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[Share] 6 lose streak in rank, what i learned

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After a very very sad 6 lose streak I feelthe need to write a post about very basic things that can make you lose a game:

1 Bad draft pick. Its not ok to have a sunzilong and mm in the same team. They are all very weak early game, you caneasily give away the star just by a bad draft pick.

2 diggie pushing. His basic attack is soweak, he shouldn’t be pushin. He is meant to be in all the teamfights, orfollowing the carrier. Same goes for other support or pure tanks pushing (nottalking about fighter tanks like khufra and gatotkaka)

3 two different plans going on at the sametime. Half the team is getting lord, the other half is pushing bottom. The 3getting lord died when 3 enemies rushed into the lord, stole it and killedthem. The 2 pushing were not able to get super minions and died as well whenthe enemies who stole lord where able to catch them. We should all have oneplan, split pushing or all getting lord.

4 not only suggesting but insistingstragers to pick heros they cant play. Why do you suggest any hero at all ifyou don’t know them? I mean suggest a role, its kind of ok, but don’t suggestjawhead if you don’t know the player. Chances are he doesn’t play jawhead buthe will pick it if you all insist that his badang is a terrible choice. He is abadang player, not a jawhead.

5 one bad decision can cost the game, justone bad decision of one player, that’s it. Focus, don’t try just to kill theenemy who killed you before, look at the big picture. I know it feels good toget revenge but it doesn’t really matter if you end up losing the game.

6 towers over buffs. If the enemy isattacking the tower, go defend. Leave the buff and defend. Towers will giveenemy more vision and more control over the map. Its ok to lose a buff if yousave a tower.

7 there is nothing more sad than junglingafter a wipe out, you should at least get one tower. I repeat FORGET the buffsand jungle.

8 If you have a new friend in your trio, don’tbring him to rank. Its really frustrating to see how the other two defend theirEudora newbie friend, who is 0-7, and start blaming the other two strangers whoare not their friends. No surprise Eudora has less than 500 games in total,highest epic.

9 marksmen who are first kill completelydestroy any trust the team had on them. No need to try to get the first killand end up dying first. Just play safe please, and its even worse if it’s the enemymarksman who killed you. It will take you a lot of minutes to catch up, and itmight even be impossible.

10 don’t just pick a hero because your teamis missing that role. No need of a hayabusa with 50 games 20% win rate. Justpick your fighter or your mage or your whatever.

11 communicate, even if you don’t speak thelanguage, just pin your team with the retreat, launch attack, request back upand all the other messages. No one can read your mind, tell your team what youare trying to do.

12 If what you are doing is not working,change your strategy, change your lane, change your partner in that lane.

13 do not troll. If you play rank, playwith the intention to win. Don’t quit, chances of epic comeback are real, lategame all you need is a good wipeout to win the game.

Post time 2020-10-9 09:24 PM | Show all posts
"Just pick your fighter or your mage" DISAGREE

Don't pick mage if the team already has mage, unless you are willing to play Support and Roam with Luo Yi, Valir, Pharsa, etc.

If you team needs Tank, play Tank and learn. Be passive. Tank is not a hard role to learn. You can't leave your team too squishy. If your team needs Support/Assassin, pick Support and play it safe.

Honestly, though, you should learn every role before playing Ranked. It's frustrating playing solo and you get matched with Mage/MM-only players. Learn to adjust!
Post time 2020-10-9 04:33 PM | Show all posts
My reason for losing is playing solo rank. No one is willing to take tank for the team.

Banning useless hero when enemy got first pick

Not rotating lanes when enemy start to gank

Post time 2020-10-9 09:20 PM | Show all posts
"6 towers over buffs" THIS THIS THIS

Nothing boils my blood more than seeing all the enemies dead, the perfect opportunity to push, and my mm and fighters are getting buffs...

You can tell nubs because they are not focusing on objectives and only care about kills
Post time 2020-10-10 05:09 PM | Show all posts
Sometimes solo rank and picking tank is useless. Because the core players and offlaner would blame and blame in the end when they die of course tank player would be trashtalked. So, i just dont care when there is already a mage or not. I would pick hero I have mastered. Still in the end, im still the best as mvp lose.
Post time 2020-10-10 11:06 PM | Show all posts
Well I had 25 lose streak once I start lose in trio a lot so I decide go in solo so this is what happen I was so mad and I stopped play ml for a while then things was going better.
This season I didn't start any match yet
Post time 2020-10-10 11:08 PM | Show all posts
lets be honest, bad draft is like 90% of the reasons why people get a losing streak nowadays
Post time 2020-10-12 01:43 PM | Show all posts
EG2666 replied at 2020-10-9 09:24 PM
"Just pick your fighter or your mage" DISAGREE

Don't pick mage if the team already has mage, unless ...

"If you team needs Tank, play Tank and learn. Be passive. Tank is not a hard role to learn." Disagree. Tanks need to do a lot. Give vision, peel & protect carry, initiate, bushcheck, decide on whether to focus enemy tank, mm, or ass. A good or bad tank can make or break the game. I remember I once had 2 tanks and both were attacking enemy mm wile enemy ass just came in & killed my bruno. Ofc they couldn't kill enemy mm(you are a freaking tank) and got cleaned up. Then they say nub mm. Like how do you expect me to survive an ass when my tanks are not helping?

So I say just pick mage/fighter you can play well. that extra dmg/cc/split push might be better than a tank who start a fight then run away before everyone else
Post time 2020-10-13 01:17 AM | Show all posts
EG2666 replied at 2020-10-9 09:24 PM
"Just pick your fighter or your mage" DISAGREE

Don't pick mage if the team already has mage, unless ...

What are you saying tank is not a hard role to play? Tanking is one of the hardest thing to do? Good tank players are the ones who control the game. I have seen so many tank main play tanks so passive that it just hurts.  
Post time 2020-10-13 11:47 AM | Show all posts
OmG...I have just gotten 7 lose streak in solo rank match. What should i do? Hahahahhaah
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