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The biggestproblem in the game

Its nottrolls. Yeah, they are annoying but in average I just get 1 troll for every 5games, plus the enemies get trolls too, which give us some easy wins.

Its not thebad matchmaking (which has greatly improved, I don’t see epics vs mythicsanymore. We are all epic in both teams, or all legends. Yeah, you see someepic-legend mix games but its not a problem).

The biggestproblem in the game is ego, people wanting to be mvp, the killer, or the onewith no deaths.

We have achang and a gusion in this game, chang was 5-0 at level 10 with 10 000 coins.Gusion was 1-2 at level 8 with 8000 points. This is where Gusion needs to startplaying support, not assassin or jungler anymore. What gusion is doing is NOTworking, but luckily we have another player in our team who can carry us andget an easy win. But guess what happens, Gusion takes the two buffs and diesimmediately, again. He blames me, the tank, for not supporting him. I tell himthat Chang is carrying us, and I need to protect her. Chang asks for the buffs,she says please, but Gusion steals it from chang with his retribution. Chang isable to get a triple kill, she almost had a savage but she didn’t have anybuffs. Gusion kills one and dies. Enemy gets lord, we lose soon after. Epiccomeback for the enemy. We had more kills and more towers, but Gusion thoughtit was his responsibility to get more kills. No surprise at the end of the gameChang did 40% damage, Khufra 20% and Gusion something between 10% and 15%. Hecalls the duo noobs, laughs at them, complain about the whole stupid team hehad, and he insults developers and stuff. We all supported him early game, wegave him the buffs but he didn’t kill and he died twice. Chang didn’t die andstarted to kill, without buffs, alone, with no tank. The tank was withgusion…  Maybe it was a bad game for him,he sure feels he is a great gusion but had a terrible game. But in his mind itwas just impossible to support someone else, we would win buy Gusion mvp orlose, that was it, no other option.

Its ok toswitch “subroles”, to go from assassin to support if what you are doing is notworking.

Its ok tohave a tank who is killing, whatever is working just keep doing it. If what youare doing is not working, you need to switch lanes or even roles. You are amarksman but you have no money, you died a lot so you are the weakest player inthe game at mid game. Well, don’t take any more buffs. Let the fighter try, ormaybe the mage can kill them. Be smart, just clear waves and wait til you have3 or more items, don’t fight them before that.

Its ok tohave 2 mages in one team, probably zhask will solo top, while vale goes midwith the tank. Or a chang being a marksman more than a mage, with a Cecilionwith cc and damage. There are subroles in roles. Zhask and chang can destroytowers, gord and nana cant. There are attack mages, defence mages, supportmages…

Its notonly about mastering your hero, its all about having a strategy that works. Inever ever get any buffs as zhask, but I still do all the hero damage and towerdamage. I push towers and never die, so my team can focus on mid. As a fighter Ialways help my team to jungle and get buffs, so I never have any money to fightand kill, but Im trusting my teammates for that job. Im a support fighter. As amarksman I expect my support or tank to buy the mask, but they say they willbuy it after level 2 or level 4… and then we lose easily when we are both level3 and the enemy mm is level 5… no surprise. They call me noob and weak. Wellyeah, Im weak cause  we are sharing allthe experience and money, duh.

Don’t bethat Gusion… be a better person.

What isyour subrole? Getting all the money, monsters and kills in a snowball opcarrier? Support, little damage, little tanking? Being the carriers bodyguardand most loyal friend?? Its ok, whatever you want to do, just tell your team inadvance, if possible during the draft pick. And remember its also ok to changestrategy if what you are doing doesn’t work.

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HoaHoa replied at 2020-10-8 03:05 PM
Im sure he is a great gusion, with thousands of games and a very high win rate. But all that doesnt  ...

Don't get me wrong. I understand what you meant, like you got what I meant. I agree about since he's not playing well he should give buff to others.
My problem is this: Your opening statement: "The biggest problem in the game is ego, people wanting to be mvp, the killer, or the onewith no deaths." You replace ego with buff & it still works. 90% of trolling I see in games is over buffs.
Jungler took red from mm? troll. MM took red from jungler? troll. People are so afraid of losing buffs that they save retri for buff & lose turtle. Even when no one is contesting their buffs.

So all you did bringing up the buffs is just make the situation worse. Gusion is tilted cause he is jungler/carry & you don't want to give him buff. So he is more focused on retring the buff. Chang'e is carrying the game but gusion took red with retri - wtf! So it's in her head too.
And even if chang'e did get the blue or red, it wouldn't improve her power by a lot but it would definitely tilt the gusion even more. Also chang can get gold from lane minions better than gusion cause she has the range.
"All Im saying is that if you are having a bad game, you need to adapt." Yep you need to adapt, but taking buff for chang'e would change that solo kill to triple kill?(Idk if that's what you were saying?) How much dmg do you think the red/blue gives chang'e??
Adapting properly would have been giving gusion space to farm while chang'e stalled the game (try to push vs chang'e lol.) Then maybe you get a good team fight. Maybe gusion had enough farm or chang'e killed 2/3 enemy in a good team fight.
Instead chang'e got it into her head that she needs buff(she doesn't). So she got into gusion's head. Now gusion needs to prove himself. So he retri's red & tries to kill an enemy immediately(instead of safely farming & waiting for a good opportunity) & got killed.
You need to adapt to the team you have instead of a general rule like "if someone has more gold & kills than carry they should get all buffs". I think even if chang'e got the red/blue it'd have been the same outcome since they don't really buff chang'e that much
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Why should I help others? I wanna play hero not a support.

If you wanted win, why don't you support that gusion for a change

Why only that gusion has to support?

Why don't you let your ego go instead of telling others to let their ego go?

If a team wins then there is no problem. If a team loses then people always complain.

Your info about trolls is wrong. As a solo player there is one troll every game. Maybe you have less troll because you are playing with friends

Anyway stop criticising others. Buff is not everything. An experienced player like you should know that. Still you are saying that we lost the game because gusion took the buff is not acceptable.

Have fun that's all that matters.
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We have our own perspective of trolls and toxic players. On the side note, overall, they're generally "bad players". Though, theres ways that can be done to lessen it but they'll pretty much still prevail. My take on this that, although the devs have been implementing different measures to prevent imbalanced matchmaking and at the same time making a balanced team with the good spread of role, however, players will still be players. It's just that it's still a matter of luck ;c I guess.
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Anand replied at 2020-10-5 06:38 PM
Why should I help others? I wanna play hero not a support.

If you wanted win, why don't you suppor ...

nope, for me its not about having fun, maybe it is for you. for me its about winning.
we cant support the gusion (maybe you didnt read the post) because he is losing, he has less money. chang hasnt died, has more money, her level is higher, she is killing... thats when the gusion should change his playstyle and become a support, and let the chang carry.
the problem is that just because he picked gusion we are supposed to help him (which we did until he was like 2-7).
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HoaHoa replied at 2020-10-6 08:15 AM
nope, for me its not about having fun, maybe it is for you. for me its about winning.
we cant supp ...

U can't expect a random player to support the team. Just like how u want them to support, they also want u to support them.

It's not about gold or level. It's about teamwork.

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gusion is feeding so he should not take the buffs at all. he just waste the buffs if he feed. might as well give it to another player who can carry and do so much more.
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It also depends on heroes. Support gusion? Won't work. It requires a great gus to be support & if he is so great he's better off as a carry. Why? Cause gus is no cc close range dmg mage. To support he needs to deal dmg. He needs to go in close range, deal dmg, then get out. If he can do that then just be carry lol.
Another thing is the mis-perception about buffs. You said chang was killing without buff? So what's the sudden craving for buffs? You know what the buff effects are right? How much do you think it will affect her battle power? Same for gusion really, tho I haven't played gus so I don't know how much it helps (Maybe mana?) Anyway, point is instead of crying over buffs just go for team fights where they both deal dmg. Who is support who is carry, just forget about it.

Like the mm thing. 1st of all I must say never give up on mm. A 6-item mm can win you the game. That being said, again there's the misconception about buffs. You know how much gold red gives you? 104. How much a minion wave gives you? 33+66+80(approx.)
So point is buffs are utility items. Give then based on their use, not who's carry & who has the most kills, triple kills etc. Why do most carrys take blue? the regen after killing anything(minion, creep, hero) will help any carry irrespective of if they need mana or cdr. But imagine ling. You have a average ling & great chang. So she thinks "I have most kills I am carry" & takes blue. Now ling is useless. He can't even farm very efficiently. & the boost chang gets from blue buff is minimal.

I once played tank alice & wanted blue. Our mage game it to me. Then I immediately died. But thanks to blue I was able to use up all their skills. Then we won the following fight.
Ling Fanny Alice Hylos benefit way more from the blue than chang, etc. They are heroes who usually don't get the blue/rd & adapt their game play to it. So suddenly getting a blue won't make them 2x strong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, you are right, your team needs to fight as a team to win. I'll take a split pusher masha attacking their inhibitor 1-5-3 over a masha 9-0-1 any day. people need to have the sense to interrupt enemy recall when your off laner is at enemy inhibitor. People also needs to see buffs in a utility way rather than roles(carry gets buff). Sometimes a tank's slow with red is better than the mm's dmg.

Also about that mask, I also sometimes don't buy mask. depends on the tank tbh. Like gatot hilda who have great power along with being tanky. even if mm is lvl 3 they can still kill a low hp enemy thanks to my dmg. (Of if enemy 3+ ppl gank you...)

Anyway it's a game with 5 random people having to cooperate. I won't be holding my breath hoping for mature players with good mindsets.
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I love chang'e and since last season I played alot with her. Chang'e is super strong and for me I never need blue buff in my whole matches with her. All i want just get many gold as possible in clearing minnion wave in mid lane. I always refuse to buy mask for supporting because imo chang'e is not deserve as a support. Chang'e is just like harith lunox harley and kagura as a core hero in midlane. About gusion as a support, really? Is that a joke? Gusion is a hard carry and there is no way he surrend his role as core assassin into a support. Reading that thread above, i think that gusion player just had a bad time or maybe he was in practicing gusion, idk.
 Author| Post time 2020-10-8 03:05 PM | Show all posts
Im sure he is a great gusion, with thousands of games and a very high win rate. But all that doesnt matter in this particular match where he wasnt killing and was way behind jungle too.
Chang wasnt, she was killing and had the most money in the game, and still Gusion got 2 buffs (stole red from Chang).
There was this 2 vs 3 fight were tank dies first so its just chang vs 3. She almost killed the 3 of them but she just killed one. She would have survived, killed the 3, push that lane and let her team push somewhere else. She almost killed them, but Gusion used retribution to get the red from her (and died soon after).
Gusion prefered to lose that game than winning without him being the killer. Thats the issue here.
All Im saying is that if you are having a bad game, you need to adapt.
Yeah, he needs the blue buff more than chang, go for it. But dont take both if you are not killing (and chang is). Just as I mentioned before, Chang damage was the highest in that game, not only the most kills. Gusion was trying to jungle as much as he could to catch up, but he couldnt. Game didnt reach late game.
So no, Gusion support wouldnt help, of course it wouldnt. But in that game he should have changed his strategy, he would have won that game.
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