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[Lineup Strategy] Strategy tips for the new battlefield adjustment.(Laning tips)

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Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2020-9-25 04:18 AM

The new meta definitely made hyper strategy "just a strategy" since jungle get tankier for every nearby heroes. So here is my tip.
Back to the old meta

Just like the name said, but a little bit different this time. Here are the tips.

Gold lane for marksman and its guardian(tank,mage sup).

The gold lane is a must for marksman, it doesn't matter if that lane doesn't lead to bottom where the red buff is, you can get richer than your team member even if you don't jungle much. Just make sure you last hit the siege minion. Once the gold siege minion stop spawning, feel free to take the red buff as, but be smart when going to different lane. Also take note, do not be too aggressive and focus on securing minion.

Exp lane for offlaners

Its a perfect lane ro reach level 4 quickly as offlaners indeed need their ult to either join teamfight or guard lane. For example, Hilda. It will also make fighter much more viable for ganking which is better assisted by a jungler. Yes, a jungler role now exist in the game.


Its a freelance lane for either mage or tank or even support, their job is to keep their eyes on the map and report any suspicious activity like missing enemies or where they headed. A crucial part to keep your side-laners safe. Other jobs include, keeping the tower safe and assisting ganked lanes. Just make sure the midlaner have good capabilities in guarding tower and avoiding gank. Mid lane are also suitable for roamers or should we call, jungler. Jungler and midlaner can switch turn in guarding and roaming. But mostly when midlane is secured, both heroes will assist sidelanes.

Jungle. When gold lane is siding the top lane
Since marksman don't really need jungles to get rich anymore, all the buff belongs to the jungler(assassin or heroes who are capable in carrying) the junglers, should assist the exp lane after clearing jungles in order to raise their skill level. Do not bother the gold lane as you need your marksman to obtain gold as much as they can. Try to avoid sharing gold with your goldlaner unless it is necessary to gank. Focus more on exp lane as you can easily gank their offlaner. And when the 8th wave comes, you can play normally.

Jungle when gold lane siding bottom.

As a marksman, your given a choice wheter to give the red buff to the jungler, or you take it. Other than that, for junglers, your role is pretty much the same.

To those who doubt that you can get the most gold as a marksman in goldlane without red buff or jungling. Just trust me when I said it.

Even when the jungler took all the jungles, the jungler still either have have a small gap in the difference between goldlaner's gold or having the 2nd most gold in the team.

As you can see, even when saber obtain all the buff and the crab and also a kill, he still have only the 2nd most gold in the team.

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thank you for sharing the guide, hopefully it can be helpful  for players here who are reading to adaptable with the current meta changes
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