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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.5.28 [Advanced Server]

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Attribute (↑):

Base HP: 25512651

HP Growth: 168.5188.5

Skill 1 (↑):

Decay Ratio: 20-50%30-50% We've slightly increased the target tracking range of wisps. We've also made it easier to gain stacks.

Skill 2 (~):

Base Shield: 600-900500-1000



Skill 1 (↑):

Magic Power Bonus: 80%90%

Ultimate (↓):

We've set a fixed interval of 0.3s between every two taps, which is not affected by cooldown shortening.



We've enhanced Clint's characteristics in the late game.

Basic Attack (↓):

Range: 4.84.5

Passive (↑):

Enhanced Basic Attack range remains the same. Physical Attack Bonus: 130%135%

Skill 1 (~):

Base Damage: 260-410200-400

Physical Attack Bonus: 80%95%



Skill 2 (↓):

Base Damage: 210-360180-330

Physical Attack Bonus: 100%80%

Damage to minions and creeps: 55%70%


(↑) Skill 2 (↑):

Cooldown: 7-5.55

Ultimate (↑):

Slow effect: 30-40%40%-50%



Ultimate (↓):

Max Damage to non-hero units: 1500-30001300-2500 (reverted to the same state as on the Official Server)



Skill 1 (↑):

Physical Attack Bonus: 90%100% (reverted to the same state as on the Official Server)



Based on his overall data, Brody's strength in middle and high ranks is reasonable, though his suppressing and snowballing abilities seem to be overpowered in the early game. However, in the late game, it's hard for him to compete with the regular Marksmen in attacking Tanks due to his low Attack Speed. Besides, Brody has a relatively low skill floor but a high skill ceiling, and his survivability is weak in the late game. We hope that the problems above will be solved through multiple adjustments. We will also pay close attention to his performance on the Advanced Server.

Attribute (↑):

HP Growth: 125.5150.5

Skill 1 (~):

Base Damage: 250-625250-650

Physical Attack Bonus: 150%200%

Damage increase ratio for every target penetrated: 20%10%, with the limit: 160%130%

Ultimate (↓):

Extra Damage for Each Stack: 8%6-8% of the target's lost HP (scales with the skill level)



We've slightly strengthened him in the late game.

Passive (↑):

Shield Increase for each level: 5065

Ultimate (Heavy-Sword) (↑):

Physical Attack Bonus of the third attack: 180%210%

1. Yi Sun-shin's Epic Skin [Lone Destructor] will be available in [Epic Showcase] on November 5th.

2. Benedetta, the Shadow Ranger, will be available on November 7th (Server Time), obtainable for free from the "Benedetta's War" event from November 7th to 8th.

Benedetta's Skin [Honor Blade] will be available on November 7th (Server Time). Diamond 51. The first two weeks after launch 81% OFF.

3. The Double 11 Diamond Vault event will start from November 7th for a limited time. Participate to win X.Borg's brand new Epic Skin "Tesla Maniac" and other rare Skins.

4. Free Heroes:

Server Time 10/30/2020 05:01:00 to 11/6/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Hayabusa; Fanny; Moskov; Thamuz; Harley; Dyrroth; Hylos; Baxia

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Chang'e; Johnson; Diggie; Rafaela; Lancelot; Kimmy

Server Time 11/6/2020 05:01:00 to 11/13/2020 05:00:00

(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

8 Free Heroes: Harith; Rafaela; Belerick; Aurora; Atlas; Grock; X.Borg; Lunox

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Carmilla; Valir; Helcurt; Yi Sun-shin; Bruno; Hanabi

1. Optimized the art of Gold and Exp Siege Minions.

2. Optimized the art of the Bases and Turrets in the map "Imperial Sanctuary".


1. Retribution:

Creep damage reduction when equipped with jungling equipment: 40%50%


1. All Jungling Equipment:

In the esports and top-rank matches, Assassins and some Marksmen can benefit from both farming and laning, which has been widely used currently. We are not going to forbid such a tactic, but we still expect more new tactics. Based on the suggestions from players, we've made some adjustments to jungling equipment for distinguishing Junglers from other heroes in lanes, in hopes that more Junglers can be played and gain advantages by roaming efficiently.

Unique Passive-Greed:

Reduces Exp from Minions in the first 3 minutes by 40% Reduces Gold and Exp from Minions in the first 5 minutes by 30%, with extra 100 Gold for each kill or assist.

2. Hunter's Knife Unique Passive-Greed:

Gain extra 25% Exp when jungling → Gain extra 25% Exp and 10% gold when jungling.

3. Advanced and Medium Jungling Equipment: Unique Passive-Greed:

Gain extra 25% Exp when jungling → Gain extra 25% Exp and 20% gold when jungling.

1. Fixed the issue where Ling's Skill 1 cannot be used after resetting level in Practice Mode.

2. Fixed the issue where Grock's Skill 2 gets the target stuck in the wall in some cases.

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