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[Lineup Strategy] Basic rules and strategies

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I haveplayed around 15 k games, mostly rank. When I first started I had no idea aboutanything, and I just wanted to support marksmen as Rafaella. Little by little Ilearned other roles and I understood the whole game. I have noticed most peopledon’t understand the basics of the game, so I want to show with them these easyand simple “rules”. I won´t talk here about the importance of meta heroes, draftpick, counters; only the game itself.
1.      Have aplan, follow it and change if it is not working, as easy as that. If you arelosing your lane, if you died twice in early game because of enemy assassin orgroup gank, YOU NEED TO CHANGE LANES, rotate to that lane, or push the otherlane. When I see enemy pushing my bot I don’t go defend, instead I push theother side and try to get some enemy jungle before retreating. Or even better,I destroy two towers and die. I don’t mind dying if I get a double kill or a tower.
2.      Useyour strengths. I see people with retribution going clear the first minion waveinstead of getting the buff. If you have retribution you need to focus on yourjungle and enemy jungle, just ignore the minions for 5 minutes, the duration ofthe shield. If you have an assassin, you must play aggressive early game, tryto get a kill before you are level 4. When I play assassin I get 2 buffs, onemonster and Im ready to kill. If you have estes or, 2 semi tanks, you mustfocus on teamfights and pushing together one lane, mid lane if possible. Estessolo is useless. I have seen so many tanks pushing, mm trying to kill earlygame, supports without mask…
3.      Map isthe most important thing in the game. Always check map. You see 3 enemies, itmeans 2 enemies might be going to you, BUT if you have minions pushing a lanethen it will be just one enemy. Map tells you what to do, push, retreat, wait,jungle, gank, poke… I hate when people push lanes without seeing enemy in theminimap, no surpise they die soon and blame the tank (who was at the basegetting life).
4.      What doyou need to do now? Early game is easy, everybody has to get buffs and jungle. MLis like chess, all games start and end the same way, it’s the mid game what changes.People lose because of a bad mid game 90% of the time. 10% is a gank attack,wipe out or lord steal. Mid game is hard because you need to focus fast, butpeople decide not to think, they just jungle in their own area. Its reallyeasy, if you are losing towers you need to defend, if you are getting kills,keep killing and push a little. If your teamfights are stronger than the enemy,then focus on mid, turtle and lord. If you have one carrier, protect him andfollow him, just support him. If one enemy is killing you, focus on him andthat area (assassins cant go from bot to top, there is no time). If you are 5vs 4 DON’T JUNGLE IN YOUR AREA, invade, or push that lane, or get the turtle,prioritize enemy buffs (personally I prefer to destroy a tower than get a buffor even the turtle)
5.      Understandyour team as soon as possible, so you can use them accordingly. I had a Zilongtoday who was first kill at 0:30, he was with the mage and the enemy gusionkilled him. It was 2 vs 1 and he died. He did it again as soon as he respawned.Gusion was able to kill our tank before mid game, we lost fast just because thatZilong wanted to get the first kill, that cost us the game. You need toidentify the strongest and smartest teammates (some players are just strong butnot smart). Leave them alone, they wont die, focus on your weak teammates, helpthem push, save them if possible. This is why its sometimes easier playing withone or two players you know. Basically you just win your top, they win the botand it’s a fast win (if your trio is more skilled or experienced than theenemy).
6.      Predictyour enemy. Some players focus on jungle and once they have 3 buffs they startfighting. Of course they will kill you, you have no buffs and your level islower. Some people push lanes no matter what (those are the dangerous). Itshard to memorize what spell 5 enemies have, but you don’t need to, just checkit every now and then. This will help you to push or escape (don’t fight 1 vs 1if he has execute, don’t try to kill him if he has flicker or flameshot, be aggressiveif he has retribution). Some duos stick together the whole game, I just lostagainst a balmond valir duo. I was 1 vs 2 the whole mid game against them. Myteam should have played more aggressive in the other 2 lanes but they playedsafe. We lost top and when my team wanted to defend top, those 2 got the otherside, so basic.
7.      ML istiring, not fun. “Im tired” said our mm after the game. “Too much preasure” hesaid, so I told him I would be the mm next game. Im a great assassin magefighter, I only play mm when needed but its easy. ALL mm are op if they have moremoney and the red buff. My favorite is Layla, she is stronger than others inboth early and late game, no combos, no dash, she is the simplest mm. I focuson jungle early game, jungle and tower defending (not pushing) mid game, andtowers then kills late game. Its tiring because you cant rest one second. Ifyou are not jungling you are pushing, stealing jungle, poking… you have themost responsibility but its ok if you are used to seeing the map.
8.      Playerswith higher level take the decisions. Maybe you are a better player than himbut in this particular game he has more money, more kills and less deaths thanyou. Let him carry you. I hate being the mm or the assassin, being 5-0,destroying enemy towers, and suddenly my tank or a random fighter startsattacking turtle or lord and requests backup. If it’s a turtle its for meright? I am the one who decides if I can get it safely or not, if I need it orif I want to push. There is nothing more stupid than starting a teamfightwithout your tank or your damage dealer, that is suicide!! I hate when peopleblame me for not “helping them”. If Im at the base, or pushing bot, and thereis a teamfight in the mid, THERE IS NO TIME TO ARRIVE. Even if the carriertryied to arrive it would be to late, all the team died or they will die soon.I hate losing games because my teammates are not patient. I guess most peoplewant to win fast, get a wipe out, push mid and get the base. But its not thateasy, you need to destroy other lanes, steal their jungle, gank them…
9.      How toget lord. There are 3 ways, one person is strong enough to get it alone, or oneperson checks jungle or distract enemies while 2 or 3 teammates get lord, orsteal lord. Ideally its 3 teammates getting lord, 2 distracting enemy. If youneed 4 teammates to get lord, you shouldn’t get it cause you are not strongenough. I have lost so many games like this. And in most of my 15 k games I didn’tneed the lord, my style is late game, destroying all the towers. I only go forlord when I cant destroy the base.
10.  Patienceand intelligence is the key of the game. I have a Chou friend, 500 games 95%win rate. He never ever surrenders. I do, but he never surrenders so we keepplaying and its an epic comeback. Today I lost with him for the first time. Imso sad and ashamed cause it was probably more my fault than his. Anyway healways says “wait for me, I will be strong late game” and he kills everyone.Its common for him to do more than 30% damage (today he reached 50%). But hefocuses on towers, not kills. He starts getting kills after he destroys 2towers in one lane, kills everybody mid, goes to the other side and destroys 2towers. He is my hero. He likes playing with me becaue I focus on towers too,so its easier to meet mid and kill everyone else.
11.  Endgame as soon as possible, which doesn’t means fast. One good push is enough todestroy three towers in one lane and then base. For this you need one playerfull set, 2 players with 3 or 4 items and the tank. The only thing I willmention here about team composition is the stun. Even a ruby or Esmeralda candie fast if they are stun. But you need at least 2 stuns, one might not beenough. Stun is more important than damage (ideally you would have both in abeautiful balance, but if you need to choose, go for stun).
12.  Last ismy secret for a 80% win rate in my smurf account with 1000 games. DO THEUNTHINKABLE, surprise the enemy. What I do first is go for the enemy red buff,get it fast if you are alone or steal it and get the first kill. Then get yourblue, then enemy blue or your red. Go back for enemy red and you will be readyto carry. That’s my early game. Mid game I walk from top to bot thru enemy mid,between the third and second tower. I don’t do it with a true purpose, but notto show off either. When I do this, enemies don’t know how to react. Shouldthey chase me? Am I escaping or attacking? Am I stealing their buffs again? Ilove seeing 4 enemies chasing me (but im balmond and I have speed boots so theycant catch me. Im helcurt or hanzo, impossible to catch). Another tactic is toattack them from behind, but you need to take 2 or even 3 shots of the tower,so you can only do it with full health, and theres at least one teammate inyour tower area. I love to sacrifice myself for superminions, that makes myday. Once you have superminions you can do 2-3-0 formation, and enemy will beonly 4, cause there always need to be one in that superminion lane.

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HaoHao u see that people dont even know the reason basics of turrets in mythical glory so these tips and tricks will help u.
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Hi @HoaHoa

thank you for sharing your tips, feel free to share any other tips or guides based on your own experience which are expected to be useful for a lot of users here who read and understanding them
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