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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.5.46 [Advanced Server]

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New Hero

Paquito, the Heavenly Fist, will be available on January 15th (Server Time).

Diamond 599. Battle Point 32,000.




Physical Attack Growth: 1313.5



Due to her Skill 2, the sustainability of her team was overpowered in the late game, so we decided to slightly weaken it, while increasing the damage of Ultimate to keep the balance.

Skill 2(↓):

Shield and Movement Speed Increase: 4s→3s


Magic Power Bonus of Damage dealt by Wisps: 10%12.5%

Added a warning indicator for Skill 1's area of effect damage.



We reverted one attribute of her Passive to increase her sustainability in battle.


Defense stolen from enemies: 5-106.4-12

Optimized recommended Builds.



In the last patch, we increased Ling's Energy Regen to offset the effect of the burst nerf. However, this adjustment brought about a much bigger effect in the Official Server than the Advanced Server. Considering the overall balance, we decided to revert this boost from 2 to 1. We are deeply sorry for all inconvenience caused. We will be more sensible and careful in assessing every adjustment to avoid similar problems.


Base Energy Regen: 54

Total Energy Regen while upon a wall: 109




Base Shield: 400250



As a Fighter, Jawhead has stronger early-game sustainability and higher burst damage than Tanks, which often restricts the use of some Tanks. Therefore, we adjusted his early- and late-game Max HP to better fit his role as a Fighter.


Base HP: 27782658

HP Growth: 215223



We optimized the targeting of Skill 1, Puncture.



Considering the flexibility and mid- and late-game advantage of Skill 1, we decided to reduce its damage and increase other attributes.

Skill 1(↑):

Ratio of Shield after enhanced: 100%110%

Skill 2(↓):

Base Damage: 250-600 + 120% Physical Attack → 250-550 + 100% Physical Attack

Enhanced Damage: 400-960 + 204% Physical Attack → 400-880 + 150% Physical Attack


Damage of the first strike: 125-175 + 25% Physical Attack → 250-350 + 50% Physical Attack

[Revamped Argus]


We have updated his model, movements and special effects, improved graphics and made his skill performance smoother.


With the development and changes we have been making in MLBB, the gameplay of some heroes may have been changed gradually as well, according to their original role settings. To make things clearer to our players, especially new players, we are planning to make optimizations in the following aspects on a regular basis:

Balmond: Tank/Fighter → Fighter

Ruby: Tank/Fighter → Fighter/Tank

Lapu-Lapu: Fighter/Assassin →Fighter

1. Paquito's skin "Death Blow" will be available on January 15th (Server Time). Diamond 269. Launch week 30% OFF.

Paquito and skin "Death Blow" will be in a bundle and available on January 15th (Server Time). Launch week 30% OFF

2. Clint's skin "Shadow Omen" will be obtainable from the M2 Tournament Pass event, starting on January 12th.

3. Fragment Shop Adjustments on January 13th (Server Time)

a. Rare Skin Fragment Shop:

Will be available: Guinevere "Lotus", Claude "Plunderous Pirate", Fanny "Royal Cavalry", Moskov "Snake Eye Commander", Akai "Akazonae Samurai", Alice "Steam Glider"

Will be unavailable: Karina "Black Pearl", Clint "Rock and Roll", Angela "Shanghai Maiden", Argus "Dark Draconic", Karrie "Dragon Queen", Lunox "Ash Blossom"

b. Hero Fragment Shop:

Will be available: Aurora, Ling, Harith, Lapu-Lapu, Hilda, Clint

Will be unavailable: Valir, Chang'e, Karrie, Benedetta, Atlas, Guinevere

4. 8 Free Heroes: Server Time 1/8/2021 05:01:00 to 1/15/2021 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)

Bane, Atlas, Akai, Harley, Kimmy, Martis, Kadita, Khufra

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Alucard, Pharsa, Vexana, Vale, Esmeralda, Ling

5. Magic Chess Pass will be updated on January 30th. Purchase to get the new Starlight Skin "Astrologer Buss" and new Chessboard "Silent Ridge".

1. Added a general special effect to the following heroes when revealing a target's position with skills:

Hayabusa, Aldous, Mathilda, Yi Sun-shin, Moskov, Argus, Nana, Angela, Gusion, Chang'e, Kaja, Belerick, Granger, Terizla, Wanwan, Silvanna, Carmilla, Atlas, Popol and Kupa, Barats

2. Optimized heroes' movements when killing minions.



Because of the previous patch, we managed to make it more difficult for either side to get the buff. However, even though we enhanced Turtle's defense, it was often killed within only 3 minutes. Therefore, to make it more challenging when taking on the Turtle from the beginning, we adjusted its defense again in this patch. The defense of Turtle now scales with time.

Physical and Magic Defense: 80 → 15 +10 (scales with time)

Fixed the issue that caused the minions on the two side lanes to switch sides occasionally after Turtle was killed. The Exp Lane and Gold Lane don't change after a match begins.

1. M2 Event: Available from January 12th to 30th. Complete tasks to collect M2 Coins in the event and exchange them for great rewards!

2. Battle Night: Available on January 30th. Tons of rewards, including skins of Basic quality and above, are coming!

3. Recharge Event Upgrade

All-new First Recharge Event and Renew Event will begin on January 12th. More than 3 optional rewards will be offered for you to choose one from!

a. Make the first recharge to choose one out of multiple permanent heroes for FREE in the First Recharge Event!

b. Make recharges to choose one out of multiple permanent skins for FREE in the Renew Event!

1. Optimized the Appeal procedure for players reported after a match.

Moved "Arcade Mode" to the top right corner in the mode selection interface.


1. Fixed the issue that interrupted Jawhead's Recall when any teammate was purchasing potions.

2. Fixed the issue where Lesley's Ultimate didn't end after its first few bullets killed Atlas in his Ejected State.

3. Fixed the display issue of the Skill Indicator of Clint's Skill 2 on the mini map.

4. Fixed the issue where enemies could hear Benedetta charge her skill in the bush.

5. Fixed the issue where Mathilda got stuck after casting her Ultimate.

6. Fixed the issue where Belerick's Passive didn't affect his HP obtained from Emblems before purchasing any Equipment in a match.

7. Fixed the issue where skills didn't affect the Attack offered by the Marksman Emblem "Weapon Master" before players purchased any Equipment in a match.

8. Fixed the issue that caused the special effects of Turtle Buff and Wind of Nature to replay abnormally.

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