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Edited by izaidi at 2020-9-24 12:57 AM

Personally I don't have any problem with changes. Introducing new mechanics like the different lane priority and the new jungle farming mechanics is some of the way online game making things interesting. Otherwise things will get to bland over time. So many people playing the game like a chore. Unless you are going pro, playing the game over and over again is getting redundant.

But I do have some thought about the NEXT update.

1. The new lane mechanism.

When you are playing carry, you should prioritise on the Gold Lane or Jungle. This 2 area provide the most farm in order for you to snowball as the core. Exp lane is mostly useless after you get to level 4. Most of the time, I use the exp lane just to farm my kaja or johnson, sometimes Alice to level 4, then I switch to roam between Mid and Gold Lane.
Overall, Gold Lane is too op. If this is not fixed, I can see players will just play on 1 side of the map. Maybe reduce the gold bonus from turret shield and siege minions.

2. Turret shield gold bonus.

I think it is ridiculous just how much the shield giving gold. I think this is good in order to make players focus on defending the turret and just leave jungling to the specific role. I think this mechanics is what makes so many players getting triggered with the new update.
Before the update, side lane will focus on clearing the wave and then switch to jungle or crab. But now, suddenly when they left the turret unprotected, enemies will get free farm on the shield and they are losing in term of gold. Suddenly enemies core (mainly MM) is not so squishy anymore that they cannot trade hits efficiently.Edit: Staying near the turret while your minions attacking it will also give you the gold. So it is possible to get the full 360 gold if enemies didn't def it. Thanks to AssDave analysis

My main point is, protect your turret even in the early game, otherwise enemies will farm the shield.
Well, I particularly enjoy this mechanics and the fact that so many of those idiots didn't read the patch and adjusted to this new meta. If you know about this, good for you. Enjoy bullying those ignorant noobs.

3. New role for jungling.

Contributing to the previous point, some hero should not left their lane for jungling. Now, they should focus on protecting their lane and left the jungle to a specific hero. I'm still haven't see players use this to its full efficiency yet. I tried playing the jungle role when I play saber. I focus on farming jungle until level 4 and then ganking which ever lane is closest. It's good enough but not that great (maybe wrong hero for jungling). There still improvement on this part. I'm waiting for the pros to test it.

4. Revamp hero.

Not much to say about this. Everytime there is new/revamp hero, it will most likely to be broken. Previously, Barat is stupidly tanky. Even better then Uranus. Plus, Barat skills has a lot of CC and Barat itself is "immune to CC" (25% resilience and add that to the Tough Boot = Half of the CC duration).

Nevertheless, right now all I can say is that Layla is very strong because of the ability to farm gold at a faster rate (reaching the late game potential faster).
Eudora is insane particularly because of the high damage and AOE CC. You can switch between single CC +high damage or medium damage + AOE CC.
Miya is also strong because of her 2s ulti at level 1. Miya's second skill is more efficient now.
Saber has better ability to farm jungle now with skill one.
Zilong will be stupidly OP if he gets decent farm (no cd chase and armor reduction..even better than Martis Ult).
Alucard have insane damage in 1 on 1 sitution especially in early game.

Overall, heroes changing the meta is not unusual. It's been long before the day since I saw Balmond becoming part of the meta. Some heroes didn't even left the meta (the trio assassins..Lancelot, Gusion and Fanny)

5. New graphic
Oh about this. I don't care if it cartoonish or what. I play the game for its GAMEPLAY. Even if it use 8 bit graphic, I will still enjoy the GAMEPLAY.
I do hate it at first mainly because the different look it has on the minimap. It is harder to distinguish hero. Overall, I adapt and it's fine now.

In conclusion, changes will always get players triggered. Mostly those kids that cannot adapt to the new meta. Since these are huge changes particularly on how the game is played..Moonton will get a lot of heat at the moment.
Dont worry too much about it. Keep it up with the NEXT PROJECT.


Even though I'm glad for the NEXT PROJECT, I'm still waiting for that new game to be released (you know..that one game that are being censored by the Mod)

Post time 2020-9-23 07:08 PM | Show all posts
I like seeing how layla and miya run. They really have long legs now. Not just their legs but their skill improved so good.
Post time 2020-9-24 12:25 AM | Show all posts
The shield thing is not a new concept as lol implemented a function similar to it which is getting plates which grant gold. Ultimately, I like this meta because it could slow down the meta and allow some heroes who are late game to shine better.
Post time 2020-9-24 07:47 AM | Show all posts
Only thing i didn't like is that they did everything in 1 patch (while in past, they'd introduce maybe 1 revamp and 1 new hero). This time around, I feel like i updated and was playing an entirely new game. All the heroes that were revamped became foreign to me and started to kick my ass (when before, I could handle all with ease). Now, i'm happy they got revamp, but my god, I get used to 1 hero revamped, then have to learn another, and another, and another every game. Very frustrating for me as it's end of season and I struggled to get my last 6 stars to reach mythic before end of season. I may have cared less if they just waited till the new season to roll the revamps instead of 4 days before season end.

As for the revamps, they were all needed, but I think most are a tad bit OP atm and think they will need nerf in near future. But, there's also the learning curve of players learning their new skillsets and players learning to counter the new skillsets. Personally, I just got my butt handed to me by miya and layla cause I didn't know just how much powerful their revamps were. Miya 2nd skill immobilizing me then she decks me 4 times at super speed with increasing dmg... i would get caught at level 2 and come out with a sliver of hp left and need to do an early recall.

And layla's 1st skill seems like it increased in range. She pegs me from so far away now. I was behind tower in top bush recalling and she barely stepped into turret range and pegged me with it. I don't recall her skill being that long before. Now I know and will be cognizant, but it just seemed a but OP in distance to me. And i hated it cause i basically gave them a free kill early match due to not knowing just how far that increase was.

Also, just curious, i know tig got revamp as well, but did they increase the CC time of his skills too? Cause I just got my butt handed to me by him solo CC'ing me and getting pegged by layla from afar. Normally, I could stop his ult after his 2nd skill knocks me up, but I wasn't able to this time around and he'd ult me before I could try to CC him to cancel (I play Ruby). Maybe I'm just crazy, I dunno, but thought it was weird as I've never had an issue with Tig before.

And I kinda hate the lane changes.... The gold lane just seems to bring a bigger landslide effect than what was already occurring imo. Add in the extra gold per turret dmg early game and you can see some ridiculously OP hero's early game. And I don't think the jungler's have enough to keep up with the gold lane (which are usually the hero's that are supposed to counter the hero's in the gold lane...). And now, I can't keep up with gold lane if I'm not in it since I can't use hunter's knife to farm faster (cause ruby's dmg is abysmal against jungle monsters without it).

So once again, I wouldn't necessarily mind these changes, but they all happened at once and right before season end. Makes it quite frustrating to basically feel like you don't know anything anymore. Especially for casual players like me who maybe plays a few matches every other day. It feels like overnight the meta went from "we don't need mm" to "the old shitty mm's are the new meta. period".


Never said mm was a shitty meta. Was just saying, I found it funny that literally overnight, it went from "you don't need an mm" to "WE NEED AN MM"  Post time 2020-9-24 11:32 PM
MM is not shitty meta. Stop obsessing about Assassins as the main carry meta. Too many kids are playing assassins nowadays that it is getting redundant  Post time 2020-9-24 03:59 PM
 Author| Post time 2020-9-24 03:55 PM | Show all posts
Malicewolf replied at 2020-9-24 07:47 AM
Only thing i didn't like is that they did everything in 1 patch (while in past, they'd introduce may ...

Yep. Revamp/Introducing 6 heroes at the same time can be a too much especially for new players. Very much so if you are a players that only plays certain type of hero/role. And introducing it late in the season can be a bit chaotic if you are pushing rank so late in the season. All the match I played so far was in classic.
I'm not going to touch anymore rank until the trolls, noob kids drafting, only play 1 role kids, not pre-select the pick, and etc are gone. There was little to none basic coordinating skills in drafting solo q. Everyone wants to do their own thing without providing their teammates with some basic info about their picks.

For me, all this 6 new hero is not so different. They have been in the game for a long time. Except for Layla and Miya, the other 4 has about the same skill set and the way the hero is played is about the same.
Eud is still the burst damage mage and now has a better damage and AOE spell.
Alucard is still the high damage and durability fighter he is before. Now, he has better capability on fighting 1v1 because of the 1.5 damage multiplier when hitting only 1 enemy.
Saber is still the 1 shot carry killer. Now, his 1st skill has better use to fight instead of just clearing wave from far away. And the 2nd skill has better damage output.
Zilong is still played the same way. Flank enemy carry in team fight and split push. The big difference is that now his ult doesn't have an animation. You can cast it immediately. And the 2nd skill allow him to quickly switch target.

Overall not that big of a change in terms of the hero playstyle. I think the hate the games getting right now is the fact that MM is too good because of the gold advantages from Gold Lane and Turret's shield. Suddenly, when they played Assassins, they cannot easily kill MM in early game. Mid laner doesn't have too big of advantages over side lane. the 131 meta that they so used to is not viable anymore.
Post time 2020-9-24 11:49 PM | Show all posts
izaidi replied at 2020-9-24 03:55 PM
Yep. Revamp/Introducing 6 heroes at the same time can be a too much especially for new players. Ve ...

Yup, i can agree with most of what you said. But, the little details can still throw you off when you've gotten used to things. Like, Eudora having a multi stun ability now caught me off guard cause I wasn't even hit by anything, but she stunned the minion, and i got hit with an orb after. I was like, wait, wtf?! I just assumed you had to be marked for the CC spread to hit you. Little things like that get you killed, and during a ranked match, it's all it takes to start tipping the scales.

And unfortunately for me, I waited this season to rank up. I had a horrid losing streak (about 20 loses in a row) and so i took a long break due to frustration. I came back about 2 days before the update. So i got from legend V to legend II in those 2 days. Then the update hit and it was very hard for me to pull the necessary wins into mythic in ranking while trying to figure out all the new changes (I read them, but reading and experiencing are very different when in game).

Also, usually i would finish the mythic rankings, but I have now lost 4 of them due to folks not knowing the new lanes I keep watching MM's go bot lane, b/c they are used to it even when it's the exp lane. I had one round where no one picked MM, and the balmond (3rd fighter of the group) was telling me NOT to get gold and to just keep pushing in the mid lane to mess up their gold farming (he was also 3k below their lowest gold earner by end game) and ended up feeding them 2 free kills early game from stupid tower diving. Had a round where the carry kept leaving lane early to go jungle (and therefore, NOT gaining the extra gold from the gold lane). Like, when you see mm leave the gold lane for the small crab instead And me pointing it out obviously means i'm the noob according to them. I might take another break until folks frickin learn how the new set up works. Cause it's very frustrating to try to be a carry Ruby. Especially when I pull a savage off and yet we still somehow lose the match.
Post time 2020-9-25 04:49 AM | Show all posts
Every change needs to know and learn, indeed that in this big update all players are required to adaptable with new meta which takes time to understand the whole changes
and this project will continue with new surprises for players
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