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[Share] 1-3-1 funnel in new update?

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Edited by Samsaras at 2020-9-25 03:42 PM

So I just had several interesting back & forths on youtube about this subject. Seems ppl hate the 1-3-1 funnel so much lol. I don't really sway one way o the other. Here I'm going to do an theoretical rotation using hypercarry.

1st let's just understand the 1-3-1. It's about snowballing. It's about giving a hero so much farm that he alone wins the game. They did this by taking both jungle & lane. So the jungle item adjustment. Moonton wants the mage to farm midlane, jungler to farm jungle & MM to farm gold lane & fighter to farm exp lane.
1st let's see the resources added: they added 50% exp & gold on the sidelanes. Also you get reduced exp (exp only, gold is still the same) from minions if u buy jungle item in the 1st 3 minutes. So a normal wave gives 34+66+84 gold approx. & gold lane wave gives 66+33+125 gold approx. so like 41 gold extra or 41x7= 287 gold extra.
Also the tower shield gives 360 gold.

So we will start with early game heroes. Early game tank like khufra hylos grock. You want early game mages who aren't dependent on ulti for their peak performance(valir, luo yi). Selena for jungler (need jungler who clears jungle really fast early game [even without jungle item if you want to take different spell]. For carry we can have claude or yss (other options should also be considered after reading the whole plan). Offlaner should be hero who can survive without going back to base (one recall is okay) & can clear the wave really fast. Esme can be good choice cause of her s2

So at start Esme goes Exp lane, early game Mage +Tank go to gold lane & just bully enemy carry but not touch minion or crab. Basically you want to prevent enemy from getting minion or crab without taking them yourself. Selena combos the gold side buff to low hp then goes to clear mid. Yss retris low hp buff & goes to gold lane. Mage & tank buy mask one after another at this point. Yss takes crab, clears wave & all atk turret. here yss is better than claude cause melee atks deal more dmg to shield. If you take claude maybe pick fighter tank like chou or masha or hilda? Your objective is to get the 360 gold in 1 wave (or 2 waves max)

Valir at lvl 1 can pretty much destroy everyone so you can take the turret. The problem is what the enemy jungler & mage doing. Since I had a spat vs 1112 yesterday, this strategy will assume enemy is 1-1-1-2. So enemy jungler is probably taking this 2nd buff or maybe they are invading your jungle. So your selena reacts appropiately. You see enemy mage go for gold lane right after clearing wave? Harass him since selena has full combo at lvl 2 & also lot of speed-ups & dashes to get out of a sticky situation. She can also probe enemy jungle with her arrow, keeping the enemy occupied even if she cant steal or kill anything. If they invade your jungle improperly she can try to kill them otherwise just harass them & lower their hp if it's an 3 man invade. Or she can just take her own exp side buff if enemy mage is not going towards gold side. basically lvl 2 selena (took mid wave no jungle item) role is to see enemy reinforcements do not surprise/interrupt your turret farming.

After tower shield taken, take crab if spawned then rotate mid. Enemy should not be expecting this & probably enemy MM+tank & maybe even the mage & jungler will be moving towards gold.
Do the same at mid. Selena stays at a distance cause 1:she doesn't buy roam & 2: to do a 3 sec stun. With valir + selena if enemy comes they'll probably die. Also let's assume you cut a wave at gold lane before coming mid; then the exp laner can delay this step to next wave, maybe recall to base for mana? If you didn't cut wave & played it safe, your exp laner gets into action.
He needs to clear the wave really fast; as fast as enemy carry at bot who has a free lane. Then arrival to stop them from getting any turret shield gold. If you'd rather not have arrival you can recall earlier & go to gold lane. In that case exp laner will probably get his 360 gold (melee atks clear shield really fast. Masha can get it to 10-20% in 1 wave) but it's fine (probably? depends on various factors like hero choice) since your xp laner will farm gold lane while enemy xp laner will be pressured by your carry. (Basically priority is to not give gold to enemy carry in gold lane over enemy fighter in exp lane)

After taking mid tower shield 3/4 of you rotate to exp lane & do the same. At this point your carry took 1 buff + 1 gold lane wave+1 mid lane wave+1 exp lane wave (assuming you cleared shield in 1 wave through numbers advantage) + 3 tower gold+ crabs when available.
So that's 105(red buff lower gold) +66+33+125+ (33+66+84)x2 +360x3 = 105 +224+366+1080= 1775 gold. Add in the crabs & you should have nearly 2k gold at 4th/5th wave?

At this point just clear waves safely & protect turretshield. mage can go back to mid so mage+jungler can support whichever lane needs help (if enemy copies you). for yss you can buy jungle item & jungle between waves (since the turret gives no more gold it's back to normal) between the 25% exp bonus from creeps & 50% extra exp seige minions  you shouldn't fall behind in lvl too much. For claude you can do DHS & then you will have decent dmg+ lvl advantage. Jungler can help you get 1 or both buffs when they re-spawn (for both buff buy jungle item since you won't be laning before 3 min anyway)
Then at 3 mins turtle spawns & you are already  in position (mage+jungler stays around mid) to take it. By then your carry is a lot of gold(any maybe exp if waited to buy jungle item) ahead & you snowball like usual.

This is based on the fact that gold lane gives extra 287 gold over 3:30 mins while turret shield 360 gold can be taken by melee hero like chou masha in 1-2 waves if left undefended. So you farm the turrets instead of staying in gold lane for 40 extra gold per wave.

Note: This will probably be not as easy practically.
1st of all the requirements involve very specific heroes & you may not get them. Then it requires enough dmg to take the shield in one wave yet tank like grock khufra better to have more safety for the carry (though you can't ignore chou dmg tbh)
Also it assumes 1-1-1-2 enemy formation & poor rotation from them. Enemy mage  will probably rotate gold lane right after clearing 1st wave & enemy jungle will probably start at exp side to get to gold lane faster. If your jungler can stop them very good otherwise it can be unpredictable.
In this case you can just start from the xp side. What you want is the 360 tower gold not the +40 minion gold anyway. But it'll be harder to rotate to turtle from gold side & you will have to purchase jungle equip around 2:40 & take jungle & buff on the way to turtle (on exp side it was a choice).
On the other hand with nearly 2k in hand after 3-5 waves you can just hunt enemy who don't have as much gold (since you defended your turrets & that's where most of your gold came from)

Anyway with cooperation funnel should still be possible. Moonton wanted to fight this by giving more resources at diff places but with the map so small you can just rotate around taking everything & killing low hp creeps from the jungler (selena is great as she doesn't need jungle item before 3 min to clear creeps efficiently). after 3 mins it's back to normal.

Still with this update the diff in team gold may not be that huge even if your funnel is fed. That's why I had ppl clearing mid & off lane (opposite to carry) & taking the creeps instead of leaving it all for carry. After the tower shield gold is nerfed funnel can still be done, just the difference will come from the non-carry heroes.

So the question becomes can a fed hero be enough to win you the game while enemy has equal or only slightly less farm spread evenly or between 2-3 heroes? That may be the answer to the funnel strat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Disclaimer: This is just theoretical rambling based on gold numbers. Try it at your own risk & be civil if it's wrong :P

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1-3-1 or 2-1-2 or any combo doesn’t matter...if your team is full of trolls and dumbazz players.
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Thanks for sharing your experience regarding this big meta change, indeed that the main purpose of this change is to introduce players to learn more about how important laning is
Post time 2020-10-17 03:51 AM | Show all posts
dam thats a lot of thought
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