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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.5.16 [Original Server]

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New Hero Brody, the Lone Star, will be available on October 16th. Launch week 30% OFF.

Hero Feature: A ranged shooter launching heavy attacks on enemies.

Skill 1. [Abyss Impact] Brody launches a shock wave in the designated direction, dealing damage to enemies and applying 1 stack of "Abyss Mark" to enemies hit. As the shock wave travels for each enemy it hits, it deals extra damage and applies an additional stack of "Abyss Mark".

Skill 2: [Corrosive Strike] Brody dashes to an enemy, dealing damage to it, stunning it, and inflicting 1 stack of "Abyss Mark". Upon hitting the target, he is able to move one more time in the movement direction.

Ultimate: [Torn Apart Memory] Brody locks on all the targets within 8 yards, dealing damage to the target according to the stack number of "Abyss Mark" that the target has. All the "Abyss Mark” on the target will be reset.

Passive: [Abyss Corrosion] Brody is able to move while winding up his Basic Attacks (which will be interrupted when casting skills), at the cost of having longer Basic Attack Animation and lower Attack Speed Bonus. Each Basic Attack increases his Movement Speed and inflicts 1 stack of "Abyss Mark" on the enemy. Each stack of "Abyss Mark" increases Brody's damage against the target, capped at 4 stacks.

Revamped Heroes

[Moonlight Archer] Miya

Hero Feature: A Moon-Blessed Marksman

Skill 1: [Moon Arrow] Miya splits her Basic Attack into three arrows, attacking 2 additional targets.

Skill 2: [Arrow of Eclipse] Miya calls upon the power of Moon Eclipse and launches an empowered arrow in the designated area. Upon landing, the empowered arrow deals Physical Damage to enemies in the area, immobilizes them, and splits into 8 minor arrows shooting around. Each minor arrow deals damage and slows the enemy.

Ultimate: [Hidden Moonlight] Miya removes all her debuffs right away, conceals herself and increases Movement Speed. She immediately gains full stacks of Moon Blessing when the concealment is over.

Passive: [Moon Blessing] Each time Miya's Basic Attack hits a target, her Attack Speed will be increased. This bonus can be stacked up 5 times. After reaching full stacks of the Attack Speed bonus Miya summons Moonlight Shadow to aid her on each Basic Attack, dealing extra Physical Damage.

[Energy Gunner] Layla

Hero Feature: A Skillful Marksman with An Energy Gun

Skill 1: [Malefic Bomb] Layla fires a Malefic Energy Bomb, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and increasing the range of her Basic Attack.

Skill 2: [Void Projectile] Layla fires an energy ball that explodes, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies and applying Magic Marks to them. Layla can detonate Magic Marks with her following attacks, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing them.

Ultimate: [Destruction Rush] Layla fires an energy blast, dealing damage to enemies on the path. Each skill upgrade increases the ranges of her Basic Attack and Void Projectile.

Passive: [Malefic Gun] The damage of Layla's Basic Attacks and skills scales with the clistance between her and the enemy.

[Demon Hunter] Alucard

Passive: [Pursuit] If Alucard's skill hits only 1 enemy, it deals extra damage. After using a skill, he is able to dash to his target with his next Basic Attack, dealing extra damage. His skills benefit from a certain percentage of Physical Lifesteal.

Skill 1: [Groundsplitter] Alucard jumps to a designated area, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies in the area.

Skill 2: [Whirling Smash] Alucard slashes at nearby enemies, dealing Physical Damage.

Ultimate: [Fission Wave] Alucard absorbs the energy of enemies within the designated area, increasing his Physical Lifesteal. In a short period of time, he slows the enemies, and his Passive is triggered whenever he deals damage to the enemies. During this time, he can release a powerful shock wave forward, dealing a huge amount of Physical Damage to enemies hit.

[Lightning Weaver] Eudora

Passive: [Superconductor] Eudora's skills inflict [Superconductor) on targets. Additional effects will be applied when Eudora lands her skills on to targets affected by [Superconductor].

Skill 1: [Forked Lightning] Eudora casts fork lightning, dealing Magic Damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of her. Enemies affected by [Superconductor] will take additional damage after a short delay.

Skill 2: [Electric Arrow] Eudora launches a lightning bolt toward the target, dealing Magic Damage, stunning the target for a period of time, and reducing the target's Magic Defense. If the target is affected by [Superconductor], the lightning bolt will split into minor bolts upon hit and further spread toward up to 3 nearby targets, dealing Magic Damage and stunning them. The minor lightning bolts prioritize enemy heroes.

Ultimate: [Thunder's Wrath] Eudora summons a great lightning storm, dealing Magic Damage to the target. If the target is affected by [Superconductor], dark clouds will be formed over the target's head. After a short delay, lightning strikes down from the clouds, dealing Magic Damage to enemies in the area of effect. Meanwhile, the lightning charges will spread on the ground toward nearby enemies, dealing Magic Damage.

[Spear of Dragon] Zilong

Hero Feature: A Spear of Dragon, A Master of Spears

Passive: [Dragon Flurry] After every 3 Basic Attacks, Zilong gains [Dragon Flurry] on the next Basic Attack, dealing extra damage and restoring HP according to his Physical Attack.

Skill 1: [Spear Flip] Zilong lifts an enemy over his back, dealing Physical Damage.

Skill 2: [Spear Strike] Zilong dashes to the target and strikes with his Dragon Spear dealing Physical Damage to the target and reducing the target's Physical Defense. The cooldown of [Spear Strike] is reset when Zilong eliminates a target.

Ultimate: [Supreme Warrior] Zilong gains Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Slow Immunity. All slow effects on Zilong are removed upon skill cast. While [Supreme Warrior] is active, Dragon Flurry] can be triggered after every 2 Basic Attacks instead of after every 3 Basic Attacks.

[Wandering Sword] Saber

Hero Feature: A Master of Swords in Search of Himself

Passive: [Enemy's Bane] Saber's damage reduces Physical Defense of enemies.

Skill 1: [Flying Sword] Saber shoots out 5 flying swords, with each sword dealing Physical Damage. After circling around Saber for a period of time, the swords will fly back to Saber. When Saber deals damage with Basic Attack or skills during the circling period, he will shoot a sword to the target, dealing Physical Damage to the main target. Damage to other targets on the path decays. The Cooldown of [Charge) is reduced.

Skill 2: [Charge] Saber charges towards a designated direction, dealing Physical Damage to enemies along the way. Saber gains an enhanced Basic Attack after the charge, dealing Physical Damage and slowing the target.

Ultimate: [Triple Sweep] Saber dashes toward an enemy hero and knocks the target airborne. During this period, Saber launches 3 consecutive blows in quick succession. The first two blows deal Physical Damage, whereas the third blow deals extra Physical Damage.

For the following heroes, we have improved their display and battle models and optimized their actions and visual effects, so that their art quality has been greatly improved.

Sweet Leonin - Nana

Wings of Holiness - Rafaela

Blade Dancer - Fanny

Little Red Hood - Ruby

Dire Wolf Hunter - Roger

Queen of the Apocalypse - Alice



As a Mage who need to fight face to face against the enemies, Alice relies heavily on her Ultimate's damage and restoration, which makes her lack combat ability during the cooldown of her Ultimate. Therefore, we have redesigned her Ultimate. We hope Alice could be a durable Mage & Tank. To ensure the balance, we have nerfed the effects of her Skill 1 and Ultimate. Besides, we have added a new effect to Skill 1 so that the player can see the location of the Blood Stream.

Passive (↑):

After absorbing 25 blood orbs, increases 10% Magic Lifesteal → 15% Shield and HP Restoration.

New Effect: Each blood orb she absorbs will restore 50 Mana for her.

Skill 1 (↓):

Damage: 350-650+180% Magic Power → 400-600+120% Magic Power

Cooldown: 4s → 5s

Mana Cost: 90-14050-75

New Effect: After the first cast, you can see the location of the Blood Stream by holding down the skill icon.

Skill 2 (↑):

Mana Cost: 90-11550-75

Ultimate (~):

Cooldown removed. Costs Mana continuously when the skill is on.

Mana Cost: 5060-100

Damage: 160-220+70% Magic Power → 120-180+50% Magic Power

HP Restoration: 80-120+30% Magic Power → 80-100+20% Magic Power



Optimized his skin and redesigned his Skill 1. Canceled some combo requirements to grant him a higher cap.

Skill 1 (~):

Tigreal smashes the ground, dealing damage up to 3 times to all enemies in a fan-shaped area and slowing them according to the distance between the target and himself.

Reduced the damage of each attack.

(Tip: Use this skill together with (Sacred Hammer] can deal damage to enemies three times.)


New Effect: Now you can use [Flicker] during the skill cast to change your current location.

[Yu Zhong]


We have increased the cooldowns in order to increase his downtime between teamfights and nerf his durability.

Skill 1 (↓):

Cooldown: 5.5-4s → 7-5.5s

Skill 2 (↓):

Cooldown: 10.6-8.5s → 12-10.5s

Ultimate (↓):

Cooldown 65585-65s



Without making too much impact on his strong teamfight ability, we've slightly nerfed his durability and initiation ability.

Passive (↓):

Physical Defense: 45-8025-60

Skill 2 (↓):

Cooldown: 12-8s → 15-10s



Passive (↑):

Movement Speed gain of each stack: 58

Stack limit: 1210

Skill 1 - Scatter (↑):

Cooldown: 54s

Skill 2 (~):

Cooldown: 9-7.5s → 8.5s

Skill 2 - Fix (↑):

Base damage of continuous damage: 90-215150-225

Skill 2 - Control (↓):

Airborne duration: 1.11s



Skill 1 (↓):

Base slow effect: 40%20%

Max slow effect: 75%40%

Base Damage: 340-540300-500

Skill 2 (↓):

Base damage of Crescent Moon Basic Attack: 020

Magic Power Bonus: 30%25%



Skill 1 (↑):

Base damage: 300-600400-600

Skill 2 (↓):

Base Damage: 530-830450-750

Magic Power Bonus: 180%160%



Skill 1 (~):

Base damage: 265-490300

Damage reduction: 70%50%



In the current environment Granger is a bit weak in the early and middle game. So we have increased the base damage of his Skill 1.

Skill 1 (↑):

Base Damage: 30-18045-195



Skill 2 (↑):

Magic Power Bonus for each attack: 35%45%

Damage to minions: 75%50%

Ultimate (~):

Magic Lifesteal gain: 100%80%-120%



Ultimate (↓):

Cooldown: 36-2842-36



Skill 2 (↓):

Damage increase after dealing damage to enemies doesn't work on minions now.

Passive (↑):

HP restoration from killing minions and creeps. 5%7%



Skill 1 (↑):

Base Damage: 340-540350-650

Skill 2 (↓):

Deals only 75% damage to minions

Ultimate (↑):

Significantly reduced the decay speed of Movement Speed gain after killing the target.



Passive (↑):

Every 2.5% of HP lost converted to 1% Damage Reduction (up to 35%) → Every 2% of HP lost converted to 1% Damage Reduction (up to 45%)

Skill 2 (~):

Cooldown: 77-5.5s

New Effect: Deals only 50% damage to minions.



Skill 2 (↓):

Damage dealt by the 4th cast: 150%120%



Skill 1 (↓):

Deals only 75% damage to minions when he still has his armor on.



Skill 1 (↓):

Deals only 75% damage to minions.


Fixed the shield limit issue.


Fixed the obstacle location issue of his Skill 2.

Fixed the issue where the actual area of effect of his Ultimate doesn't match the indicator.


Fixed the issue where her Skill 2 cannot go through obstacles in some special cases.


Fixed the visual effect issue of his Ultimate.


Fixed the incorrect control duration in some special cases.

[Popol and Kupa]

Fixed the issue where Popol cannot revive Kupa in some special cases.


Optimized the camera performance of his Ultimate.

1. Hero Display Optimization: In order to harmonize the hero image with their lore, we have added new backgrounds for some heroes on the hero display interface, and will keep updating in the future.

2. Optimized the display model and animation, battle model, and skill animation of the following skins: [Modena Butterfly] - Miya, [Emerald Enchantress] - Eudora, [Glorious General] - Zilong, [Codename - Storm] - Saber, [Wizardry Teacher] - Alice, [Child of the Fall] Alucard, [Dragon Boy] - Chou, [Dr Beast] - Roger, [Skylark] - Fanny.

3. Arcade Mode - [Magic Chess]
Mavis, the Vampire Countess, will be available on September 29th (Server Time). Diamond 499. Battle Point 24000. Launch week 30% OFF
Mavis' Skin [Night Princess] will be available on September 29th (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% OFF.
Little Commander (Mavis) and skin (Night Princess) will be in a bundle and available on September 29th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF.

4. Fragment Shop Adjustments on September 23rd (Server Time)
Rare Skin Fragment Shop

Will be available:

[Mighty Guardian] - Gatotkaca

[Masked Knight] - Lancelot

[Iceland Golem] - Grock

[Akazonae Samurai] - Akai

[Deep Sea Rescuer] - Cyclops

[Black Pearl - Karina

[Anubis] - Roger

Will be unavailable:

[Grave Guardian] - Grock

[Steam Researcher] - Kimmy

[Dark Draconic] - Argus

[Snake Eye Commander] - Moskov

[Bio Frontier] - Kimmy

[Bunny Babe] - Layla

[Heartbreak Empress] - Aurora

Hero Fragment Shop

Will be available: Popol and Kupa, Silvanna, Granger, Diggie, Lylia, Helcurt

Will be unavailable: Ling, Lunox, Valir, Natalia, Khufra, Moskov

5. Popol and Kupa's skin [Tribal Howl] will be available on September 28th (Server Time). Diamond 599. Launch week 30% OFF.
Hero [Popol and Kupa] and Skin [Tribal Howl] will be in a bundle and available on September 28th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF

6. Free Heroes:

Server Time 9/18/2020 05:01:00 to 9/25/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Atlas; Gatotkaca; Lunox; Popol and Kupa; Dyrroth, Badang; Uranus; Ling

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Estes; Grock; Yi Sun-shin; Kaja; Helcurt; Chang'e

Server Time 9/25/2020 05:01:00 to 10/2/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Lapu-Lapu; Lesley: Hylos; Harley; Martis; Valir; Harith; Silvanna

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Popol and Kupa; Karrie; Natalia; Cyclops; Minsitthar; Franco

Server Time 10/2/2020 05:01:00 to 10/9/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Masha; Selena; Johnson; Jawhead; Cyclops; Esmeralda; Bruno; X. Borg

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Gusion; Thamuz; Vale; Claude; Leomord; Badang

Server Time 10/9/2020 05:01:00 to 10/16/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Silvanna; Ruby; Rafaela; Aurora; Guinevere; Alpha; Claude; Bane

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Roger; Kadita; Hylos; Carmilla; Angela; Diggie

Server Time 10/16/2020 05:01:00 to 10/23/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Roger; Johnson; Hanzo; Grock: Gatotkaca; Alpha; Khufra; Bane

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Lylia; Thamuz; Silvanna; Lesley; Lolita; Masha

Server Time 10/23/2020 05:01:00 to 10/30/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Franco; Carmilla; Hilda; Lancelot; Leomord; Uranus; Minsitthar; Badang

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Ruby; Helcurt; Argus; Claude; Granger; X Borg

Server Time 10/30/2020 05:01:00 to 11/6/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check:)

8 Free Heroes: Hayabusa; Fanny; Moskov; Thamuz; Harley; Dyrroth; Hylos; Baxia

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang'e; Johnson; Diggie; Rafaela; Lancelot; Kimmy

Server Time 11/6/2020 05:01:00 to 11/13/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Harith; Rafaela; Belerick; Aurora; Atlas; Grock; X.Borg; Lunox

6. Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Carmilla; Valir; Helcurt; Yi Sun-shin; Bruno; Hanabi

Server Time 11/13/2020 05:01:00 to 11/20/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Natalia; Minotaur; Roger; Diggie; Terizia; Gusion; Faramis; Silvanna

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Sun; Masha; Vexana; Badang; Aldous; Uranus

Server Time 11/20/2020 05:01:00 to 11/27/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Valir; Popol and Kupa; Franco; Pharsa; Cyclops; Wanwan; Granger; Beterick

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Irithel; Chang'e; Ling; Kaja; Chou; Alpha


1. For the first 7 waves the Siege Minions in each lane have special effects. The Siege Minions of the lane that is near the first Turtle give extra 50% EXP, whereas those of the lane that is far away from the first Turtle give extra 50% Gold. From wave number 8, all the Siege Minions stop giving such benefits.

2. Outer Turret (the first turret on each lane)

HP: 4000 4500

50% Damage Reduction in the first 180s → A Shield that absorbs 4500 damage in the first 210s.

The shield provides 60% ranged damage reduction and 30% melee damage reduction: Gold bonus will be granted to nearby enemy heroes according to the damage done to the shield (0.8 Gold per 10 damage to the shield) Minions deal a fixed 75 damage to the shield.

3. Inner Turret (the second turret on each lane)

Physical & Magic Defense: 4020

HP: 4600 5500

Team bonus gold from destroying inner turrets: 120 100

4. Team bonus gold from destroying base turrets: 160 150

5. Gold bonus from killing an enemy hero: 80 60; Max gold bonus in a match: 400 300

6. Team gold bonus from killing an enemy with high net worth increased by 50%, which works only when the team gold lags behind 2500 2000

7. Slightly increased the default Exp gain in the middle and late game.

8. At least 30 Exp and 50 gold will be granted from Killing an enemy hero multiple times consecutively.

9. Reduced each one's share when gold and Exp from minions are shared by multiple heroes.

10. Slightly increased the area of the restoration effect at the spawn point, synchronizing it with the map.

11. Added an "alert mechanism" to creeps. The creeps can discover nearby heroes and react now.

12. Added some special effects to Imperial Sanctuary under ultra graphics (some of which are interactive), including the bush collision effect, tree sway effect, the birds near the Core Guard, and more.

13. Optimized the skill vibration effect of most heroes. .

14. Added visual effects to some skills in order to strengthen the hitstop.

15. Optimized some visual effects of battlefield and equipment.

16. Optimized the camera raising effect in order to make it smoother.

17. Battlefield Optimization

a. Optimized the effect of choosing targets

b. Optimized the art effect of the mini map

c. Optimized the visual effect of the in-battle text. Added new text of killing heroes.

d. Optimized the art effect of elimination effects

e. Optimized the art effect of the channeling bar

f. Adjusted teammates' HP bar and ultimate reminder near the score panel

g. Optimized some battlefield UI

18. Skill Indicator Optimization

a. Optimized the art effect of all basic indicators

b. The directional indicators can show whether the hero will move now

c. The area indicators can show whether the hero will move now

d. Added a new indicator for the skills that are cast toward yourself

19. Optimized the base explosion effect and battle result effect at the end of matches.


Jungling Equipment Adjustments

1. Spell [Retribution] is required for purchasing Jungle equipment items now.

2. Added new effects to all the Jungle equipment items: Reduces the Exp gain from minions by 40% in the first 3 minutes of the match.

3. Hunter's Knife

Damage increase to creeps: 20% 30%

Extra Exp gain from creeps: 15% 25%

4. Curse Sword, Pillager Axe, Nimble Blade:

Damage increase to creeps: 35% 40%

5. Raptor Machete

Unique Passive - Breakout. The next Basic Attack reduces Physical Defense of the target by 10 and slows the target by 30% for 1.5s instead of dealing extra damage and slowing the target for 1s.

6. Queen's Wings

Unique Passive - Demonize: Optimized the visual effect

7. Enchanted Talisman

Unique Passive - Mana Spring: Mana restoration in 10s: 12%15%

We have adjusted three defense equipment items in order to synchronize their attributes with their passive effects.

1. Athena's Shield

Unique Passive - Shield: Can be triggered when taking Magic Damage. Reduces Magic Damage taken by 25% for 5s. You will be able to trigger this effect again only after leaving combat for 10s.

2. Antique Cuirass

Unique Passive - Deter: Doesn't reduce Magic Power of the enemy. Reduces Physical Attack of the enemy by 10% instead of 6%.

3. Dreadnaught Armor

Unique Passive - Deter: Doesn't reduce Magic Power of the enemy. Reduces Physical Attack of the enemy by 6% instead of 4%. .


1. Retribution:

Base Damage: 600-1440 600-1720

[Minions & Creeps]

1. Attack Speed of the first 7 waves of Siege Minions reduced by 10%. Their damage to heroes doesn't decay now.

2. Movement Speed of minions on two side lanes reduced by 10%.

3. Increased the Movement Speed limit of the minions in the late game.

4. Adjusted the attributes of all creeps: Base HP (↑), HP Growth (↓), Initial Attack (↓), Attack Growth (↑). Increased the base gold reward from creeps.

5. Reduced the HP Regen Speed of all creeps except for the Crabs and Little Crabs in the first 3s after the hero leaves the chasing range.

6. Statued Shocker & Core Guard:

New Skill: Reduces damage taken by 15% for each nearby hero, capped at 60%.

7. Crabs & Little Crabs:

Slightly adjusted their spawn locations Reduced the HP Regen Speed in the first 5s after the hero leaves the chasing range.

8. Lithowanderer:

Spawns on one side of the Mid Lane instead of both sides Base HP and HP Growth reduced by 10%. Physical Defense: 37 = 60 Base gold bonus increased by 56%.

9. Walkie Grass:

Removed effect: Restores HP and Mana

New effect: Increases the owner's Movement Speed in the river

Duration: 20 45s

1. [Ranked Mode]

a. Season 17 will end at 23:59:59 on September 25th, 2020 (Server Time)

b. Players that reach Master or above will be awarded Cyclops' Skin "Zombie Bambino"

Season 18 will start at 02:00:00 on September 26th, 2020 (Server Time)

2. Recharge Event Updates

a. Hanabi and Valir are replaced with Moskov and Change in the First Recharge event

b. Skin "Resplendent Iris" and "Pale Flame" are replaced with Skin "Spear of Bone Dragon" and "Moonstruck" in the Renew event

1. Matchmaking Optimization

a. Increased the weight of rank

b. The matchmaking results vary with the number of online players. The more online players there are the more precise the result is.

c. "Speed Mode" will be available when the matchmaking takes too long. This function will be gradually available after the update.

2. Laning function and guide optimization

a. Optimized the laning choosing and recommendation on the hero choosing interface

b. You can screen the heroes according to their default laning on the hero choosing interface

c. Added "Laning" information to the battlefield overview

d. Added new laning guides to the first several matches after the update

3. New Advanced Control Modes

a. Assisted Aiming: The direction of the indicator will follow the location of the target automatically.

b. Smart Targeting: The indicator can lock on the target. If you have enabled "Basic Attack Smart Targeting" and "Skill Smart Targeting" in the settings, your single-target skills and basic attack can choose the target more precisely.

c. Camera Shift: When casting skills in the far distance, the camera can follow the skill cast automatically.

4. New Function: Pre-invite

a. Playing a certain number of matches with a friend to activate the pre-invite function.

b. The friend can be pre-invited only after entering a match for a while.

c. During a match, each player can only be pre-invited a limited number of times.

5. Optimized the notification when the friend limit is close.

6. Optimized the follow limit and friend limit on the friend list.

7. Optimized the rules of follow limit on the friend list.

8. Optimized the sort function on the friend list.

9. Added marks that show whether the message is read or unread in friend chat.

10. In Draft Pick after choosing your own hero, you can show your win rate now. .

11. Optimized the interface of choosing heroes in Draft Pick, which will take effect after downloading resources.

12. Optimized the function and effect of "One More Game" on the post-game Screen.

13. The post-game screen can be shared to friends now.

14. Optimized the interface of receiving items.

15. When being invited to a match, you can see the main heroes and the battleresult of the last match of the inviter.

16. The function of Facebook friend help request is changed to a share function.

17. You can see the player number in the lobby when the matchmaking starts.

18. Updated the new logo on the share pages.

19. Added notification when accessing phone permissions.

20. MCL Optimization

a. Added maits for the reminder of the season final and the first match of the new season.

b. Players who are not qualified to participate in the match will have a different MCL Final interface.

c. Preorder can be added to phone calendar now.

d. Added a special label to the interface for the first match of the new season. .

21. UI Optimization

a. Optimized the background and visual effects of the main interface.

b. Optimized the red dot reminders.

c. Optimized the icons of Free Chest, Medal Chest, and Daily Quests.

d. Optimized the interface of receiving rewards.

e. Optimized the interface of lobby by adding new backgrounds.

22. Optimized the game performance under smooth graphics by removing some visual effects and animations.

23. iOS Network Boost

a. iOS Network Boost is available now. It can relieve the game lag caused by network connection. You need to enable both 4G and Wi-Fi to turn on it.

b. From the main page: Tap the gear icon on the top right and go to "Settings", and then select "Network Setting". From there you will be able to turn on Network Boost. While in a match. Tap the gear icon on the top left and go to "Settings, and then select "Network Setting". From there you will be able to turn on Network Boost.

1. Fixed the issue where the live stream page in the profite disappears in some cases.

2. Fixed the issue where players cannot upload avatars on some devices.

3. Fixed the display issue of some squad member information.

4. Fixed the incorrect statistics of personal battle history in some cases.

5. Fixed the issue where the skins are wrongly displayed after swapping heroes in Ban/Pick Mode.

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