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[Lore & Novel] Horrific Story of the Onimaru

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Wrath of the Blood Samurai

It was never sufficient for Duan Meng to honour his family name. He wanted to exceed the prestige of his father and end what he saw as the thinning of the tradition of samurai with farmers who sometimes posed as samurai. His father tried to turn Duan's attention to more noble endeavors, but Duan refused to heed his advice, and he embarked on a dark pilgrimage, borrowing Katana from his father, to prove his worth and rid Dawn of the impostors. Duan killed impostors in the hills and valleys, on the beaches and in the forests, ignoring the code he had been taught. The murders have been violent, inhuman and morbid. He embarrassed both farmers and soldiers, pushed their top knots off and stripped them of their armor. His wrath, his bloodlust and his twisted sense of honor knew no boundaries. Monks felt that the mysterious and otherworldly oppressed him and cursed him, while a noble lord started to name him 'Oni-Maru,' the roaring Samurai, an insult to both Duan and his kin.


Duan, eager to restore the reputation of his ancestors, now slaughtered everyone who tried to call him Oni-Maru. The insult puzzled him. He had vanquished the strongest, and by ridding the land of impostors, he had purified the samurai class. When was anyone willing to point to him as an ogre? That was because he marched to the frontline to chop down the most fearsome fighters. Is that because he took a Kanabo and struck hundreds of heads with it? Or was it because of his desire for his victims to secure a 'trophy'? It hasn't mattered. It was more than he could bear to be named an ogre and an ominous voice in his mind urged him to strike down the lord who desecrated his name.

He abruptly found himself face to face with a samurai standing on a dirt road, barring his path, as Duan made for the Lord 's town. Duan had his Kanabo packed. The samurai charged without a word and secured the upper hand easily. He paused, though. Duan smashed the samurai 's head with a devastating blow and cracked his helmet.He saw his father's face as Duan approached the fallen samurai and stumbled back on his haunches. With mixed guilt and sorrow, his father looked at Duan as he took his last breath. He closed his eyes, crying in pain until he could no longer cry. When he once again opened his eyes ... His father was abroad. He had not only killed his father, but had also allowed the robbers to steal his body for armor.

Bitter, confused and disillusioned, with his father's voice rattling in his ears, Duan roamed the land aimlessly, taunting him, reminding him of his mistakes, throwing him into fits of uncontrollable black anger. Walking in the woods one day, Duan came across an Oni statue. For a long time, he stopped and stood motionless. He appeared to be mocked by the weathered and overgrown statue, accusing him of being the impostor samurai he had so unsuccessfully wanted to kill.Kazan shook the laughing voice out of his head, and half recalled the lord who had mocked him as 'Oni-Maru.'

With revived frustration, Duan traveled to a town high up in the Cadia Riverlands where the lord lived. A dozen samurai encountered Kazan at the gates of the city. A dozen samurai had gone down to his Kanabo. His pace and power were incomparable. His anger was incomprehensible to him. Covered in blood and gore, Duan battled through the town and soon discovered the lord hiding in a villa. He pulled him out of the cabinet, slit his tendons to immobilize him, and watched him beg and squirm like a puppy. Without delay, he plunged his fist into the lord 's mouth and yanked out the evil tongue that had profaned his name.

Satisfied, Duan left the villa to find himself surrounded by hundreds of farmers carrying rusty scythes, pointed pitchforks, and large clubs. He survived the first few attacks, but there were so many attackers approaching from all directions. Within a few minutes, Duan was on the ground looking at a bleak, oblivious, darkening sky as the farmers turned, stabbing and torturing the 'Oni' who had killed their beloved lord.The frenzied mob pulled Kazan into a small stone mill to resume the torment and eventually left him to suffer a slow, agonizing death. When they returned, the mill was packed with an odd black smoke, and Duan's body and Kanabo were nowhere to be seen. It was the beginning of a dark legend about the mad Oni haunting the area.

credits to WhiskeyTzy

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