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[Item Balance] New Season but Old Items Build

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Edited by Sim0nKey at 2020-12-24 10:15 AM

Yeah, I suggest give us a new (atleast) 5 items in each Items catagory(physical,defense and magic) , and buff/rework of some existing items.

The game turns to boring because we build a same items over a years, I think it's time for [Item META] so adding a new items and reworking the existing items bring us a new experience of gamestyle. I will leave the 15 new items to you devs but I will mention the items need to rework/buff based on my experience using them.

The items needs to Rework / buff:

Cursed Helmet- this items is one of offensive items of defensive items, this items supposed to be good for late game but I cant feel the dps of this items, buffing the %mhp dmg or increasing the speed of dps is a good-well buff for this items.

Thunder's Belt- one of offensive items of defensive items, but the 1.5% mhp dmg of tank its kinda low, dealing it on mm/mage/support with average of 5k maxhp, you cant feel it. Double the %dmg of this item is a better buff.

Blade Armor- I feel squishy and yet cant feel if the enemies carry getting hurt by this item.

Haa's Claw- this items give us a great sustainability but as carry, I better to choose the endless battle or demon hunter sword because it gives a better dmg with sustainability. Increasing the cost and attack dmg atleast over100 its a good adjustment/buff for this item.

Hunter's Strike- I dont know the purpose of this item but adding atkspd (when activated)and lower the cd is a good buff for this item.

Blood wings- im sure this item is a defensive-like item of magic items but I dont know when this item need to be build.

Queen's Wing- this item is surely op, i know you feel that too. Especially when physical carries build this items, having dmg reduction and lifesteal is too much. Make this item good for anyrole, replace the lifeteal into hp regen boost.

Concentrated Energy- this items gives too much of  hp sustainability for mages. Since the name is energy, instead of hp recovery per kill turn it into mana.

Ice Queen wand- this item need a buff, increasing the mspell vamp up to 20% make it a good option btween this and concentrated energy.

Necklace of Durance- when it says necklace, one thing enter to my mind is an amulet, amulet used to counter or protection, replace the spellvamp into an old unique passive of athena shield.

Genius Wand- can you rework the stats of this item? I better to choose the glowing wand  rather than this item.

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Ow thanks. Someone noticed it. I've been playing this for about a year and building the same items for different heroes is really boring. I hope MLBB devs could add items that could counter other items and other heroes so the game would be more flexible and challenging. Also, item tiering is a good idea. Like the item tiering of jungle items but of course with a really expensive item upgrades. So that whenever the game gets to a really late game phase, economic advantage would still matter.
Post time 2020-12-24 12:24 AM | Show all posts

I agree for the most part, as it's time that our items get expanded since there's a lot more heroes and playstyles now; though I kinda disagree for Concentrated Energy as most mages do not get that now, but instead using only Necklace of Durance or with the combination of Ice Queen Wand.

Most pros even said that there's little incentive in getting Concentrated Energy itself, so in fact in my honest opinion I feel that it needs to be buffed or revamped.
Post time 2020-12-28 03:41 PM | Show all posts
I am agree...
Buff for Cursed Helmet, decrease it's % but make it deals the damage every 0.5 second or maybe 0.25 second.
Buff the Thunder Belt damage % ratio are needed
Buff the Blade Armor returned damage but increase its price
Buff Haa's Claw, increase its damage and lifesteal but added more item ingredients combination to it
Post time 2020-12-28 04:34 PM | Show all posts
This item seems to be okay for me. I mainly use mages, and Blood Wings is beneficial for squishy mages. Best example is Eudora. With Blood Wings, Eudora can withstand burst damage without dying. Even Chou can't max-out Eudora's HP with his ultimate. The build for that would be CoD, Arcane, LT, IQW, Holy Crystal, BW. In fact, I think the devs should increase the HP increase in blood wings.

I am an Alice main and I find CE's stats to be too low for mages. Here's why: Before the Alice Revamp, I don't use CE coz it gives a low HP regen. Instead, I found out a hack. By combining Bloodlust Axe and Glowing Wand, you'll gain more HP regen since Glowing Wand burns enemies for 3s. Each second of burn procs the 20% spell vamp of Bloodlust Axe. And imagine using that with Alice's 6s ultimate, I'm unkillable. But after the Alice Revamp, I started using CE coz her unli ultimate doesn't benefit anymore from Bloodlust Axe + Glowing Wand. Also, CE's magic lifesteal only procs when you cast a skill (except Guine). Unlike basic attacks, skills have CD, and mages have to wait for the CD to benefit from lifesteal again.

I agree with you on this. Actually, I'm thinking of ways on how to improve Queen's Wings. For me, the only way to make this defense item accessible to all roles is to change its passive relating to its lifesteal increase. Currently, QW increases your physical lifesteal BY 40%. Meaning, if your physical lifesteal is 0%, then you don't benefit from the lifesteal increase since (0% x 40% = 0 sad). If you this on mages, you only benefit from its stats and the 40% damage reduction. For me, I think that's a waste of gold since you can't maximize the item's benefits. Instead, why not make it physical/magic lifesteal? So even mages can benefit from the damage reduction and additional HP regen. And it would suit Alice's skill set :D HAHA I stan Alice.

IQW is our counterpart of Dominance Ice. The magic lifesteal of IQW is okay for me coz support roles usually combine IQW and Durance (e.g., Nana, Angela). For me, they should change its passive and make it similar to Dominance Ice. Yes, it decreases the enemy's movement speed. But, a Zilong using an attack-speed-build can easily obliterate mages even with IQW's slow effect.

I don't see a reason to rework genius wand. It's usually a situational item and rarely a core item. I often use Genius if magic def stats of enemies are low. At level 15, magic def base is at 33. With Genius, you can have a max magic pen of 30 from its unique passive and 15 from its unique. That would be a total of 45 magic pen. But if your enemies are tanky in terms of magic def, Divine Glaive is the go-to item to build. But heroes like Alice/Esme can't benefit from DG since they can't fully maximize the +70% magic pen if life is above 70%.

Thunder belt is the counterpart of Calamity Reaper. But I agree that they should increase the %mhp damage on its passive. Calamity even deals more damage than Thunder Belt :'D lolxd
 Author| Post time 2021-4-16 03:45 PM | Show all posts
May I assumed that most of my suggestion are being noticed?
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