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[Hero Techniques] Miya Guide

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Miya Guide

Though Elves enjoy remarkably long lives, they do not possess immortal bodies. Throughout the long history of the Land of Dawn, This gentle and fragile race endured great pain and suffering before finally making their home in the Azrya Woodlands. Miya lived through all of this.

Born at the end of the era of strife, Miya bore witness to the indescribable tragedies that befell the Elves in the endless war, Followed the Moon Goddess to salvation, then personally experienced the second continental war with the humans, and witnessed many of her people degenerate into Dark Elves after the corruption of the abyss defiled the Shadow Swamp.

Devastated by the ill fate of her race and the scars of war, Miya dreamt of a peaceful life, and this dream finally came true when the Moon Goddess used all her strength to create the Lunar Aegis, sheltering the Elves of the Azrya Woodlands and allowing them to thrive under the aegis's protection.

After this, the Moon Goddess entered a deep slumber, and Miya became a member of the priesthood. For thousands of years, she served in the Luna Temple with absolute piety, praying for the reawakening of the Moon Goddess and that the Goddess would one day be able to protect the disaster-stricken Elves forever.

However, this period in her life was destined to come to an end. With the continuous expansion of the abyss and the demons, the fog of war once again shrouded the Land of Dawn. When the humans and the abyssal demons fell into a stalemate, conflict arose among the Elves in their attitudes toward the war. The faction headed by the Elf King, Estes, believed that the evil abyss would bring disaster to the whole continent, and the Elves must take the initiative to destroy the demons.

Many other Elves believed that their people had suffered enough, and should not become embroiled in war ever again, instead living safely within the borders of the Azrya Woodlands under the protection of the Moon Goddess's Aegis. What Estes just couldn't understand was that his sister, Miya, was on the opposite side of this internal conflict. Though she cherished peace, Miya still firmly remembered the last mandate of the Moon Goddess - to protect her own people, no matter what. Therefore, she did not want to see any more Elven lives sacrificed in the name of righteousness.

In the end, the vast majority of the Elves chose to defend the Azrya Woodlands, but little did they know, they were ushering in another catastrophe. The Lunar Aegis possessed the power to prevent the spread of corruption in their domain, but it could not stop the powerful demon army. In order to attack the Moniyan Empire, the demon army bypassed the insurmountable Lantis Mountains and chose to set out from the Shadow Swamp, invading the Moniyan Plains from the Moonlit Forest.

In the face of the sudden demon army invasion, although the Elves put up a tenacious resistance, the demon army swept through the Moonlit Forest. The King of Fire Demons, Thamuz, set fire to the Tree of Life, upon which many Elves resided, raining an inferno of death upon the forest.

Miya blamed herself for the tragedy. She wanted to protect her people by avoiding war, but her inaction resulted in an even bigger greater sacrifice. And so, she prayed day and night in the Luna Temple, hoping that the great Moon Goddess could grant her enlightenment and guide her in the difficult path forward.

However, the sleeping Moon Goddess did not grant Miya the enlightenment she sought, and the light of the Moonlit Forest became dimmer by the day. Estes and some of the other Elves began to weaken as a result of the waning lunar energy. In the distance, the orcs and demons led by Balmond gathered in the Stormeye Wastelands. This time, their target was not the Moniyan Empire, but the Moonlit Forest itself.

With the great Moon Goddess still asleep, and the strength of Estes declining, Miya had no choice. Whether she was prepared or not, war had finally found her once more. She was forced to shoulder the duties of the Priestess of the Moon and lead her people to defend their homeland. When the sound of the orc war drums could be heard approaching, the troops of the Moonlit Forest also sounded a horn that had not been heard for thousands of years. Miya, the Priestess of the Moon, took up her silver bow, and joined her people to fight in the moonlight.

"Great Moon Goddess, if war should come to this land, sacrifice cannot be avoided. Please give me the strength, courage, and faith to protect my people and our homeland!"


Role: Marksman

Speciality: Reap | Damage (Specialty)

Laning Recommendation: Gold Laner



Moon Blessing
Passive | BUFF
Each time Miya hits a target with her Basic Attack, her Attack Speed will be increased by 5%. This effect stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 4 seconds.

After reaching full stacks, Miya summons a Moonlight Shadow To aid her on each Basic Attack, dealing 30 (+30% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

The damage dealt by the Moonlight Shadow can crit, but doesn't carry attack effects.

Moon Arrow
Mana Cost
80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130
First Skill | BUFF | AoE
Miya splits her Basic Attack into three arrows for 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 seconds, dealing 10 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the main target and 30% of the Physical Damage to secondary targets.

Both arrows carry attack effects.

Arrow of Eclipse
Mana Cost
80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130
Second Skill | CC | AoE
Miya calls upon the power of Moon Eclipse and launches an empowered arrow in the designated area that upon landing, the empowered arrow deals 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 / 240 (+45% Total Physical Attack) to enemies in the area, immobilizing enemies in the area for 1.2 seconds, and splitting into 8 minor arrows that scatter on the ground, with each minor arrow dealing 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 (+15% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing enemies hit by 30% for 2 seconds.

Hidden Moonlight
45.0 / 36.0 / 26.0
Mana Cost
120 / 145 / 170
Ultimate Skill | Conceal | Burst
Miya removes all her debuffs right away, conceals herself and increases Movement Speed by 35% / 50% / 65% for up to 2 seconds.

Miya also immediately gains full stacks of Moon Blessing.

When Miya attacks while concealed, she will immediately reveal herself and end her concealment.

Marksman Emblem

◇ Attributes
+12.50% (+7.5%+5.00%)
+8.60 (+5%+3.6%)
◇ Subtalents
Subtalent_-_Fatal_1.png 3/3
Subtalent_-_Swift_2.png 3/3
◇ Talents
Weapon Master
Marksman_Talent_-_Weapon_Master.png 1/1


Swift_Boots.png Berserker%27s_Fury.png Scarlet_Phantom.png Haas%27s_Claws.png Windtalker.png Blade_of_Despair.png



Countered by:

Akai.png Lancelot.png Hayabusa.png


Nana.png Guinevere.png Grock.png

Best Teammates:

Estes.png Odette.png Tigreal.png

How to use Miya:
  • Aim Arrow of Eclipse (2nd Skill) on enemy as accurate as possible
  • When 2nd Skill hits enemy, use Moon Arrow (First Skill) and start basic attacking
  • Use ultimate when your damage is not enough to kill enemy, or use it when enemy CC you.

  • I cannot stress how important Miya's attack speed and crit rate is, especially in early game and late game.
  • Miya's ultimate can be used to have a faster attacking speed, I use it a lot in crowd fights.
  • I use flicker because it can help her avoid any CC skills that needs to be avoided.

Wise Choice~

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So gooooddd and I am newbie here

How can I open thread ?
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how can i make a thread? when i try and make one it says im not allowed to do so. Can anyone help me?
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OMARION. replied at 2021-4-7 03:34 AM
So gooooddd and I am newbie here

How can I open thread ?

SuuuLayne replied at 2021-4-7 06:59 PM
how can i make a thread? when i try and make one it says im not allowed to do so. Can anyone help me ...

Hello, please click on Forum on the top and then click into a forum that you're making a thread on and then click on new.
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