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[Share] Why is so hard to progress from mythic II to mythic glory?

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Why is matchmaking so random? You get good duo or bad duo and thats it. I have seen mythical glory trolling when you dont want to show hero even though you have the last pick and right to wait everyone to choose.
Why when I pick hero and show lane teammates blame me. lets say I picked lunox shown my win rate 60% and said I will play offlaner against benedetta( I clicked exp lane in preparation phase). My teammates blamed me they said this is hero only for mid. I had a gold and duo that played harley and ruby had 3.0.
Why when u play duo dont try to carry mid? Let solo players be offlaners.

Most of the games 1-3-1 we win in 10 minites.
1-2-2 lose in 80% cases. Here is exception good mm which i baned 90% of time like wan wan kimmy and few more.

Post time 2021-3-14 07:28 PM | Show all posts
NOOB__ replied at 2021-3-14 07:47 AM
YOU can't control how people play, BUT YOU CAN PUNISH PLAYER

BUT as we all know, MOONTOD PUNISHMEN ...

If someone's being rushed to a higher rank that they are not suitable for either through getting good teammates, piloting and more but alo through their own effort; you cant just punish them for doing bad when the opponents are much more experienced.
If you've played vs a Global team and you whole team ends up losing and feeding 10-40(Final score), its not fair for anyone if you lose credit score just because you ended up feeding.
The punishment system is done automatically by analysing your KDA, Gold, Teamfight participation and more. Intentional feeding in this case can be obviously shown when the player has no other participation except feeding.
I hope you understand and feel free to speak up to any concerns and queries.
Post time 2021-3-13 10:28 PM | Show all posts
Sorry for the inconvinience.
Its already at the end of the season where most of the experienced players have already progressed much higher in rank. Its always exoected to be paired up with players with similar levels, Kda and more. There's also been news of updates to the matchmaking system which can be expected in the new season.
Its also unfortunate as the game can't control how people play. And I would highly recommend to team up and play which provides a much better gaming experience.
Post time 2021-3-12 04:22 AM | Show all posts
Is that your match condition during 10 days to the reset day or match in general? IMO, playing solo rank in the upcoming reset day is very hard. So many players who already given up to the fact that they can reach the higher rank than last season!, apparently they trolled the game. I have seen this so many when I played solo rank lately. Yes so painful and disappointed. I got paired with many players with more than 2000 or 3000 matches of their fav roles but turned out they could not play well. I didnt know what happen and why they did troll. They went afk or even stayed in one lane or jungle. I was so devastated when seeing that I got so many mvp loss. I was so disappointed after trying very hard and played well in order to win the match but obviously some players ruined it intentionally. Yes i know and understand your hard work and disappointment to reach the higher rank but the matchmaking worked so bad. My suggest is lets stop play rank in this week until the reset day and you can play hard again in rank after that. I see that your rank is very high and please be thankful to yourself about what you have got. You can have fun and chill in classic for only this time.
 Author| Post time 2021-3-12 05:57 AM | Show all posts
Bellow mythic II my win:lose ratio was 3:1 after myth II win:lose ratio is 1:1. I get good duo end game in 8 minutes. Next game I get troll duo lose in 8 minutes.

Why game dont last long after mythic II?
Something is fishy here.
I suspect people are buying mythical glory accounts. Or paying someone to reach that rank.
Why would someone say lets troll and pick estes with 700 poonts?
Post time 2021-3-12 08:28 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Anand at 2021-3-12 09:04 AM

Advanced wishes for reaching Mythical Glory rank

Post time 2021-3-12 10:06 AM | Show all posts
same problem for me but I am legend 2. some players in ranked matches picked layla and build holy crystal divine glaive. some picked fanny and walked the whole game. my win rate before legend is around 78% and after reaching legend it slowly dropped to 65% due to trolls and afks. there is no punishment for trolls.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2021-3-12 04:59 PM | Show all posts
I think because the higher rank you are the more points u lose and the less u gain
Post time 2021-3-13 06:39 PM | Show all posts
TheBlackDragon replied at 2021-3-12 10:06 AM
same problem for me but I am legend 2. some players in ranked matches picked layla and build holy cr ...

lol Layla with holy crystal and diving glaive

Players are so funny these days
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