e. Optimized the art effect of the channeling bar

f. Adjusted teammates' HP bar and ultimate reminder near the score panel

g. Optimized some battlefield UI


[Enchanted Talisman]

Unique Passive - Mana Spring: Mana restoration in 10s: 12%15%

Minions and Creeps

Increased the Movement Speed limit of the minions in the late game

Lithowanderer: Increased the base gold reward by 25%. Removed the Mana

[Ranked Mode]

S17 will end at 23:59:59 on September 18th, 2020 (Server Time)

Players that reach Master or above will be awarded Cyclops's skin "Zombie Bambino"

S18 will start at 02:00:00 on September 19th, 2020 (Server Time)

[Recharge Event Updates]

Hanabi and Valir are replaced with Moskov and Chang'e in the First Recharge event

Skin "Resplendent Iris" and "Pale Flame" are replaced with Skin "Spear of Bone Dragon" and "Moonstruck" in the Renew event

1. Matchmaking Optimization

a. The matchmaking results vary with the number of online players. The more online players there are the more precise the result is.

b. "Speed Mode" will be available when the matchmaking takes too long. This function will be gradually available after the update.

2. Laning function and guide optimization

a. Optimized the laning choosing and recommendation on the hero choosing interface.

b. You can screen the heroes according to their default laning on the hero choosing interface.

c. Added "Laning information to the battlefield overview d. Added new laning guides to the first several matches after the update.

3. New Advanced Control Modes

a. Assisted Aiming. The direction of the indicator will follow the location of the target automatically.

b. Smart Targeting: The indicator can lock on the target. If you have enabled "Basic Attack Smart Targeting" and "Skill Smart Targeting" in the settings, your single-target skills and basic attack can choose the target more precisely.

c. Camera Shift when casting skills in the far distance, the camera can follow the skill cast automatically.

4. The function of help request to Facebook friends is changed to a share function.

1. Fixed the issue where the live stream page in the profile disappears in some cases.

2. Fixed the issue where players cannot upload avatars on some devices.

3. Fixed the display issue of some squad member information.

4. Fixed the incorrect statistics of personal battle history in some cases.

5. Fixed the issue where the skins are wrongly displayed after swapping heroes in Ban/Pick Mode.

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