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[Lore & Novel] Eudora - Know yourself

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Identity cannot be found or fabricated but emerges from within when one has the courage to let go and accept
- unknown

While they have been merging into human society for many years, and their presence and habits are becoming closer to those of human beings, many Monyans still remain aggressive and suspicious of the Light Elves. It was in a village with ethnic strife that Eudora grew up.

Owing to its similarity to the Monastery of Light, most of the inhabitants in this village followed the obsolete teachings of the monastery and were unfriendly to the Light Elves. The stereotypes of the older generation often influenced the children of the village, and Eudora was mocked and ridiculed by her peers for her odd eyes and pointed ears as long as she could recall, which caused her to grow into a delicate and withdrawn young Elf. She didn't have any mates, and her only companion was a modest Silver Song vine.

Lonely little Eudora must have stood beside this flower for hours at the end, expressing all her troubles and joys with her.

Her only friend, though, was ultimately killed by the vicious children of the village. A group of teenagers, who always mocked Eudora, spied Eudora one day talking to her floral pal, and uprooted her on a gloomy afternoon, then bragged about it to everyone who would listen. When Eudora saw what they had done, she couldn't hold in her tears. All the years of anger and violence poured out of her body in the form of sheer fury, distilled into the force of lightning, and she nearly collapsed the nearby buildings.

This was the awakening of Eudora's dormant magical power, but because of this event, her family had to flee the village and find a new home.

Eudora kept the weight of this traumatic experience with her as she grew up, and this mental imbalance gradually became a significant hurdle in her struggle to control her magical strength. Any time someone attempted to offend her on the basis of her beauty, the magic power in Eudora's body spiraled out of balance, leaving her family with no choice but to move on to find another home.

Their nomadic lifestyle eventually came to an end when they settled in Northern Moniyan. A teacher from the Academy of Sorcery, named Theresa, noticed Eudora's magical ability and agreed to send her to school to begin her formal education in the arcane arts. While she did not want to be separated from her kin, Eudora gladly welcomed the invitation of Theresa and enrolled in the Magic Academy, becoming an apprentice in the Ulturia Academy.

Under the instruction of Theresa, Eudora absorbed all sorts of magical wisdom, and soon perfected the most powerful magic that Theresa had to teach her. As time passed, she eventually developed from a young apprentice to one of the most excellent magic teachers at Ulturia University. She grew her hair long, trying to conceal her elven ears. Even though she was respected by all who knew her, the scars of her youth still lurked in her heart.

When Eudora's mentor Theresa, head of Ulturia Academy, was about to leave, she revealed to the public that Eudora would take over. Yet surprisingly, this decision provoked a great deal of debate. Never in the history of the Academy of Magic had the Elf ever been the head of the Magic School and joined the academic council. Some still felt this was a betrayal of the great prophet.

All this time, Eudora had assumed that she would never be subject to racism at the hands of the Academy of Sorcery, but the suspicions that had arisen at the declaration of this news had thrown her heart into chaos. The cloud of her youth was thrown over her again. Massive lightning balls, carrying her heavy memories, fell to the floor, bringing an immediate end to the handover process, and all the trust that Eudora had managed to create over the years.

She agreed to give up her assigned position as head of the Ulturia School and was prepared to abandon the Academy of Magic to pursue a new home where she could live away from prejudice. But Theresa stopped Eudora in her tracks and gave her a Truesight Mirror, which helped her to see her true self.

"Only that which you care about can truly hurt you."

"You care about your race, you care about your appearance... and so you care about what the others say."

Eudora stood in front of the mirror for a day and a night. The nightmarish childhood memory and all the questions about the handover ceremony arose from her one by one. The light in her eyes shone brilliantly, and there was no end in sight of the electricity inside her. Just when she was on the brink of bursting, it slowly dissipated, and all that left as she looked back in the mirror was the cool, sharp-eared Elf she had been running away from.

Now she understood herself, and at last she had learnt to face herself with calm in her bones.

Eudora cut off her long hair, which she had been growing for many years, and lifted her elven ears high and proud. She promised to go back to Ulturia Academy and tell all those who did not embrace her: I know who I am, and one day you will find out who I am going to be.


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