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[Lore & Novel] An Offering to the King [ Martis and Lady Shura, Miya, Alucard, Tigreal, Nana ]

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Edited by SnowFallDoodles at 2021-1-4 06:44 PM

Martis - An Offering to the King

Martis - An Offering to the King

Notes: This is the first of a two-part story.

1. Art of Neight - Base
2. Polishing, additional paint over, layout, story - me


“Flowers?” Alucard raised a brow incredulously. “You want… flowers?”

“Your gold and metals have no value in my realm, mortal,” Martis spoke with condescension. “I do not need your plebeian wares.”

“I’m sure you don’t,” Alucard examined the Ashura King from head to toe. Everything from his sharpened pauldron down to his plated shoes gave Martis a menacing aura. “I just didn’t think you were the type to be into ‘flowers’...”

“WHAT ARE YOU INSINUATING?!” Martis growled as he tightened his grip on his blades and lunged forward. Miya drew her arm protectively over Alucard and Tigreal, both of whom had taken a defensive stance.

“Enough! We’ve had enough bloodshed today!” Miya turned to Nana who had cowered behind her. “Nana, go fetch a fresh bouquet from the garden. Quickly now!”

Nana nodded and ran back to the palace. Martis yielded, banishing his blades back to the underworld. He walked to a nearby pile of dead orcs he slew and sat on their corpses.

The cawing of scavengers filled the night as the surviving Moniyans tended to the wounded and buried their fallen brothers-in-arms. Despite being a few feet away, the Ashura King’s menacing aura filled the men with dread. The king sat very still, his glowing red eyes quietly observing the soldiers. The blood of those he maimed still dripped from his hair and body.

Martis was neither friend nor foe; he only allied with the Moniyans out of spite for the demons. Many moons ago, the Abyss had tried to penetrate Arcadheim, the mythical realm beyond the stars. They were met by a thousand Ashura warriors led by the King himself. The war-bred clan easily won the campaign, but Martis pursued those who survived his wrath. He followed them to the Land of Dawn where his black heart delighted in the endless chaos.

His quest for retribution led him here, to the east capital of the Moniyan Empire. The region had been under siege from Balmond’s Army for days. Miya, who was sent to deliver a message from her brother to the Moniyan king, helped with the defense along with Alucard, Tigreal, and Nana. However, the relentless attacks were taking a toll on them and their soldiers.

Out of nowhere, the Ashura King appeared and single-handedly decimated entire fleets of demons. With unimaginable strength harnessed from the underworld, he instantly tipped the scale in favor of the Moniyan Empire.

Miya knew they owed their victory to Martis. Still, she couldn’t wait to be rid of him.

“I don’t trust him,” Tigreal whispered to her and Alucard as they stole glances at the Ashura King, who remained eerily still. “I sense he will turn on us at any moment.”

“He reminds me of those gargoyle statues carved on worship shrines,” Alucard replied. “Their eyes were blank but I felt them following me everywhere. Gave me goosebumps. The priestess claimed they were sacred protectors with good intentions despite looking hideous. I did not believe her.”

Distracted by their discussion, the three did not immediately notice Nana’s return. With child-like innocence, she ran straight to Martis. Miya tried to stop her but the young Leonin was quick on her feet.

Nana happily presented the fresh bouquet, proud for having picked the most beautiful blooms from the garden.

“Here are your flowers, Mister King! I hope you like them!”

Tigreal, Alucard, and Miya held their breaths. They all held their weapons in anticipation as the king took the flowers.

Martis examined the bouquet then shifted his cold gaze to Nana. A chill ran down the young Leonin’s spine as his glowering eyes fell on her. She whimpered, suddenly realizing how vulnerable she was. She could only close her eyes as the king reached out his hand to her. His sharp black nails were the last thing she saw.

“Nana!” Miya exclaimed as she dashed forward. Tigreal and Alucard followed.

Suddenly… Nana felt a gentle pat on her head.

“The woman would have liked this child”, Martis thought. He sneered at the image of Lady Shura pestering him to let her keep the Leonin.

Martis stood up and left for home, ignoring the group’s action that betrayed their trust in him. He would have indulged their challenge, but he deemed them all unworthy of his prowess.

They watched the king walk away, holding the bouquet callously over his shoulder. Some of the petals and leaves began to fall off the stalks.

“You should be more careful with those -”

Miya shook her head at Alucard, silencing him.

“Leave him alone. He does not look like a man who cares for fragile things.”

(To be Continued...)

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wow its so well made i thought i was reading a novel wow most fan stories dont have such a in-depth description about the characters action, thoughts and words. dude ru a writer?
 Author| Post time 2021-1-4 06:19 PM | Show all posts
yaoting replied at 2021-1-4 05:50 PM
wow its so well made i thought i was reading a novel wow most fan stories dont have such a in-depth  ...

Thank you, I'm very happy you like it! And yes, I am a writer :)
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SnowFallDoodles replied at 2021-1-4 06:19 PM
Thank you, I'm very happy you like it! And yes, I am a writer :)

also dam why isnt lady shura in the game
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I love it!
 Author| Post time 2021-1-14 09:56 AM | Show all posts

Aaaw thank you dear <3 <3 <3
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