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[Ranking Tips] Tips and tricks

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We all want to climb out of current ranks so I will try to make tips and tricks that could help you rank up and many of the issues that many people do when they rank up. I have seen many of these mistakes in mythics  as well as masters so it could apply to you.
1. Know when to farm and figh is a skill no one does. This  problemis probably seen in lower ranks more often from my solo-q experince such as in gm and epics. I see so many heroes that are stronger in late game trying to force fights when their team is really behind. The best analogy for this will be equal to bring a knife to a gunfight. The one with the gun wll mostly likely win. Another analogy, the oe with the gun doesn't fight aganist the one with a knife.  

2. Understand how your champion work and adjust your playstyle to the hero strengths. Like I said before, certain heroes are stronger in late game while others are stronger early game. I seen people play khaleed so passive and just farm in an exp lane aganist a chou. Khalled is an early to mid game hero why are you afking farming or clearing lanes with a fighter who could potentially one shot u late game. The better play will be to zone chou without losing exp. In other words, deny chou his lv.4 and you could make a play or set yourselves for plays from your team.

3. Some lanes are better to gank than other lanes. This is complicated because some heroes in certain lanes are harder to gank than others. I will explain this later and talk about this more in hero matchups. The lane I always like to gank are lanes that allow the team to get turtle. This is important to note, because if you 4 man gank a bot lane where turtle could lead to your team taking down a tower and turtle whileas ganking top lane only, only leads you to take down a tower. In other words, ganking the right lane could potentially leave you with more options that determine the outcome of the match favourable.

4. Champion matchups. This is where most mlbb players lack this skill sad to say.  Whenever in laning or ganking, people don't know how to play aganist certain heroes and abuse it. For example, if you are playing aganist a hanabi whose dmg is low early game and you outdmg her in early game. Take advantage of that and destroy hanabi, the same goes for ganking a certain lane. The jungler could potentially gank a hanabi's lane to give her team momentum if they are easy to abuse. So abuse the lanes.

5. Knowing the basics of the game. So many times, I seen how many people are afraid to dive towers in teamfights. I seen a person back out of the turret's range when the turret is not even firing at you and there are 3 of your teammates in the enemy tower. The basics of tower, whoever hits first gets attacked first and then this resets if that person steps out of the tower. If enemy died before the person tanking the turret died and there are minions, the no one else on ur team takes dmg.

6. Battle spells are important. They are like an another ability for a hero that maks the heroes unique. Choose the battle spell according to their comps is sometimes the right move.

7. Using the same build every game is not how you win games. Every game has different heroes with different playstyles, dmg and teammates. Build according to each situtation and know every item in the game. Counterbuilding is one thing that people have to learn, however, another way of building items is according to your situtation. If you run out of mana and you can't get blur buffes then you might have to change your boots that you normally get to something else.

8. Be calm and play the game. You will surprise yourselves mechnically if you stay calm and play the game while focusing on the game and not the toxicity of the game.

9. Using a skill at the right time. Many heroes in the game have low ultimate cooldowns. Don't be afraid to spam your ultimate if your ult is on low cooldown even if you do not get the kill because it might force your opponet to back and you take objectives.  With that said, you shouldn't recklessly use your abilities if the situtation doesn't seem favourable to you.

These are generally tips and tricks that could e applied to whatever role you play so I hope that helps.
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Thanks for sharing. Really good and useful tips & tricks. Low tier players really need to know these , since they lack some of these basics.
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I would also like to add on that reverse psychology or psychological warfare is a very, very real game in a game that's present in MLBB; just like IRL.

Sometimes doing the opposite thing that your opponents expect you to do works out super well.

1. Enemy pushing your top tower? Let it get destroyed and instead use the opportunity to push mid or take both of their buffs

2. Split up your team, and gank the opposite offlane of Turtle in order to distract your enemies and draw all the heat and attention towards the opposite offlane while you take the Turtle from right under their noses

3. Instead of simply taking their buffs, you can intentionally leave them there and then set up an ambush. Possible wipeout here

4. With that having said, if something is too good to be true, it probably is (ever wonder why all your towers are down but your buffs are still there? Probably the enemy is doing exactly like what point number 3 states)

5. You don't always need to Lord. Learn to be decisive and crush your enemies right down to their Nexus

6. When defending/attacking, sometimes enemies' minions take priority over their heroes. Clearing their minions do give you a greater advantage than you think

7. Always think that your enemies are way better than you, and play accordingly

8. Patience is key but reluctance to take risk will be your doom. Learn to take big but calculated risks and make that your habit. Rewards will eventually come more often than failures. Or as I like to say, having the patience to fail continuously is key.

9. Plan, and always have backup plans. But be decisive and learn to adapt always.

Stuff like these are what separate a good player and a bad player. It's not a matter of skills or experiences (as everyone will eventually get them after many number of matches), but observation, insight, foresight, resilience and courage. And having these assets will allow oneself to gain true humility and success at the same time.
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Thats why I said this is situtational, but these are generally tricks I do not see people do at all in rank in most of my games which is why I pointed it out.
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Awsome, thanks for sharing
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Loved your guide. About point 6, might wanna do a guide on that one too :)) Seems that lately people have no idea how to use battle least it's how it is on EU servers..Just imagine a Layla with teleport to "secure turrets"..kinda ruins the fun you know.
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Most of the points are well valid, nice job!
 Author| Post time 2021-9-27 08:48 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2021-4-16 06:31 PM
Loved your guide. About point 6, might wanna do a guide on that one too :)) Seems that lately people ...

that is alright, if her positioning and her awareness is insanely good. Ofc, generally many battle spells are like an extra ability.
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