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[Ranking Tips] Tips for RANK

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Tips forrank
1.      Thegame starts before it starts, in the draft pick. Most of us play solo so I wontadvise to find friends because I know how hard it is. Be ready to tank, but notto tank terrible. If you will just feed as a tank then its better to have no tank,seriously. Pick a basic mage like Valir and buy the mask. Learn how to tank andbe good with at least two tanks. I don’t recommend Franko, he is hard. LearnMinotaur or Tigreal. It could be Grock or Baxia.
2.      Atleast one of the 5 needs the mask, which means he will be next to the carrierthe WHOLE game. The most important part of the mask wearer is the early game.Make sure the carrier gets 2 buffs without losing health.
3.      Youneed a strong and stable carrier, pick a strong hero and a player with good statsfor this role.
4.      Pickstrong meta heros, pick Brody if you want to be the marksman, don’t pickIrithiel. Want to be fighter? Learn Paquito or Chou, they have mobility andhigh damage. Please don’t pick Sun. Don’t pick Vexana! I know you love them andthey are your “main” but the team will be weaker and in disadvantage.
5.      Pickheros you know, don’t pick Brody just because he is available. We don’t need amarksman who has never played marksman, with a hero he has never played.
6.      Playclassic too! Don’t just play rank. Play classic and practise other roles andother heros. This is where you would learn Brody before playing him in rank.
7.      1-3-1is the only strategy right now, 2-2-1 doesn’t work, unless both teams do this.In case one has 1-3-1 and the other one 2-2-1, the trio moving top and bot willeventually kill the solo laners.
8.      PROTIP: the only messages you need are ATTACK THE LORD, DON’T ATTACK THE LORD, BOTor MID or TOP LANE CAREFUL, ENEMY MISSING, COME AND TAKE BUFF, ULTIMATE READY,ULTIMATE NOT READY. That’s it, those are the only useful messages, we don’treally need you to ping the HAPPY NEW YEAR, or the THANK YOU every time ateammate dies. These messages actually help the team, you can save teammatesjust by shouting TOP LANE CAREFUL and a ping in the map too.
9.      JUNGLEis very important, right now junglers get less experience from lane minions,and get extra experience with jungle monsters, you need to respect their jungleso they can make money. Same with buff, don’t just take the buff because itsthere. Heroes like fighters who don’t need mana MUST NOT take the blue buff. Ifits just for the money, you get more money from a minion lane than a buff.
10.  Mapis really really important. If you don’t see enemies in the map, don’t push.Chances are you will be killed when trying. Its ok to defend the tower, its notok to push. Its too risky. I think Im obsessed with the map cause I have beenplaying hanzo the last 500 games. I see the mini map more than my hero area.Usually there are 3 mid, one offlaner BUT the problem is when you don’t seethose 3, if you are pushing they will go to you to defend their tower.
11.  After15 000 games I finally get it, there are different stages in the game and youmust identify each one.
a)     Earlygame. Its all about jungling fast, getting buffs. Its hard to get kills, unlessyou have a jawhead or a Franko, and the enemy is playing aggressive. Otherwiseyou cant kill anyone, not even with execute, so don’t try to kill. Jungle fastand don’t be killed.
b)     Level4. Once your carrier gets his ultimate its time to try to kill, but just alittle. Its so easy to be killed when trying to kill. But we are still in earlygame, so here you need to keep JUNGLING, don’t try to destroy towers, YOU CANTDESTROY TOWERS.
c)      Noyellow shield. Once the yellow shield is gone, you can start poking towers, butdon’t try to destroy it in one push. It usually takes 2 or 3 waves to destroythe first turret because at this point you only have one item, maybe 2. Nexttowers are easier to destroy because you have 3 or more items. So here you canstart pushing towers but just a little. Your intention is to distract theenemy, not to push a lane, not yet. Here the jungle is still more important.Remember that mid game or late game the enemy can destroy all the turrets andeven the base in one good wipe out, this is why you don’t want to die.
d)     Midgame. It starts right after the yellow shield is gone and finish when you getsuper minions. It could be a long phase or relatively fast, depending on howwell a team pushes. Here you decide if you want to play smart andstrategically, and go for turrets, not kills. You can also choose to go forteamfights and get kills (which leads to automatic turrets by minions). You cango for turrets, kills or a mix of both. There are heros for each style.Assassins get kills, masha zhask claude can get towers, Atlas is 100%teamfights, Masha and Hilda cant participate in teamfights,
e)     Lategame. Jungle is not important anymore. Its so annoying to see people junglingafter a wipe out or when they are already full set. Late game is all aboutclearing minions first so they push a little, or get the tower in a second.Even tanks can get towers fast late game. I hate seeing people getting theirbuff first and then defend what is left of the turret. First you clear thewave, then and ONLY THEN you get your buff.
12.  Lord.Don’t get lord if you only killed one enemy. 5 vs 4 is still not safe becausethe lord will hurt you all before you can kill him, this is when the 4 enemiesshow up, kill you all and steal the lord. You need to see the enemy in the map,defendind their towers very very far away from you. You also need to calculatehow long it will take you to kill lord because the enemy will try to steal itfor sure. I hate losing a game just because a bad decision from one person. Ithas happened to me so many times.
13.  Gank.One good gank to the right enemy is enough to finish a game. Some heros likeEudora an Aurora are very easy to master. Heroes like Chou and Gusion can killmore but they are the hardest to master. That is alone, but in pairs it iseasier. Usually as khufra I can kill alone, but in case I have a teammate with me,it’s a kill for sure. The bad thing about ganking is that you need to hide, whichmeans you are not jungling or clearing waves. If nobody shows up around youafter 30 seconds it might be better to clear waves.
14.  Learnfrom your enemy. Did they killed you more than twice, three enemies whoappeared out of nowhere? Then they will do that again, probably. Did you lose aone vs one fight? Bad news, after you die you will be even weaker. Next timeyou see that person just run away, ignore his messages or emoticons. Playsmart. Don’t get your revenge, get the game! Are you getting more kills but theenemy is getting your towers? Bad news man, you are not winning. The game iswon by towers, not by kills. A couple of kills mean nothing, really. Towers areeverything! Is there only one enemy who is super strong and nobody can fighthim? Don’t fight him alone. You need to be at least two and you need to stunhim first. If not even 2 can kill him, just ignore him and focus on towers.Later on you might have a chance to fight him 3 vs 1 and kill him, or not. Justget the towers. Are you losing all the teamfights casue they have more CC or anEstes? Well, you guess right, avoid the teamfight. Just clear the wave and stayunder the turret or run to the next tower (they might even dive in and kill youunder your own tower).  Be smart andlearn from your enemy.
15.  Finalthoughts. Some heros are too strong, even in the nooob hands. A full set Layla cankill everyone even if she fed the whole game. She doesn’t even need to aim toshoot (like Granger). Protect your Layla and help her get all her items even ifshe was negative at the beginning or if she fed the whole game. Cecilion andAldous have stacks, every minute they get stronger, late game they will be anightmare even for tanks. Range heros are dangerous, Chang with ice wand is anightmare. Stun is important, you need stun in your team and maybe pufiry spellif the enemy has many stuns.

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What is your server?

Just, from my experience- 2/1/2 > 1/3/1. For sure, its depends of picks, player mapping skill and strategy. As defined different server to server. So where are you?
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My advice for solo players is to learn to carry the whole team. When you solo you are expected to carry and win. If you cannot carry then help the teammate that can carry to farm. Buy mask and do not last hit all his jungle monsters as well as his minions. He needs gold to buy items so he can carry the team to victory.
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Very good tips...but only if you have at least 2 or 3 normal teammates. And you will get 2-3 normal teammates in every 5th or 10th game. Some friendly corrections here mate:

1) This is the most important part of the game. DRAFT is a place where you will know will you have chance to win or not. You just can't carry 1 troll and 1 kid who picked Hanabi with 20 games. It's not impossible but you need a huge amount of luck to win those "wasting-my-time" games. So if you have troll and kid with 20 games who pick carry, don't play your mains. If you are into this game for long time, you will know from draft/picks what can happen in the game, so if there are 2 useless players(mentioned above) in your team, try to practice some heroes you play less. By practice I mean if your team need tank - practice some tank that is not your main etc.

2) About mask and roam. I even saw many pro players who don't know one simple thing about roaming: YOU NEED ONLY 1 MASK AT THE START. Buy 2 masks if you are on same lane, otherwise you will be stacked at level 1 for a long time. I played many games where tank and supp are on different lanes and they both bought mask at the start and they were both lvl 1 for a long time.

3) I disagree with picking Brody before Irithel, but that's just my opinion. For Brody, you need time to learn him and Irithel is ez to play and she still has good dmg in late game.

6) Play classic if you have 1 friend to supp you in practicing, otherwise, it is waste of time. In almost every Classic you will have minimum 1 afk in team, sometimes more than 2, you will have 2-3 junglers and you will be happy if someone wants to practice Johnson.

9) I think this was one of biggest mistakes MLBB made. Jungle role is slowly killing the game. Many players think that any hero in game now can be jungler. Those nubs who were fighting for Granger and MM role few seasons ago, now play junglers. They are egoist persons who like more kills and buffs than victory. Now they using retribution on any hero which comes to their mind. I saw Badang, Alpha, Dyrroth, Sun as junglers...Jungler needs to be a hero who has big damage in mid and late game, who can erase 2-3 heroes in a second.

e) - This. This is in my opinion most important part of game after draft. I lost 1k+ games because of situations where we whipped out enemies and instead of taking Lord and split pushing towers, you see how 2 of your main dmg dealers in team coming back from enemies base to take buffs and jungle. They have full build, even a potion and they don't care for Lord or pushing. Than, they attack Lord after all enemies respawned and got destroyed.
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In the end, you would still get teammates telling you, you must adjust and they take your role. Everyone asks for tank and no one plays tank. Even when there is a tank, there are tanks that just won’t tank at all and just stands behind marksman and tells me that I am going too far when that is all we do as marksman, be offensive and push them to their turret, but my tanks dont do that and make me tank. Then the tank goes top lane and help Guinevere, while enemy tank is still helping their marksman and I am trying to farm and no one helped and I get ganked and they call it feeding. In the chat, my teammates are all blaming me the MM for the lose, even though there was a Hanzo that took my red and my crab several times and he expects me to carry. My teammates in top lane just kept igniating teammfights without me  for no reason. I explaimed to them that I can’t farm because Hanzo took my red and my crab a several times and the tank won’t tank for me so what can I even do when I am 1v2.  I told them look at enemy MM gold and my gold, 3k difference and I need to try to catch up and there they go igniating teamfights again. And then we lose.
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You can actually carry your teammates using Diggie as a tank, or maybe Silvanna. Just let your core farm untill level 4 then you can easily catch enemy using Diggie's 2nd skill or Silvanna's Ult.
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