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Ever tired of dropping your ranked games just because you're on a solo queue?
Well then you're fortunate, as this overall solo queue guide will help you win more games. This Solo queue guide is built on the basis of the latest meta, strategies and stuff you should know to play more efficiently in the solo queue, regardless of whether you miss a participant, have poor teammates, etc. So, before anything else, there are things you need to know and plan for while you're playing the solo queue.

Things to know when playing solo queue

First, Be willing to accept the fact that you are going to be partnered with good and bad teammates. It's a toxic, feeder, pro, etc.
  • Carry as a solo player that ensures that you don't have to rely on your teammates for 100 percent as long as they provide equal enough distractions/tanks to take any damage or bait the enemy's abilities while you do away with the damage.
  • Hero can always have a simple and distinct advantage when battling such as a CC, higher burst/DPS performance, fair sustain, good Basic attack damage (because moving towers is a way to win the game and not kill.

Secondly, now that your hero options are simpler, let's discuss the structure of your squad. As we all know many players would choose to opt to play carry so now you're faced with a difficult decision as to one, trusting then to carry another would be just how effective is your team comp? There are times where you will have to make a sacrificial range of filling for the squad, but you should still go the stubborn way, even though this would only frustrate you more. You will still remember this in team compositions.

  • Know & agree that most players will prefer to pick mage,assassin & marksman positions, leaving you more or less as a tank or warrior. Now if you're lucky enough to have either of those positions to play or the roles to play (provided you have faith in your abilities to succeed. Aside from looking at your team comp, look at the enemy's as well as those early phases of the game more or less shows you the outcome of the game, but of course it all comes down to the abilities of each player, the only distinction will be the challenge of how you would get out of the other's lane, because lets face it there are excellent heroes in wave clearing,hero poking,etc. In short, each hero is far better suited to a certain mission. This is meant to decide what kind of hero you will prefer. Should he have been a tanky and utility hero like Minotour? Or a DPS tank like Hylos, huh? Or maybe an initiator like Chou or Alpha. Basically, this depends on the makeup of all teams.
  • Unit structure You can also decide what strategies you should add, of course most players also know only head-to-head tactics where they brutally face the opponent head to each other, regardless of the composition or drawbacks. As a solo player, this is important for you to know how your position in the team is, and once you realize what strategies you can and can't use, you can essentially communicate with your team or determine way more quickly than spending precious seconds of indecisiveness.

Lastly, the most important thing you can know when you're going solo is the time you're playing. Since you might have been playing Mobile Legends for a while, I'm sure you would have noticed the time frames that most of the players you dislike play. For eg, whether its weekends are more or less attributable to the fact that you'd have more children playing during this tine, it's not advisable to gamble it it's essentially always your choice of course). My point is that whether you're fresh or not, you can still remember the time you're playing. Risk a few games, make notes about it and hopefully that will pay off. The only bad thing will be to limit yourself from playing these times (but it's not that bad to take a break from the game from time to time).

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Also another thing, solo queue is better during night time than in other times, cuz they don't get distracted when everyone else is sleeping.
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The_Invoker replied at 2020-11-22 10:44 PM
Also another thing, solo queue is better during night time than in other times, cuz they don't get d ...

Not entirely true though. Strong players tend to play at night while during daytime, the opposite of 'good' players arises
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