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Systemwants you to lose?
Afteranother very bad lose streak in rank I wanted to understand why I kept losing.I checked all players and stuff and this is the result. Sometimes I lostbecause of bad luck, some other times it was the system fault, I guess.
1.      Inone match I got 3 main marksman in my team, no surprise they were terrible at otherroles they chose
2.      Epicteammate, highest epic, did terrible. The rest of us epics and legends withhighest mythic, all of us. To make things worse he had only 800 games. He didterrible.
3.      Enemyduo was amazing, they had the same name; they made their accounts together. Notsure who was the duo in my team, I play solo.
4.      Nextmatch, we were 3 main tanks. I told them I could be mage or fighter, even hanzoor play mm safe, but they wanted me to tank cause I have more tank games thanthem. They were terrible at what they picked.
In these 4I blame the system, as if it wanted me to lose. In the rest, I guess it was badluck.
1.      Afkmarksman came back after one minute. Tank mask didn’t work, enemy marksman waslevel 5 and our marksman level 2.
2.      Wehad an angela with 20 games, she was main hayabusa with 600 games. She wasfirst pick. No idea what happened there.
3.      Igo money lane with mm but the mage and assassin mid died. After that first 2kills, they kept losing, even with tank there. Mm solo died bot, 6-26.
4.      Moskovwith arrival. We asked him to get purify or flicker but he wanted to push. Hewas 0-7.
5.      Enemypicking a balanced team, my team getting chang pharsa Silvana Esmeralda khufra.That’s 5 magic hahahahah. We have range but they went full magic defense,impossible to fight them.

I reallyfeel the project next is working. Its way better than before, at least there isno more epic vs mythic. But there is still a lot to do, like no 3 main and onlyone role in the same team. Stronger punishment for people like the moskov witharrival doing 0-7. He was in my team the next game and did the same but withsun. Something like 2-9 but no punishment from any of those 2 games. And theamazing duo with high win rate, more between 55% and 75% in all their heros;they should be matched up agains a similar duo. The duo in my game had lessthan 50% win rate. Besides the win rate, the highest rank achieved. Don’t matchhighest epic against highest mythical glory just because they are both epic atthe moment.

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There's still a lot of rooms to improve but yeah I'm also thankful that each one of them is slowly getting fixed. While, I believe it's just all about rng. Couldn't just keep on blaming the system when there's far lots of players who kept winning in solo without any worries.
Post time 2020-10-13 04:11 AM | Show all posts
Edited by DennisST at 2020-10-13 03:12 AM

For me i support on your review, the "When you got Winstreak, the next match guaranteed lose streak" is still there until now, idk if this intended to be like that or not, after got some win streak, the next will guaranteed AFK team mate, low level team mate, and lower rank etc. This is just my opinion from my experience, dont take seriously.

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Post time 2020-10-13 05:25 AM | Show all posts
I agree with you. The system for Solo Q players is atrocious, especially in Epic. This season I have not been able to get decent teammates consecutive games in a row. The majority of matches I get lumped with mm-only and mage-only who troll when any inconvenience befalls them. It's hard for good Solo players to climb because of the trash in GM and Epic. I reached Legend last season. Once I reached Legend, and the quality of players improved, I climbed so fast because I actually was paired with players at my skill level. Moonton needs to seriously revamp the matchmaking system: More protection points for violations, forcing players to fill necessary team roles, requiring min. games (ex. 50) with hero to be able to use in Ranked, extra protection points for MVP-Loss
Post time 2020-10-13 08:45 AM | Show all posts
matchmaking is still bad. it is either you get very strong enemy team or very weak enemy team. there is no balance at all.
Post time 2020-10-16 06:14 PM | Show all posts
ooooof I've been stuck at master for months as soon as i get master 1 5 star i just get s losing streak its happened 8 times
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