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[Hero Techniques] Guinevere Guide

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Guinevere Guide

The Baroque family is one of the few nobles on the Land of Dawn. The most prestigious skill of them - fencing, the family's emblem, discourages countless opponents from even thinking about attacking. In addition, beauty and wisdom are also the most perfect genetic signs of the Baroque family, just like the eternal beauty and love of Violet.

WorId-famous as Baroque family's fencing is, young Guinevere doesn't like it at all. Just like other girls, she is naturally fond of gorgeous things. From youth, she was sent to the Magic Academy. Relying on her own sensitive spiritual perception and anti-gravity magic, with her own interpretation, when Guinevere was 10 years old. she successfully combined mental perception with super energy and invented multiple magic effects magic superpower. Such a breakthrough made Guinevere more passionate about magic, and she often experimented with her new magic on her brother Lancelot. No matter how Lancelot hides, he will be found by his sister. Therefore. Lancelot is often caught in an unknown thrill. In his childhood, his sister was always causing him a headache. But anyhow, Lancelot still loves Guinevere. He always shows a smile to his beloved sister. But every time when Lancelot thinks of his little sister's magic experiment, he would wear a bitter smile.

Recently, something has been plaguing Guinevere, making her uneasy. It is said that the Paxley nobles who have a very high magical status have proposed marriage to the Baroque family. Guinevere is undoubtedly the most suitable choice and Guinevere‘s father seems to be very willing with the marriage. But the reluctant Guinevere suddenly thinks of an idea She hopes to find her brother Lancelot.


Role: Fighter

Speciality: Burst | Magic Damage

Laning Recommendation: Side Laner

Super Magic

Guinevere deals 25% increased damage to airborne enemies.
Guinevere's mastery of magic allows her Basic Attack to deal (+80% Total Physical Attack) (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.
Guinevere accumulates 1 stack of Super Magic each time she deals damage. When her Super Magic reaches 5 stacks, her next Basic Attack will let her jump towards to her target, dealing 80 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and restoring 8% of her lost HP.

Energy Wave
First Skill| Damage | Cooldown: 4.0

Guinevere releases an energy orb, dealing 300 / 345 / 390 / 435 / 480 / 525 (+130% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by 50% for 1.2 seconds.
If she hits a target with this skill, she will reduce the cooldown of all of her skills by 1 second.

Magic Thump
Second Skill
| Blink| CC| Cooldown:17.0 / 16.4 / 15.8 / 15.2 / 14.6 / 14.0
First Phase
Guinevere jumps to a targeted location, dealing 250 / 280 / 310 / 340 / 370 / 400 (+80%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies nearby.
After a brief delay, she then knocks up enemies in the area for 1 second, dealing 125 / 140 / 155 / 170 / 185 / 200 (+50%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage.
After casting, Guinevere replaces this skill with   Spatial Migration for 5 seconds.

Second Phase
Spatial_Migration.png Guinevere dashes to a targeted location and leaves an illusion behind. The illusion will look like Guinevere and can be targetable.
If the illusion takes damage, it will restore Super Magic for Guinevere and explodes in 1.5 seconds, dealing 100 (+30%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

Violet Requiem

Ultimate Skill | Burst | CC| Cooldown: 45.0 / 40.0 / 35.0

Guinevere creates a force field around her, attacking nearby enemies 10 times within 2 seconds, dealing 650 / 780 / 910 (+500%Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage in total.
If enemies are airborne, they will be knocked up again for an additional 6 times.
Guinevere is immune to crowd control while casting this skill.


Custom Mage Emblem

Level 2/3                   Level 1/3

Level 1/3                   Level 2/3

Mystery Shop Talent




Countered By

Guinevere can't jump when Khufra is bouncing.

Wanwan's second skill can easily be used to release herself on Guinevere's jump.

Guinevere is pushed away and can't accurately land second skill and ultimate.


Lesley does not have any BLINK skills to protect herself from Guinevere's skills.

Lylia cannot use her ultimate when she is CC'd by Guinevere.

If Hanabi does not have shield to protect herself from CC, she can't fight against Guinevere.

Best Teammates

Esmeralda can immobilize enemies hit with her ultimate.

Tigreal pulls enemies nearby and stuns them.

Lolita can slow enemies down and then stun them.


   (You may also want to use your basic attack along with the combo)  (Lastly, you can use execute to take down enemy.)

How to play Guinevere in battle?
  • Please do not play Guinevere when you see heroes that counters you. You would be at a great disadvantage because they can easily counter you.
  • The bush is your friend, like many heroes' friend.
  • Accurately aim your second skill, try to predict where your enemy might go.
  • Always hold your second skill and keep it on or near your enemy so that when they walk on to the area when you can use your second skill, you can land your second skill on them.
  • Always get MM/Mage first with your second skill, ignore tank and support.
  • When 1v1, try to get Enemy HP down by aiming first skill at enemy. Once you see enemy HP is halfway down, you can use your combo to take them down.
  • Second Skill Phase 2 is used to either flee or to chase enemy.
  • Instead of waiting for ultimate's cooldown, try attacking creeps and minions with your first skill to make the cooldown faster.

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Why has no one replied at this awesome guide
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nice but not properly explained you d better
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smswarrior replied at 2020-11-1 02:16 PM
nice but not properly explained you d better

How would you have wanted me to explain it? What can I do to make it better?
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This thread seems so empty I might as well reply.
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