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[Query] Matchmaking basis

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I've been wondering how exactly is the matchmaking based? Is it based on overall stats? My account doesn't have good stats because it's the one I started playing with, and it seems I keep getting paired up with bad teammates, even when I play with a friend. I'm also thinking of maybe starting over again, because of my account's stats and I keep getting lose streaks.
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I have a good win rate in my smurf account, 80%, but its because I have more than 15 000 games in total, so the first thing you need is not only skills but experience.

I win most of the time BUT there are games you cant win, for example your team is 2 (you and your friend), and 3 solo players, and the enemy team is 2 duos and one solo player, or the enemy team is a trio and a duo. They will be naturally more organized and efficient. Another scenario is when you have 3 normal players and 2 low skills, vs enemy team with 4 or even 5 normal players. Enemy wins just by pushing towers, no need of ganking or teamfights. And the worst part is that the minions are the ones who destroy the towers and then the base hahahahaha.

A team of 2 is not enough for secure the win. You need at least a trio. For me playing solo or in a duo is almost the same, more or less a 60% chance of winning. if we are a trio it goes up to 80% and if we are 4 or 5 its a from 90% to 100% wr (I have played in a team of 5 for more than 3 hours straight, changing some friends for others), we have had 20 win streak or even higher.

All my friends have similar stats than mine or higher. I dont have average players in my friendlist, only outstanding people (and if I notice they were just lucky, not real good players then I eliminate them).

I only play assassin fighter or mm because I can carry alone. Carry means get a savage, destroy all towers, escape safely, move fast from bottom to top. You cant carry as a tank, mage or support.

You can start a new account, go for it, but the stats will be the same. Its not only the matchmaking what is affecting you, it is also your own skills, total number of games, level of emblem you are using, using skins for the extra boots, the rank you are right now, the friends you play with (I used to play with very good friends in real life but terrible at the game), your playstyle (mine is destroying all towers and steal enemy jungle, which leads to an automatic win late game and my team leveling up twice as fast as the enemy).
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This is not new. Every solo player is having the same problem

6 or 7 out of 10 matches is like this.

If you can carry nop teammates, this is not a problem at all
 Author| Post time 2021-4-5 07:09 PM | Show all posts
I actually play with a friend, he said he was having a win streak, then when he teamed up with me we didn't win, and yes we got teamed up with bad teammates. He said his win streak got cut off after teaming up with me, so I thought maybe my stats are bringing him down? So this happens even when I play with others.
Post time 2021-4-6 12:06 AM | Show all posts
AzureZest replied at 2021-4-5 07:09 PM
I actually play with a friend, he said he was having a win streak, then when he teamed up with me we ...

Most of the times it matches us with trash players and ruin our day. Sometimes good players will carry us to victory.

Nobody know what is wrong with matchmaking.

Better play classic when you are losing and return to rank after winning few games
Post time 2021-4-6 04:11 AM | Show all posts
Whatever the matchmaking is based on it's trash. Moonton is run by chimps. Scratch that, chimps could make a better moba. There is no balance in Classic matchmaking. You'll get Master and GM teammates while the enemy teams has two Mythics and Legends. To make matters worse half the players will be from the PH and lagging. How this game hasn't died yet is a mystery.
Post time 2021-4-7 03:41 PM | Show all posts
I didnt really answered your question hahaha. here it is:
The matchmaking is based on
1. recent games
2. current rank and highest rank achieved
3. AMOUNT OF PLAYERS DURING THAT TIME (which explains why its so unbalanced, but it depends on the number of people who are playing, not the developers).
 Author| Post time 2021-4-8 12:44 AM | Show all posts
HoaHoa replied at 2021-4-7 03:41 PM
I didnt really answered your question hahaha. here it is:
The matchmaking is based on
1. recent game ...

Nice explanation. Looks like starting over won't do any good so I guess playing in a trio would be best. Recent games mean the scores (gold silver bronze) that I get, right?
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