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[Item Balance] Hybrid Equipment Items

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Edited by haise_kaneki at 2020-10-18 03:43 PM

I already have this suggestion few weeks ago but it is just a draft. I really hope Moonton consider this since they are planning to add more equipment items in the game. Feel free to have opinions about this suggestion.

Note: I add pictures for reference purpose only.

Item Suggestions:

Hybrid Equipment Items – equipment items that have both physical attack and magic power as source of damage as well as physical and magic defense for protection. This equipment items are good for heroes whose source of damage are both physical and magic attacks and heroes who defend their allies from team-fight.

Armor of Achilles

+650 HP
+20 Physical Defense
+10 Magic Defense

Passive: It will reduce the true damage of the enemy’s attack by 30% for 2 secs. It has a cooldown of 45 secs. (It will only trigger once the true damage has been deal damage to the hero.)

Claimh Solais

+40 Physical Attack
+20 Magic Power
+10 Hybrid Penetration (Physical & Magic)

Passive: If physical attack/magic power is lower thanthe other. The physical attack/ magic power will be increased by 15%.

Example: If the physical attack is 260 while the magic power is 330, the physical attack will increase by 15% (39 physical attack). Thus,the new physical attack will be 299 while the magic power is still the same.


+750 HP
+17.5 Magic Defense
+20 Physical Defense
+5 Health Regen

Passive: The hero will be resistant to any penetration damage by 50% for 4 secs. It will activate again after 20 secs leaving thebattle.

Example: If the hero has magic defense of 120 while the enemy’s magic penetration is 33|15% (120*40%= 18), the magic penetration will be reduced to 30.6 (51-51*40%=30.6) once the hero purchased Svalinn.

Ceremonial Shield

+35 Magic Power
+15 Physical Defense
+800 HP

Passive: It automatically activates 20% damage reduction for 2 secs when the hero has been received damage from the enemy.Cooldown: 60 secs.

Note: The passive cannot activate when the hero hasbeen attacked by minions and jungle creeps.


+25 Physical Attack
+35 Magic power
+15 Magic Penetration

Passive: The hero will deal additional damage by 5% ofthe enemy’s lost HP if the enemy has below 50% health. Cooldown: 10 secs. (It will be triggered once the enemy’s health is below 50%.)

Lightning Gauntlet

+40 Physical Attack
+15 Magic Power
+15 Physical Defense

Passive: The next attack (whether basic attack or skill attack) will deal true damage. It has a cooldown of 30 secs.

Seal of Solomon Ring
+25 Magic Defense
+10 Physical Defense
+4 Hybrid Regen
+700 HP

Passive: It will grant shield by 650(+4.5% of the hero’s Max HP) once the enemy has been hit by enemy for 3 secs.It will be activated again for 15 secs after leaving the battle


+55 Magic Power
+10 Physical Defense
+15 Magic Defense
+5 Mana Regen

Passive: The hero will be immune to CC when the heroreceived any CC from the enemy. Cooldown: 50 secs. (One CC will be immune).

Scale of Justice

+20 Physical Attack
+20 Magic Defense
+10% Crit Damage Reduction
+2 Mana Regen
+5 HP Regen

Passive: If the hero has been hit by the enemy continuously for 3 secs, 20% of the damage will be converted into HPrestoration. The restoration will be activated after accumulating the damage that the hero received from enemies for 3 secs. Cooldown: 60 secs.

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Nice items ideas as well nice ideas for passive, I love Shakujoh :O
Keep up providing usefull suggestions :D
Post time 2020-10-18 02:53 PM | Show all posts
This is an old moba,yet there are only a few items. I realy like all above. Maybe they need some adjustment, but the passives and the stats seems to be good.
 Author| Post time 2020-10-18 04:57 PM | Show all posts
DeathBrain replied at 2020-10-18 02:53 PM
This is an old moba,yet there are only a few items. I realy like all above. Maybe they need some adj ...

Actually, I reduced the attributes from the draft that I made before since the equipment's attributes contain both physical and magic attacks/defense.
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