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[Query] Rank at season start

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Is it really bad to play rank at the start of the season? Just recently I'm having a lose streak, my stars never went up since the start of the season. I also had this experience before when I was in Master rank. From Master 1 I went down to Elite 1. Is it better to wait few weeks before playing rank?
Post time 2021-3-25 10:25 PM | Show all posts
Stay in Classic the first week or two at the start of the new season for two main reasons:

1. Mythic/MG tryhards are back in Epic/Legend and grind once the new season starts. This means if you're Epic you'll likely get matched vs multiple MG.

2. The matchmaking is designed to be difficult for solo q players at the season's start. This isn't even subtle. Moonton thinks this makes ranked more challenging and more fun by giving you teammates way less skilled and dumber than you. By next month the matchmaking evens out a bit.
Post time 2021-3-23 10:39 PM | Show all posts
From the start of the new season, I immediately had a lose streak even though I was either MVP or got the gold medal. But after playing a few more times after a few more days, I was able to get rid of the lose streak and win. However, the circumstances are different for everyone because I am a pretty decent Mobile Legends Solo Player and played a lot of Wanwan to carry me. A lot of pro players are probably going to be in Mythic in a week or so, so maybe you could wait until then to rank.
Post time 2021-3-24 11:52 AM | Show all posts
I agree with Kathey. It's really kinda normal during the start of new season especially for solo queue players. Everybody, especially those who were at the top during the previous season, want to be ahead.
Post time 2021-3-24 04:37 PM | Show all posts
I got lose streak and reached Grandmaster after reset. Even most of the matches i got mvp lose, so sad. I think i will push rank in mid April and for now i will stop play rank and practice some of fighters in classic.
 Author| Post time 2021-3-24 08:05 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AzureZest at 2021-3-24 08:07 PM

I see, hmm do you guys think it has something to do w/ matchmaking? It seems I get teamed up w/ terrible players everytime who can't do much damage. I'm tank main and my teammates always start team fight without me then gets wiped out after. This goes on for every match I play within the start of the season. Meanwhile the enemy always has that one carry who levels ahead all of us, even ahead of his team.
Post time 2021-3-25 12:11 AM | Show all posts
Friendly advice:
Don't tank for no one until you reach higher ranks. If you know how to play core, than pick some hero who can carry alone. My recommendation is Wanwan. Practice her a little and you will be ok. I don't let anyone to play adc in my team without high MMR and WR. Since I abonded adjusting for players who have never been in higher ranks and started to play Wanwan(or Aldous, Brody, Hanzo, Karina if Wanwan is banned), I started winning. For example, I had a game today where my team had 1st pick and s3 ban Wanwan because he wanted to play Layla(92 matches 48% wr) and he saw I showed Wanwan. What happend? He picked Franco, finished game with bronze medal and without buying roam mask. We lost because he never hook enemy, typing all game, didn't build properly...
Post time 2021-3-25 03:23 AM | Show all posts
I will say this since I am a solo player in epic and higher. Most players in the beginning are generally higher rank than they are based on the matchmaking system. So a person who is epic 1 last season could be gm 1 while gm 1 could be gm 5 this season. In other words, you might play with someone who are higher rank than you which could make it harder for you to play.
Post time 2021-3-25 10:24 AM | Show all posts
s5tank replied at 2021-3-25 12:11 AM
Friendly advice:
Don't tank for no one until you reach higher ranks. If you know how to play core, t ...

Yup, i agree. Don't ever try to tank in lower Rank.
You should pick a hero that can carry from early game until late game.
Post time 2021-3-25 03:01 PM | Show all posts
It's the other way around for me. This season I'm back to epic 2. I mostly win when I tank. I notice everybody wants to be marksman/mage. Even if I first pick marksman, someone would still choose another marksman. It's kinda annoying I want to improve my kill stats but if I want to win I need to adjust =w=
 Author| Post time 2021-3-25 03:53 PM | Show all posts
I have the same situation as @ciaociao though, everyone picks carry either fighter/mage so I end up adjusting and play as tank. Although I played as fighter when I was in lower ranks. Then I became tank main when  I reached epic. Gonna try to play as fighter in rank next time, after the first weeks of season haha anyway thanks for the tips guys
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