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[Share] some players will always stay in epic

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This is why some players will never leave epic
Its even surprising they reached epic, evengrandmaster; seriously. People like this karina man omg…
Look at her history, afk TWICE in a row, andlow skill feeder in her next game but still, no punishment. 100 credits… noteven close to 90.
She has 2 games with karina 0% win rate, stillshe thought it was time for her karina to rise and shine. She was first pick,she didn’t switch with me, I showed khufra 1200 games. So there she goes,karina first pick but we were lucky to get khufra.
At the beginning of the game I asked her toleave the red buff for wan wan but she didn’t, of course karina took bothbuffs. No big deal, she had retribution and wan wan inspire so she couldn’t getit. It started as a good game, The duo wanwan khufra got the first kill andthen 2 more kills when enemies tried to kill us. So we where 3-0, it was kindof ok but there was no jungle for wanwan because karina took everything. Karinatried to kill somebody and die. Twice. So we were now 3-2. Wanwan and I got acouple of kills soon after, and right before wanwan finished the redbuff karinastole it with retribution. Wanwan didn’t complain, she just went to theminions. I asked karina again to give wanwan the red buff cause wanwan was 6-0and karina was now 0-3. Karina pinged us with a “sorry”. But she soon took bothbuffs again and died. Karina 0-4 Wan wan 7-0 and me khufra 2-1.
Then the rest of our team started complainingabout karina, they insulted her and order her to give wanwan both buffs. Karinaanswers “okay” and “sorry”. But she took both buffs for the last timehahahahaha. After that she didn’t tried to get buffs anymore.
Karina was desperate to get a kill, so she keptfighting alone vs 2 or even 1 vs 3.
She reached 0-8, it was as if she was feedingon purpose. She kept pinging “sorry” and “retreat” every time she died.Freaking joke. Late game she was able to steal one of my kills, she was 1-8. Thenshe was finally able to kill, she killed 2, for a glorious 3-8 but the enemywas attacking our base  while she waspushing top hahahaha.
Of course, she wasn’t punished. We all reportedbut she kept her 110 credit score and strated playing rank immediately.
We also had a useless chou, but at least he hadthe mask and put all defense items to support the team. Why?? Why god why?? Thereal world is already very unfair.

Post time 2020-11-4 04:06 PM | Show all posts
nippon des ? bakayaro konoyaro !
Post time 2020-11-4 08:25 PM | Show all posts
i dont even read what you wrote , im mythic solo  and mythic got same trash  nab players as epic ...  what are the nabs in epic same in mythic thats why i call them often epics ..
Post time 2020-11-4 08:33 PM | Show all posts
I think this was widely known among most higher rank players, Epic players often don't know the meta and pick selfishly and have terrible laning knowledge...thats all
Post time 2020-11-5 02:28 AM | Show all posts
Well, the guy is an argus main. Who knows he might be decent with argus and bad with karina. Second, he looks like he doesn't really know the game as well as legends and mythics. He has only played 300 games at most meaning he is relatively new to some mythics. If he does play longer, he might get to legend.
Post time 2020-11-5 06:01 AM | Show all posts
Some players jsut play game for fun and not serious in rank, and some play without even knowing how to proprly play the role ,which make serious players lose and sad. So the key is to reach legend, mythic fast with good teamates and can solo mythic. Jst my opinion :)
Post time 2020-11-5 08:58 AM | Show all posts
Can't you see from this stupid MLBB side @IZxCOLD @seimz ?

Look at her history, afk TWICE in a row, andlow skill feeder in her next game but still, no punishment. 100 credits… noteven close to 90.

Of course, she wasn’t punished. We all reportedbut she kept her 110 credit score and strated playing rank immediately.
fcking useless reporting system
I also frequently report players trolling and intentionally feeding, but not getting penalized. I only get 'severely punished' replies
No wonder the game environment is not healthy

don't be stupid because you are MLBB moderators, you can't see the mistakes of this stupid game


I don't need your appreciation, do you feel that everything I say is true?  Post time 2020-11-5 03:37 PM
I would appreciate if you stop being salty and stop insulting us because we are mods.  Post time 2020-11-5 02:50 PM
Post time 2020-11-5 02:52 PM | Show all posts
Reaching Epic division is not that hard...Even if a player doesn't know what he's doing..he may often be carried by others who try hard to win the match...that's also why some just stay stuck in epic..Because from there on, it gets harder.
As for the report system..It may have flaws, but it is constantly improved. I'm also hoping for more improvements in the future
Post time 2020-11-5 08:38 PM | Show all posts
for me  matches in epic and mythic are same shet ... noting changed only devision ... same nabs same troll..
Post time 2020-11-6 06:24 PM | Show all posts
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