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[Hero Techniques] Granger basic combo, item suggestion, emblem and combo

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Edited by PhilYan at 2020-10-9 02:28 AM

Mechanics :  Granger mechanics is different from other fellow marksman. In fact . Granger is currently the only Spell caster in the marksman line up. He literally relies on his skills to deal damage and to dash in or out of combat.
The fact that he relies on skills so much.
We can asume that his Core items is BOD(for maximum damage output, Endless Battle (for additional true damage and CD Reduction), And Bloodlust Axe (for sustainable Spell vamp and cd Reduction and some damage).

Items :
My recommended item is the highlited one.
You can actually abuse the gold lane with this set up.
The 1st 3 itema is actually cheap items but has a reasonable battlefield effect and can compliment in Granger's mechanics. I'll explain it later on in the basic combo section.

But if you are forced to take the xp lane. Try my xp-lane item sets. It has a higher damage in early and sustain in late. The fact that you will lvl more . More damage is actually good to abuse Granger's skill combo at the early phase of battle.

Emblem :
Screenshot_20201009-012602.png you can use any emblem you like. But i prefer this Fighter emblem. It gives you Damage, Defence and alot of spell vamp since im using 2nd core tallent.
But you can use what suits your playstyle.

Basic techniques and combo :
  • Alway use your basic attack before using skill 1(rhapsody) . Or what they call the 7 bullet technique. Actually it give you a small chance incase Rhapsody is not enough to kill someone. That initial basic attack will do the trick. Since granger has to reload after using Rhapsody. It buys time instead of waiting to reload.
  • Always use your skill 2(rondo) when your bullet in magazine is exactly 2. Since skill 2 not only allows granger to dash. It also enhance his net 2 basic attack by up to 30% and his last bullet will have and 100 % crit chance. So 30% Aditional damage is a huge damage. And this effect will also stack with Berserkers furry passive effect that enhance your critical damage by 40%. So basically if you do this. The 1st attack after his dash will deal Aditional 30% physical damage, additional 60% True damage (from endless battle) and also has a chance of critical strike but true damage is excluded. The 2nd attack will deal additional 30% damage that will surely deal a critical strike with and enhanced dame from Berserker fury which is 40%(critical damage).
  • Don't be afraid to use his skill as a bait. Since granger doesn't have mana or energy. And my suggested item has alot of CD Reduction.
  • After firing you last bullet. Mediately followed it by Rhapsody instead of wasting your time waiting granger to reload.
  • Grager basic attack deals higher damage than his skills . So dont relie entirely on skills.
  • And last but not the least . Take advantga of his akill 1 and ult on thick wall. Skill 1 allows you to pass on thick wall by using it together with Rhapsody. While ult recoil resets instantly if you roll on thick wall.

Spell :  i recommend using Flameshot or flicker to avoid Assassin's. And Retribution just incase you're taking the role of lungler.

Thats it . Hope this helps you. Have a nice day
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great thread! helpful for new granger players. keep it up!
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