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[Share] How to KHUFRA like a pro (and how to counter)

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Im maintank (second mage third fighter). I have 2000 games with khufra (or more, Ihave 2 accounts). I was main Jhonson before khufra, but I can play Minotaur,Hylos, Baxia, Grock, Uranus and Belerick. In these three games I show you herewith pics, I did the most hero damage, the most kills and of course the mosttanking. No surprise I was MVP.

Game A   (13-6) Game C (21-24) Game E (26-36)

In the GameB  (27-9)  I had second most kills, first was hayabusa

And in GameD (16-8)  I have 51% tanking. I can onlydo this with Uranus, no other tank.

This is aquick guide to use and counter my beloved Khufra.

  • Tankemblem, buy mask first. Many supports and tanks are buying the mask at level 2and I understand them but I don’t do it. I don’t need money, items, level… I don’tneed anything with Khufra, just a good jump and you are dead for sure, nomatter what your level is or if you have buffs. You will be dead for sure. Inever upgrade the mask, I have never used those three masks, some people likethem, I don’t. I just buy the first mask to give my carriers the experience andthe money.
  • Istarted with execute, then changed to flameshot but Im back to execute again. Withexecute you can secure the kill, with flameshot you can pull the enemies to thetower, but I get more kills with execute, and more damage. Khufra doesn’t needflicker, it’s a waste. Maybe purify, if enemy team has something like chou andguinivere, or tigreal angela.
  • Items.I usually go full magic defense because even tanks are magic. If there is onlyone mage, I still get the magic defense boots and cursed helmet first, then allphysical defense items (any items you like are ok). Khufra doesn’t need any kindof attack or magic items, like Uranus, he is a pure tank, only defense itemsplease.
  • Themost important thing about khufra is the combo. Hide in a bush, know thedistance you can jump. If the jump was successful then ultimate immediately andfinish with the ball. You need to smash them to a wall with the ultimate, dontpull or push them. The ball is not enough to kill, that’s why you need execute.If the jump is not successful, don’t use your ultimate, escape with the balland then escape with the jump.

Pro tips

After youknow exactly how far you can jump, and get used to the 4 bounces and theultimate, you can be a pro khufra. But these basics will take you between 200and 500 games. Don’t try these  pro tipsbefore cause you will probably die.

  • Khufrais one of the few heros that can tower dive safely. But you need to be fastcause you don’t have any shield or flicker after you jumped to the tower. Soyou jump and you choose between smashing them to the wall/ tower, or you canpull them out from their tower. If it’s a marksman mage assassin you canprobably smash them to the tower combo and execute to kill, but you willprobably lose 90% of your life, which will make you vulnerable to any enemyattacks. If you have teammates with you, let them know with a “launch attack”ping so they can be ready for you to pull them out of the tower and then bounceout with the enemies to prevent them from dashing back to the tower. Here yourteammates kill, not you.
  • Theball gives you a small speed boost, so you can chase or escape. The jump DOESN’Thelp you escape or chase. You move faster just by walking, the time the jumpcharges is the same distance (a little less) of what you would move just bywalking. You can check this in practice mode, walking next to the minions. Theonly way of getting an extra space with the jump is with a very very shortjump, without charging the skill.
  • Youcan jump and fight 1 vs 5, but you wont kill them. I have no maniacs or savage,I have many double and triple kills, that’s it. If you want to fight 1 vs 3 ormore, you need to surprise them, if they see you they will be ready for you. Sojust go for it!! Jump from a bush, ultimate and bounce them. You will get 50%or more of everybody s life, after that try to escape. This is just for poking.But if you have one or more teammates close, they can easily kill everybody.Many times you will die, yeah, but you got those 3 enemies life bar to 50% oreve 30%. They also used all their skills and ultimates to fight you back, soany teammates of yours can easily finish the job. I have won many games withthis kamikaze ninja surprise attack. Imagine you are safely waiting for theenemy minions under the protection of your tower and a freaking khufra jumpsin, stuns you with the ultimate and doesn’t escape!! He keeps bouncing on you,khufra died but the 3 of you died as well, you lose that tower and the next onetoo (because you didn’t have any minions, fking khufra just suicided there topush and kill).
  • Dyingfor khufra is ok, but dying for a triple kill or a double tower push or a splitpush. As a khufra you are expected not only to tank but to do lots of damageand even kill. Sometimes my teammates ask me to change my spell, they don’t wantme to steal their kills with execute, or they want the shied skill or flameshot,I don’t know and I don’t care. Those are strangers not even in my list. I don’ttrust them and I don’t need them. I know my gameplay. I always buy the maskfirst, never steal any buffs or crabs. That should be enough for them. I onlysteal enemy buff but I don’t really need it. Getting the buff is a waste oftime, I prefer to clear minions and push. I only steal buffs if the enemy is athread, like a granger with a red buff or a fanny with a blue buff.


Khufra isnot a carrier (eventhough I end up carrying the game), so he needs a marksmanor an assassin in the team. If its all fighters and khufra, the damage wont beenough.

Khufracounters guinivere and guinivere counters khufra, it depends on who knows thehero better and who has more games.

Khufra cantkill tanks UNLESS tanks are attacking tower. You can pull tanks to your tower,the tower attacks them and you stop them from escaping the tower, but you cantreally fight tanks or fighters. You can only kill them if they are pushing, youcant gank fighters and tanks.

Valirpushes you away, so annoying. Chang and Cecilion can poke you from a distance,they cant kill you unless you push too much. Cecilion pulls you, he isdangerous. Franko can easily pull you to the tower.

Allmarksmen are dangerous for khufra, you are only dangerous to them if you jumpfrom a bush, if they see you they can easily kill you.

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Edited by Blueazkaban at 2020-10-2 09:58 AM

Khufra is one of my best pick tanks aside from Tigreal and Franco. My only tip is stay on the bush.

I have 60 matches on khuf 63wr but I can do a lot of ulti+flicker. It always depends on the player I mastered ling's full potential in 6 games, but I think I will be rusty after a year cuz I decided not to play since before the season ended.
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
 Author| Post time 2020-10-3 02:17 PM | Show all posts
CloudDevelic replied at 2020-10-3 12:55 PM

Tbh, Khufra needs flicker. Not to run of course, but to utilise his flicker bounce or "clap ...

Khufra with flicker wont kill, just poke.  Aftwr 2000 games with khufra i can asure you the best spell is execute, 2nd flameshot, 3rd purify.  Flicker is not even in the list.
Post time 2020-10-3 06:50 PM | Show all posts
I like khufra and I am khufra main too, nice guide, and valir is so annoying ahahha, keep up providing usefull content :D
Post time 2020-10-4 03:47 AM | Show all posts
as a fanny main, i became allergic to this thread


I had Fanny vs Khufra in mirror few days ago.  Post time 2020-10-22 05:31 AM
Post time 2020-10-4 05:19 PM | Show all posts
Khufra is an amazing tank, he also do a lot of dmg
 Author| Post time 2020-10-5 09:03 AM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2020-10-4 03:47 AM
as a fanny main, i became allergic to this thread

hahahaha yeah somebody needed to stop the Fanny.
Hey but you can kill khufra too! just need to patient, do not panic. Dont use skills when khufra is bouncing, try to survive and stay calm. After he bounce you can either attack or escape.
Just as i mentioned above, khufra can kill guinivere or guin kills khufra, depends on who is a better player.
same with Fanny i guess, if she has two or three levels more than khufra then she could easily survive the khufra combo.
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Blueazkaban replied at 2020-10-2 09:54 AM
Khufra is one of my best pick tanks aside from Tigreal and Franco. My only tip is stay on the bush.

I'm just like you that he's really good as a tank and if I had the chance to pick him then my winning percentage would be higher too
but I still fail a lot to do ulti + flicker, so I'll be more trying to succeed without fail every time I do it


Nice!  Post time 2020-10-6 03:32 PM
Post time 2020-10-6 03:33 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2020-10-4 03:47 AM
as a fanny main, i became allergic to this thread

I am not really affected cause I love counters, it gives me challenge. (I have 82% wr dropped from 88 HAHA)
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