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Edited by izaidi at 2020-10-11 09:07 AM

After doing some research and reading on the NEXT project matchmaking system, I found out a major flaw on their part regarding how they conduct the matchmaking. 2 theories so far. And both of them sux based on my experience.

1. You will get matched with players around your rank and score of last game.
*Whenever I'm talking about low score, I meant getting below 4 when you are losing or below 5 when you are winning. That's just my standard btw.

First of all..this is very stupid particularly on the part where they matched you with players score of the last game. Moonton highly overestimate the weight of score in terms of how good the players are. If you are a tank/support, there will be time where you cannot get high score when you try to save your carry and end up dying. And of course if you are the carry, you will most likely get the highest point. There are also times where you will get ganked a lot at side lane, and dying most of the time..resulting in lower point.

So this is whats going to happen in your next game if you get low score. Most likely you will get matched with players that are also in lower score that are actually bad/feeder/troll/etc. You will have higher rate of matching with toxic or newb players. I tested this a lot. When I'm getting low score, 3 out of 5 games I played next will be with a trolled teammates. Go test it yourself if you didn't believe me. This totally sux for solo q players.

The only players that going to benifit from this is the carry players. But even that will be sux for them especially if they cannot play multi role. For example, if you are a mm/ass players that are getting high score, you will get matched up with other mm/ass players that are also getting high score. When other players pick your role, you will get forced to pick role that you are uncomfortable with and will most likely lose the game. To test this theory, you will most likely see a tank/support players trying to solo push lane or jungling instead of protecting/follow their carry. They play it like they play a carry. I had saw a lot of this since the new update. Also the reason there are too many times I played with teammates that wants to play assassin in side lane because they can only play assassins role. Very stupid decision btw..please just try that in classic.

The same goes if you played tank/support. You will also get matched with another tank/support players in your team. If you cannot multi role, you will have a bad day when solo queing.

2. They will average out your teammates rank and score of your last game with your opponent.

In my opinion, this is the worst. The amount of randomness you will get with you teammates will be too chaotic. The score might be averaged between the teams, but the skills level and will be way too vary.

Once again, Moonton are overestimed the weight of the score in terms of how good the players is.

scored matchmaking

scored matchmaking

2 main criteria for matchmaking

2 main criteria for matchmaking

This stupid matchmaking system is what happen when developer don't play the game and only listen to the general public instead of the proffesional. It is ok if the public is not made up of kids. The fact is, this game is mainly played by kids from 12-18 years old. Only kids think that the score actually represent how good they are. No other moba game has done this because of how stupid it is.
Your last game perfomance should never be weighted into matchmaking.I repeat..YOUR LAST GAME PERFOMANCE SHOULD NEVER BE WEIGHTED INTO MATCHMAKING.

So what can you do?? First of all learn to play mutiple role. At least learn to properly play 2 or 3 heroes of each role. Ignore the "support" role that moontonlabeled if you can. There are many mages that can fill the actual support role. This way you can fill other role properly.
2nd..try your best to get on average 8-9.0 scored. Even if you are losing, try not to die so much. And if you dominating your opponent with very high score, try to kill your self a few time. From my testing, this is the best scored to get in order to have better teammates in next game. Test it your self. Noted that I played in SEA server. Other server might have different result.

Because of this new matchmaking system, I decide to play carry most of time. Gone have the day when I filled the role that my teammates doesn't want to play

To better understand about the new matchmaking, check out this link. You may read it yourself.

That's all for now. I'm just ranting here while waiting for The Forbidden Game to finish download. Thank god that it finally been released in SEA region.

 Author| Post time 2020-10-12 08:56 PM | Show all posts
OMG..I love lol wr so much right now. I told you before..MLBB standard is so low that when a good developers making an identical MOBA, they gonna destroy the competition.
I tell you how to know a game is build by good developers is when playing with AI/BOT actually providing decent challenge. Plus the UI and graphic is better. A lot smoother. You can play it smoothly even on a potato phone.

MLBB seems like trash compared to LOL WR. Try it if you think I'm just lying and hyping that game.

BTW.. I'm already uninstall MLBB. LOL WR is so much better. In a long wr will be the best MOBA on mobile. Bye for now.
Post time 2020-10-12 01:32 PM | Show all posts
I have always maintained that devs needed to update the medal system. And when the new matchmaking was announced I had the same concerns about them putting more weight on medal score.
An annoying turret focused 1-5-1 masha will win you the game but also get silver/bronze. And I just told my friend this yesterday. If you see tank gold but carry silver, chances are tank was bad. But if you see carry gold tank silver, chances are tank was very good.
They needs to put more variables into the medal system before using it as the standard for matchmaking. Like offlaner like Masha will have low teamfight participation but very annoying for the enemy team constantly pushing.  Like a tank will often have more deaths since they should never run ahead of the carry.
Post time 2020-10-12 03:46 PM | Show all posts
this might explain my recently two lose streaks in this week.
Im usually tank, I have lots of defence, some support, no money, many deaths, few kills...
of course my score is going to be low, which i dont care if we win.
This definetely changes my play style. I wont suicide anymore, even if we kill 2 or 3 enemies thanks to that.
Post time 2020-10-14 05:41 PM | Show all posts
izaidi replied at 2020-10-12 08:56 PM
OMG..I love lol wr so much right now. I told you before..MLBB standard is so low that when a good de ...

I'll be right next to you, bro. Sadly, I still haven't been picked to play the beta but the wait is almost over.
Post time 2020-10-14 11:42 PM | Show all posts
the score is not really true. I got mvp or high score and usually next game I am matched with trolls, feeders or afk players.
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