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[Query] matchmaking

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Edited by CloudDevelic at 2021-3-13 07:14 PM

What is going on now in picking a team in a match is SOME JOKE?

I started the game with a friend from the game because SOLO. with these idiots, you don't go to lose anything

Ja rank mysthick 3, familiar mysthick 5 MY team was 3 players - 3 nobs all 3 fed

and best of all, 2 of them actually had mysthick, and the last one that feeds the most had LEGENDE 5 (AND IT'S STILL BUSTED BY UNLESS!) at the start he made 0: 5 AND HOW TO PLAY HERE How do the rest of these dummies 0: 2, 0: 3?

This game falls on dogs, maybe not the game itself, but matching TO TEAM and FOR LITTLE PENALTIES FOR FEEDING, AFK AND TROLLING THE GAME -, -

Why are only save points removed by BOTA / ALGORITHM?

Is it so hard to hire a GM to check players' submissions?

to watch the match and REALLY BANNED FOR THAT SOMETHING, not - 4 points and you can still play xDD Give normal penalties, this game may come back because at the moment it sucks

I am not an Englishman and I can not write in English, everything from a google translator :)) Because even Polish support there is no xD where Poles play this game a bit

Get your ass up and make order in the team match, BETTER BANNING SYSTEM AND STRONGER PENALTIES !!!!and not just adding new heroes who are in favor of op

no greetings

I will add that I was playing a duo with a granger's hitch I observed to see his profile
Post time 2021-3-12 04:56 PM | Show all posts
Matchmaking sux. Last season I could get to a higher rank, but now - impossible.
Guess why - Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Moldova... ALL FEEDERS INTENTIONALLY and goes AFK INTENTIONALLY !
Yes, Im a solo player, always been and never complained before. I prefer to play solo, yes I know I CAN DUO/TRIO, I just don't want to, ok ?
Why dafuq did you let all these Ukrainian, Russian, Belarussian and Turkish feeders in our server ( EU ), WHY ?
Last season I haven't gotten to face them AT ALL and it was better without them. Now the game became - MobileTroll Legends !
Matchmaking - Stupidity in it's shine !
Proposal - Mythic I VS Mythic I
MG 500 VS MG 500
MG 1500+ VS MG 1500+
GM 5 VS GM 5
Is it so hard to fix this shite system of yours ?
Hire a GM ( Game Master ) and let him be ONLINE to watch and observe.
I'm totally dissapointed from the so called Report system, as it is right now - complete joke !
Severely Penalized ? lol Hold my beer !
Matchmaking suggestion :
Fulfill a certain role you want to play the next match - say, Support.
You then, Que as a support, and YOU put the required teammate's roles.
Example : Support is lloking for ( via filter ) : Mage, MM, Tank or Off-Tank, Fighter.
And the ppl you find, should be fulfilled their roles too, just like you do, and if they have chose they look for a support, then you are matched with them !
Easy matchmaking and fair !
A side note : Once filled a certain role, you are NOT able to change it when the system found a team according to your filter, so no trolling !
No, I will not use the so called Customer service as it's better to talk to a wall !
Post time 2021-3-14 03:41 PM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2021-3-13 10:48 PM
There is no point playing SoloQ in EU server, believe me, Developers don't care for EU server. As y ...

and, they increased the punishment after there was a competitor

we know the name PROJECT PANIC

Post time 2021-3-13 10:48 PM | Show all posts
Edited by s5tank at 2021-3-13 10:57 PM
iptables replied at 2021-3-12 07:14 PM
Yes, I saw that post. Maybe the problem requires actions, not explanations, since we already explain ...

There is no point playing SoloQ in EU server, believe me, Developers don't care for EU server. As you already mentioned, number of Ukraines, Russians, Belarus and Turks abnormaly increased in last 2 seasons that is impossible to play. I am solo player from the begining, played duos and trios, but there is no chance to win if there are 2 ukraines and 1 belarus/russian in your team. Their brain can't accept that the point of this game is to destroy enemie's base, not to be MVP. They think if they somehow managed to be MVP, that other 4 players are useless nubs and the answer is NO, because braindead Ukraine/Russian/Belarus didn't pick role that is missing, he picked 2nd jungler, hide all game, wait for buffs to respawn and wait for 1hp kill when team fight is over.


No point in posting complaiments about EU server on this forum, coz they dont give a F...Same as there is no point in posting complaiments about punishing system...They don't care about those 2 things. You want proof? They improved punishment for AFK after 15 seasons ahahahahhaa
Post time 2021-3-13 07:16 PM | Show all posts

While we fully understand your frustrations and pains, please refrain from using profanities as this breaks our forum's Terms of Service.

While we encourage and allow players to freely express themselves, please keep this a healthy and friendly environment for all of our forum users.
Post time 2021-3-12 05:58 PM | Show all posts
iptables replied at 2021-3-12 04:56 PM
Matchmaking sux. Last season I could get to a higher rank, but now - impossible.
Guess why - Ukraine ...

LOL i'm very upset when i reported the troll but got a severely penalized reply from the system.
is it because he has 1 asist ?
Post time 2021-3-12 06:23 PM | Show all posts
This post makes me deja vu. I think there was someone (also he always writes mysthick instead of mythic) who complain about matchmaking in europe just like this but weeks ago. We have discussed and explained clearly a lot by some forumers in here.
Post time 2021-3-12 07:14 PM | Show all posts
Yes, I saw that post. Maybe the problem requires actions, not explanations, since we already explained the situation numerous times.
If the devs implement a filter, so we can choose countries to exclude of teaming up with, things will be better.
In another post, I wrote that it will take longer time for matching, but you we will lessen the troll probability by a lot with such filtering.
Should be optional, meaning, the player decides to filter or not.
Some ppl suggested to stay away from ranked till the season reset.. I ask : WHY ? Why do I have to tolerate the trolls, I want ranked game, but without trolls.
How ? Easy - By giving us the option to filter the countries we could be matched up with.
Sounds logical ? I'm taking this example from another game, and trust me, it works like a charm.
I, just like many other ppl, wants to enjoy the game, by playing it. I don't mind losing by being outplayed, but I do mind losing, because someone of our team decided to feed, abuse verbally, or whtever - Intentionally.
And these kind of individuals, are mostly from the countries I pointed in my post above.
This is for the EU server, I know there are such problems on the other zones too, so I gave my suggestion on how to deal with them.
Filter, by language, country, credit score.
I don't care if you lost your last 5 matches, reasons are a lot, I do care how you perform in the current game.
Like, hell, I just LOVE to see Layla playing a "solo jungle" ... wth...
Actions, not explanations, is what we, the players need.
Post time 2021-3-12 07:43 PM | Show all posts
Im in SEA server and everyday we play rank with players from same country and little chance paired with neighborhood countries. If that filter really implemented, that wont be any effects. With or without, troll and negativity will be exist. It is very common from long time ago when mlbb still a new thing, we should avoid the last days near reset season to play rank since the good players already stop to play rank, they leave rank match and spending time in classic to practice some never played heroes they own.
Post time 2021-3-12 09:52 PM | Show all posts
No need to be upset when finding bad teammates in solo ranked. Just play as you usually do and mute all enemy and all team in game, it is the best thing you can do.
Always remember, even those who are unskilled or trolling still wants to win a game.
Post time 2021-3-13 03:22 AM | Show all posts
Joval replied at 2021-3-12 09:52 PM
No need to be upset when finding bad teammates in solo ranked. Just play as you usually do and mute  ...

trolls do not want to win the game at all. they play to lose hard and to see their team lose for their own amusement.
 Author| Post time 2021-3-13 10:41 AM | Show all posts
Edited by [GA]Adamek at 2021-3-13 10:42 AM

how to play this game? !??!!?!;!?;!!

80% of matches looks like there's a fucking lot that can't play totally and gives you a free rag that feeds you

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