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If you don't want to get stressed playing this game, than follow this tips:

1) DRAFT is 1 of 2 most important things in ranked game

From Draft bans and picks you already know what to expect. If you see how they simply don't want to show win rate, just locking picks showing you EXPERT or MMR, don't play your mains and don't tank for them. You will waste your time, your nerves and you will lose the will to play.

EXAMPLE: Two of your teammates banned Hanzo and some "long time out of META" hero. One of those two showed you MMR of his assassin(read jungler) and the other one showed EXPERT marksman(probably Lesley, Hanabi, Layla or Miya) and they won't show you WIN RATE no mather what because it is probably 43% from 82 games. Third player just locked mage and didn't show anything. Ofcourse, they want you to be a tank = punching bag for enemies, so they can blame you(stupid tank) whenever they die or whenever you roaming and protecting them from their brainless fight with 3 enemies. Don't tank for those people. They will blame you all game and report you in the end. You can't carry 2 noobs and 1 useless player with tank, that's hard as hell. You will carry 1 game and lose 5.

2) Master Nana, Chang'e, Rafaela and Karina
Why? Because of 1st tip. Nana and Chang'e are "safe picks" like I like to call them. Through many many seasons I have learned to read MLBB players. More than 50% of Chang'e picks are complete nubs who trash talk from draft because they are low skilled players. They almost always finish game in same manner: 3-1-7 (silver,gold or mvp). It is almost impossible to finish game with bronze medal when you pick one of those 2 heroes. Chang'e with purify is really hard to kill, sometimes harder than Nana. Trolls and noobs know that and they don't know how to use Chang'e ult, so they get only asists. Same story with Nana and Rafaela and Nana is the most simple hero to use in game. Why Karina? Karina is a master of stealing kills and she can carry 2 noobs, but hardly more. Believe me, I have more victories when I pick Nana for noobs than tank.


In the morning, you will be paired with some 10 to 12 years old kids who don't know nothing. Don't know basics and especially don't know to play heroes they picked. During the day it will be mixed up. You will get some normal and good players, but still, most of your games will be with mentioned kids. Late in the evening and during night you will have more good than bad games. Only thing that can ruin you games at night are some random trolls.

4) Trolls are trolls no mather what and you can't change that

Trolls are most disgusting people in the world. Most of them are lonley, sad and spoiled people desperate for some attention. You can't convince them to play normal because they will always find some most stupid excuse to troll. You banned my hero I will troll now(enemies have 1st pick and you banned some of 5 most META picks). Give me this or that or I will troll. Why you ban that hero nub, I will troll now or simply just enter the draft with sentence "I will troll". My advice is don't fight and talk with them, pick one heroes mentioned above and relax.

5) Second most important thing in game after draft is YOU

Never trash talk. Believe me, it is useless. The only thing you will get is 2 hours chat ban and 2 points deduction.
Never chat unless it is something you can't express with in-game signals. You are wasting time, you are falling behind in farm and eventually you can be killed.
Your best teammate is mini map and max volume in-game sound. Never rely on random teammates and don't blame them for your death. You must expect to be ganked from mid while your mage is making 5th circle around midlane tower. One eye on mini map, headphones with max sound and be prepared for everything.

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Another bad tips. Do i even must to tell why?

I am tired. Everyone want to tips. And no one really need this tips. No one ask for it.
 Author| Post time 2021-2-15 11:25 PM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-2-15 11:21 PM
Another bad tips. Do i even must to tell why?

I am tired. Everyone want to tips. And no one really ...

Who are you? Nobody cares for your opinion. This tips are based on SoloQ experience which you obviously don't have.
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s5tank replied at 2021-2-15 11:25 PM
Who are you? Nobody cares for your opinion. This tips are based on SoloQ experience which you obvi ...

Its true. Nobody cares for my opinion. But you know? No one cares for you opinion too. Its a forum man. But not matter for me. I have good expiriance. And i dont need to prove anything to anyone.
But you... You not even know as you expiriance significant for you server and rank only.
Also you tips based on expiriance only. Not on stats. Not game theory. But personal expiriance can a lie. Actually he lie a most times. Like this.

 Author| Post time 2021-2-16 01:13 AM | Show all posts
Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-2-15 11:59 PM
Its true. Nobody cares for my opinion. But you know? No one cares for you opinion too. Its a forum ...

Ooohhh please, screw me with that pathetic american story: "I am king, I don't need to prove anything, I am shiting to everyones topics because only I am right and you don't need to believe me because I said that." I see you are taking your crap everywhere without any tough argument, just pathetic story.

Just look once more to your first replay. "I am tired...No one ask for it..." How do you know no one is asking for it? And once again, who are you? Best player in MLBB history? If you don't like something than move on, dont just come and pretend like you are some very cool kid with pathetic answers without any argument.
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Edited by Magnum_bangbang at 2021-2-16 04:35 AM
s5tank replied at 2021-2-16 01:13 AM
Ooohhh please, screw me with that pathetic american story: "I am king, I don't need to prove anythi ...

Isnt you did the same? - "oh, i am really skill player and wanna to learn others. Oh what - you disagree? Might be you just noob or never play solo". You not ask me arguments just start to...
Anyway - how i will know? Just check the forum. 90% players here(like me or you) already have mythic rank. And 10% is just salty guys as talk about matchmaking is bad or balance is broken or somthing like it. Because only a the most faithful players go to game forum. Or when they need to speak out. Both the first and the second not need advice. Frist - know this already. Second - just a thought as they are best, but teammetes.

So. Arguments:

You told obviously things. I am thought the same, when i start. Then i play and learn more. And undestent that is a lie. I am try to show you.

1. Lets start with tank. You cant carry usseless player? I am a tank player. And i keep a 70% solo winrate with Minotaur and Lolita in this season. I am carry 2 noobs and 1 useless player. And i am know one Tigreal player that have 80% solo winrate. Yep, maybe its hard for tank-support. I am know, that a lot of players cant it. But, anyway - if you didnt want things like it - you may play Gatotkaca or Esmeralda. This is tanks to easly solo win. And this is not over. You not must to play tank in general. For sure, we are back to supports as you talk about. But i must to say - you can play another character. For example, Silvanna or Valir feels really good in support role. And they feels better than you supports.

2. "Not pick you mains with noobs". I just wanna to tell one story. I am hate Zhask and ban him every game. Exept my allies pick Zhask, for sure. And one day, my teammate show Zhask with 70% winrate. For sure i not ban him. Then frist player show and pick a 45% winrate Silvanna as fighter. Zhask player - tell. "I am not want to lose my 70% winrate". And pick... i dont remember. Something else. And opponents pick Zhask. As a result my "Zhask" player have a like 0-10 and we lose the game. Why we are? Only one reason. Because someone not take his main. Other player, even Sylvanna stay fine. But he feed opponent Zhask so hard and we can do nothing. If he play even 5-5 we will win. Man if you panic and throw you pick - you are also throw the game away. Not because the other players. Because you.

3. "Draft is important". Its a only part of the true. Second part is Skill > Draft. You may win with any picks. I am often see as my team panic/afk and pick like 2 mm or 3 mage, 3 fighter, 2 support etc and told "GG". But we are still win. Because if you have skill - its not matter. Well, good compasition is increase you chance. But not a predict it.

4. "Master a..." As i say, i am keep 70% solo winrate with a tanks for now. You can carry by anything. If you know how to play it. But its a only frist reason, why is this advice is bad. Second - i have one frend. Hes on epic for now. 1 mounth ago she told me - "Chang'e so strong! I will play her and climb ranks". And a week ago i am ask her. And she told me - "no one give me Chang'e. They ban her in 50% of games and in other 50% pick her frist." If i am advice hero to climb the ranks, its never be Chang'e. She is popular character. A lot of picks, bans and role steal. About others. Nana is simplest character. Anyone can play her. I am not see any reason to master her. Rafaela is typical support. Carry game with her is harder than when you tank. Karina? Why you advice her, if she will be reworked soon? Why you advice character that have no idea about it playeble after few mounts?
And anyway. Advice a character is bruh. As support, Diggie and Angel can carry as well. But if you want to have abnormal winrate and carry team every game - mastery Hayabusa, Gusion or a Fanny. This is really hard characters. But worth it. And they never be nerf hard, because they are hard to play.

5. "Dont play rank...". Its a typical mistake. All player must to learn something. Ranked = Casual. You have no any reason  to play Casual ever, exept a test new character or build. So many players feer to play ranked. "Oh no, i am lose my star! What to do?". But you never learn to play in casual. And one more thing. If you have 50% winrate - you are climb and up rank. Even if you have only 50%, you are still progress. Even 45%, you are, because the protect (and bonus star before mythic). Climb not only about winrate. Its about a lot of game. And if you throw some match because you are fear, you are progress slower.

6. "About talk".
I am just off all chat. I not even see what told my teammetes. And its not matter for me. I am come to relax. But not for listen trash talk. And i am not carry about lose because i not her them. I win more, because i am not a salty. But its a my way.
I know another way. Do you remember about 80% Tigreal player? So, he pull are allies to voice chat and coordinate them. Its how he has 80% winrate.
You can coordinate your team or just off chats to not ever listen it. I can support both of it. But you tell nothing of it. Just - "not trash talk".

Post time 2021-2-17 07:36 PM | Show all posts
cyclops is another good hero for safe pick if chang'e is picked by another player. cyclops and chang'e have high potential to carry noobs and trolls.

yss and popol kupa are also good heroes if nobody in your team pick tank or your team has more than 1 trolls. you can provide vision for yourself and can easily push lanes as well as jungle fast. these are for soloq players.

another important tip is please do not troll in ranked mode. go troll in brawl or AI.
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Im an old player and do solo rank most of the time. In my opinion, winning in rank is just a matter of luck. Building strategy based on meta system, not always works good. I have had some matches which were so weird with some nub and trollers and afkers but we won in the end. Winning with bad team is something unexpected and unexplainable.
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Magnum_bangbang replied at 2021-2-15 11:21 PM
Another bad tips. Do i even must to tell why?

I am tired. Everyone want to tips. And no one really ...

We do need tips. What we do NOT need is a level 5 no picture grand master telling us ANYTHING at all.
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1)        Im not so sure. I mean, In my case my best tank is Khufra because I can both kill and tank. If I just picked Minotaur or Franko I would not be as good. Probably I could even win that impossible game with Khufra, but no chances of winning with Minotaur or Franko.
Yes, I know “risking” to lose winrate of my main is a thing, but right now I don’t care anymore. Its 50% with 2000 games so it wont go any higher. I need to win the next 100 games straight to go back to 55% or 60% and that’s not going to happen. So yeah, I recommend playing your best hero to improve your chances of winning. That, or go for assassin and let someone else tank.
Don’t forget enemy team has the same chances of having similar noobs, even if they have better heros in draft pick. I just lost my last 3 games with different teammates, playing solo, because these 3 fucking idiots wanted to try Ive. They were something close to 0-10-0.
AND any Miya or Layla noobs with full set are really dangerous, so if you can survive til late game you have good chances of winning.

2)        Agree with Nana chang, but not karina. She needs jungle. I would also add other safe options like Xborg, Khufra, Eudora, Valir, Aurora as SUPPORT. Just follow your “carrier” and stun as often as possible.

3)        WTf? So kids don’t go to school or what hahaha. According to me, kids play after school, from 16:00 to 21:00. So if you play at late night and very early morning you don’t play with kids, just general noobs. In my case (I live in Japan) I usually win in the morning games, from 6 am to 8 am before starting work. My hardest games are when I come back from work.

4)        There are several kinds of trolls, some are just low skill, not trolls. Some are really good BUT only in one roll. If you make them “adapt” (they cant adapt cause they can only play one role like my ex best friend), they will perfom poorly. And yes, talking to trolls REAL REAL trolls is the worst thing. They will keep texting, wont play and enjoy the attention. If you ignore them they will even play a little.
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