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100 ways to lose
After todas3 losses in Rank I threw my pone to the Wall. Its ok, I have a military topnotch case which protects it from zombies atomic bombs and any other danger.
Don’t youlove to lose a game in the most silly way? Like for example, today when we gotsuper minions mid, and I just needed to push top then bot, just one last turretin each lane. Then our Miya decides to get lord alone with only 3 items. Shekind of was getting it, Saber saw her and decided to help her but Miya wasexecuted by lord. Saber almost got it but enemy Lancelot came, killed Saber andgot Lord. You might aks “why didn’t the other 3 help them?” well, one was deadfrom a successful push. I got super minions mid as I mentioned and then usedARRIVAL to push top. After that miya thought the wisest thing was to take lordalone. Even if I had run from the top it would have been to late. Anyway, afterthat we had to defend but we were only 3 vs 5 plus lord. Of course they go ALLTHE FREAKING TOWERS TOP AND BOTTOM, it was more than 10 mins, which means eventanks have the strength to destroy towers with one minion. They had superminions in all the lanes, I told them to defend but they wanted to fight. I wasdefending base and they all wanted to push mid… Lost the game of course. Nosurprise I was zhask with 7 kills only died 2, Most damage and most towers. Itwas an easy game, I was going to get super minions top and then bottom. Orarrive to their base in a surprise attack and win the game…
Next game Iwas tank, because nobody wants to tank and I have 4000 tank games in myprofile, of course I had to be tank. I was tank. Unfortunately we had a Balmondwho is main mage and marksman, and a Luo Yi who is main fighter. They were 2-9,both of them. They complained about me, the tank, with 3-2. Maybe they wantedme to die with them, but it was kind of similar to the other game. TOWERS OVERKILLS please, the game is about towers not kills. I hate when people want tofight no matter what. Its horrible to see our towers being attacked and theclosest ally is next to the tower, getting the buff. After he gets the buff heclears minions, but tower is gone by the way. Dude, seriously, you get moremoney by clearing the wave first, then the buff!! Its 3 minions plus buff, ANDyou still have your tower COME ON!!! People think just because Im a tank I willfollow them and support their stupid decisions. Guess what, NO. I will defendthe base first, then go where I am needed. Why do people love to start fightswithout a tank? Do it if your hero has poking or dash skills so you can escape.
Basic rulesplease, everybody EVERYBODY must know:
-Don’t starta teamfight without your damage dealer or tank.
-If youneed to choose between buff and tower, choose tower THEN BUFF.
-If thereare no enemies in the mini map BE CAREFUL. There is a big chance they arecoming to gank you.
-Don’t overpush, there is no hurry in destroying the tower, you can get it in the nextpush.
-There isno real need for lord. If you are winning without the lord just keep doing whatyou are doing. And if you go for it you need to kill at least 2 enemies first.If you cant solo lord don’t go for it, maybe your teammates want to push, not to get lord. There is nothingmore stupid than being executed by lord. And then giving it to the enemy… omg Iswear.
I alwayscheck the best and the worst players after a match. I cant really blame thecompany for all the bad matchmaking. For example, this last balmond had like 50games with balmond, less than 50% win rate. He was main mage, with 3 mages morethan 500 games each mage… why balmond?? Was he trying to play something safe?He ended up 2-9 with no damage no towers… Same with the Luo Yi. 10 DEATHS FORGODS SAKE. That’s just people being stupid, not a bad matchmanking. The worstthing is they are good players in other roles, they just decided to trysomething new, not even to adapt.
I also gota terrible saber. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. I had the mask, I was tank, but I had moremoney than him. He was trying to help during clash, but couldn’t get the kills.He wasn’t jungling because of that, at the end he was the one with most deathsless kills less damage… That’s not the matchmaking fault, that is one playerfault.
Matchmakingproblem is when you have an ex mythical glory with 10 k games, with high winrate, but currently legend, fighting vs a new epic highest epic V, with lessthan 1000 games. That is the matchmaking problem. Another issue of thematchmaking is putting 5 people together, 3 of them main marksman and onlymarksman, and none of the 5 has ever played tank, vs a very balanced team ofmain mage, main tank, main mm, main fighter, main fighter. That is matchmakingproblem.
Whatever, Iwont play rank anymore today, I will try tomorrow. I will go to play classic inmy second account, 600 games win rate of 80%. That’s more fun than doing mybest in my main account in rank. Seccond account Im assassin or fighter, I cancarry.

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what an essay man
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I only read your first paragraph tbh. Not just you, but me too had a lose streak 10x for 2 days. This is so weird. Not just playing as duo or trio but solo rank too. The matchmaker is very weird and so many mythic players are trollers.
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Its not a matchmaking problem. Its totally correct work. But you just don't know what you want or just talking about. You want to win. Isnt you? Also, you want to progress you rank. Take mythical glory etc.

But you tell about to play with only a equal skill players. If you do - you ALWAYS, ALWAYS have 50% winrate. This is the reason, why ranks have reset every season. As reasult you will play with team that weaker than you. As reasult you may have 60-80% winrate. And can carry game by self. But also, some time team just fail game for you.

For sure, true MMR system(like chsess) will never reset. But this is really boring for computer(and mobile) games. Like you will play without any reward for all time. just play for nothing.
You may make "hiden mmr" and never reset it, but its make it worst. You will have 50% on epic and never break it. And up even legends will be really, really hard for you.

So. All of you tell about - not a problem. Just side effect of system that you like.
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Edited by Anand at 2021-2-16 10:37 AM

I lost one game too in mythic rank.

My team has no map sense. That's right, mythic players without map sense.

They let enemies take all the towers and increase their farm in early game. Then the enemies started dominating and killed all those nop teammates. We lost all the towers within 10 minutes and lost

Then they started trashtalking me "useless mm", "nob no.1" etc

I really hate teaming up with such nop players without any map sense
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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I read half of the post tbh but from what I read, yea I can relate for sure.Solo ranking into a PUG group is always a gamble because you never know how others gonna play and sometimes it can be so frustrating and makes you wonder "how the hell these people made it this far?!?!"
Hey, it's what it is I guess lol

Here one thing a support user that irks me, for ex when I'm Rafaela and i'm coming over to heal someone and they are clearly running away from their chaser.. instead running towards me they run the other way or when i;m angela and use my ult and that person runs away from battle.
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Anand replied at 2021-2-16 10:36 AM
I lost one game too in mythic rank.

My team has no map sense. That's right, mythic players without  ...

I agree, Why From beginning all started crying no mm, No MM.
If you pick mm, rest of team will report you for using mm.

If we can't pick mm, why is mm in game?
let me tell you other thing.

I saw many match where people don't see map, don't push.
fighter, mage and tank always go for kill and blame each other.

I am tired and now ignore all of them, I only my own fav hero.
because i know i can do best which i like to play.
 Author| Post time 2021-2-24 09:58 AM | Show all posts
CrazyGamerML replied at 2021-2-24 02:33 AM
I agree, Why From beginning all started crying no mm, No MM.
If you pick mm, rest of team will repo ...

they say "no mm" because they are expecting someone else to get the buffs, like a mage, fighter or assassin.
But sometimes there is not enough damage.
the other day i was last pick, we already had a tank hylos, angela, aldous and a figther. They wanted me to pick a mage but we already had 2 mage heros and i was afraid the damage was not enough. We depended on the 2 fighters but we didnt have any range. I picked mm and they all insulted me and wanted to surrender. but i played safe at top lane and we one. They were a trio probably who just wanted to be supported.
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HoaHoa replied at 2021-2-24 09:58 AM
they say "no mm" because they are expecting someone else to get the buffs, like a mage, fighter or ...

Trio is always troublesome. If they don't like MM, they will start trolling

They contributed to many of my loses

I still do not understand why solo players are matched with trio
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