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The importance of better punishments
It isURGENT to increase the punishment for feeders, afk and low skill. If you are0-10 when the game finish, you must be “punished”, no matter if your team wonor not, if you were tank or support. If this was in rank, you cant keep playingrank; you need to play (and win) one classic. With this, the feeder afk lowskill, will try hard to win that classic, and next time he will do better inrank.
If this wasin classic, then you have to play (and win) one brawl. With this new strategy,we don’t get the same teammates!! I hate losing one game because a person likethis and then play ONE MORE GAME with him, and lose again because of the samereasons.  
I don’t really  care about that persons´credit score, I just don’twant to keep playing with them.
A couple ofdays ago I showed you guys photos of a jawhead, he did from 1% to 5% damage inall his last games, I played with and against him 4 games in less than 2 hours.
For me rankshould be the most important game mode in ML, and people should do their bestwhen playing rank. If they don’t, because of their low skill or because theywant to lose on purpose, they should be “punished”; just play a couple ofclassics or brawls.
These lastweeks I have played classic only, I have seen people NOT BUYING ANYTHING thewhole game… no items at all. There is one genius like this everyday in myclassic games, could you punish these people or meke them buy itemsautomatically?

Post time 2021-3-15 03:32 PM | Show all posts
You seems salty man.
Post time 2021-3-15 03:48 PM | Show all posts
Few months ago the punishment was hard and suddenly they eased it after a few days. Probably kids asked moonton to reduce the punishment

Only AFK and profanity gets punished and others are almost safe
Post time 2021-3-15 06:47 PM | Show all posts
this one I support. punishments need to be more severe for feeding and afk.
Post time 2021-3-15 07:07 PM | Show all posts
HM. Anyway. My thought about all of it.

i was sure that a bad idea. But i have a lose-streak like 20 games, there my team just troll me. I mean - pick second tank after me. Pick double mm(not jungle). E.t.c. On mythic rank.

So now i thought its really might be fixed. But another way.

HoaHoa. You have bad games too. All players have it some time. Because a salty. Tilt. Chating. Maybe have a opponents much high ranks. Or just a games where you just get bulled - like 4 opponent come to you line and live there. I am sure, if i check you game history you have a 0,5% games where you also have like 0/10. Is this reason to report you? Just think about it. If they really change it this way you also get banned.

By the way, just punish all players is the bad idea. But we have another ways to fix this problem.

Like 1 player on forum told - Most a 0/10 players just play on the heroes that havnt experience. They like  have like 60% winrate with Chou, but pick Ruby as have 0 games for a current season.

So frist what you might change - forbid a pick heroes, that you have a less than 10 games of the last mounthl. Maybe 2 mounthls, or 5 games. But something like it. If you pick in ranked a character that you not play a year, for sure you will lost.

Second thing - You must punish player, for "random pick". I mean, its not a problem for me to play a fighter or mage. I will not carry as tank, but also not feed. So if other player will show that he want to play only a tank, i give it him. But has really. When i have like second pick and pick tank, because no one else show it, and no one else have like 50% tank games of last 50. And fifth player pick support after all of my team pick their roles. So we need report function for things like it. Which one system a check a pick order, double roles and players reports after the game.

Last think - like Anand told. We need some improve a afk report system. A lot of my teammetes just stay in bushes and chating while fight in 2 steps. Or while enemy cross over him. Also, while their just run and do nothing. Like press the buttons, but stay on base. I sure if player like 30 second do nothing( i mean, not attack minions, not attack players, towers e.t.c), it must collect it and punish if his teammetes report it.

And i sure moontone never release my idea. But so. It a way.
Post time 2021-3-15 08:03 PM | Show all posts
I feel y'all, however, though indeed the punishment system could be any better. We all know for a fact that the punishment system overtime has gotten really better. Although there's still room for improvement as it still have lots of flaws, I recommend that for now, keep the suggestions and feedback coming in order for it to improve further.

I do not want to sound robotic and a broken record who keeps replying the same thing with the similar thread. But, not all the time it's the punishment and report system. Although it can lessen and make a change by a margin, let's accept the fact that toxicity will always prevail because it's the players who needs to change. No matter how good and worse the punishment system can be, with the amount of players the game has, it wont just gonna be enough.

For now, try taking a rest for a bit, it always work. Playing constantly while losing is a sign for you to take a break and play later. You might also want to look at your performance too. I understand y'all sentiments but as someone who also plays solo most of the time, this is my routine. Currently, I have an 80% overall winrate and reached Mythical Glory.
Post time 2021-3-15 08:19 PM | Show all posts
I have to agree with Charles. It is more of the player's fault than we like to take credit for and we tend to blame other teammates. Plus, the toxicity levels is ultimately something that needs to change more rather than the system.
Post time 2021-3-15 09:02 PM | Show all posts
I think for ranked matches, punishments needs to be more severe because it seriously affects our gaming experience and a lot of players quit the game because of their gaming experience in ranked games.

But even with a more severe punishment on ranked games, it isn't going to change how there are some players that just leaves the game and never come back or their internet was cut out and couldn't get back in or they suddenly remembered that they had something else to do or they rage quit because teammates kept calling them trash or teammates pick their favorite hero or ban their favorite hero, they quit and leave the game.

This isn't something that the game can prevent from happening.

I would say that we need better compensations because harsher punishments won't change a thing about these users leaving the game.
Post time 2021-3-15 10:07 PM | Show all posts
Kathey replied at 2021-3-15 09:02 PM
I think for ranked matches, punishments needs to be more severe because it seriously affects our gam ...

Let the trash leave the game and ban them for 30 days

You will see a positive change in this game after the trashes are wiped out
Post time 2021-3-16 02:12 AM | Show all posts
Anand replied at 2021-3-15 10:07 PM
Let the trash leave the game and ban them for 30 days

You will see a positive change in this game ...

But what trash is?

You decide trash is 0/10 players.

For me, trash is salty players that verbal abuse and bulling other players for no reason. Like some players, force someone play role that they never play and than report 0/10 players.

Which one must be banned? And why you think you are not a "trash" for other player opinion?
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