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[Share] The strongest early-mid game hero?

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Surprisinglyits BALMOND. I have 2000 Hanzo games because I love stealing enemy buffs andthen their whole jungle. One day I was wondering if it was possible to do thesame thing with other heros, I tried many but they were weak. Then I foundBalmond, who has given me a very satisfying 80% winrate in 300 games.
He is theonly hero (please tell me if Im wrong) that can invade enemy red alone, kill itfast and be 100% full health after getting it. For this I use assassin emblem,maybe with jungle emblem it might be possible with other heros (but theassassin emblem is important in mid game to kill everybody).
My boy hasa dash skill which is great for chasing enemies or jump thru walls to escape.
Hisultimate is better than execute because you can kill multiple targets with it,but the most important thing for Balmond is the spinning skill, it deals veryhigh damage, slows enemies down, and allows him to lifesteal. One junglemonster for 30% of your life is amazing! He is like Hilda, who doesn’t need togo to base for mana or life, which means you can farm faster and always be morethan 2 levels ahead of your enemies.
Early gameIm usually level 4 when enemies are almost level 3, this is why I can easilyfight 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 (if I can heal with minions). I got 2 or 3 savage withhanzo in 2 years. With balmond I got 10 savages in one month.
Items arealways the same, retribution (he already has a flicker and an execute skills,he doesn’t need a shield or purify, the only other skill I would use with himwould be arrival but I have never done it). The first item is the knife, levelone, no need to upgrade it because you don’t focus on jungle; it’s a perfectbalance of one third minions and towers, one third jungle and buffs, one thirdenemies. His core item is bloodlust axe for the lifesteal. So after the knife Iget the axe unless enemies are strong, maybe magic defense boots or physicalboots. If enemies are not scary, I get speed movement boots to be everywherefast. Third and last item is Blade of despair, for the strongest attack. Afterthat it doesn’t really matter what you buy. It could be defense according tothe enemies or more attack (which you don’t really need) to destroy turretsfaster.

Balmond vsother fighters

-He canlifesteal almost as much as ruby and other fighters BUT I feel his defence ishigher, and his mobility. Besides that, his cooldown is really good, which letsyou spam skills.

-Alucarddamage is higher but I feel he needs more items than Balmond, and his defenceis lower, so you might not survive. Alucard might be better as an assassin orjungler, Balmond is definitely a better fighter for teamfights, as an initiatorand even as a tank.

-I reallylike xborg but he is ultimate dependant, no ultimate for xborg means no damage,and he needs to combine it with flicker, Balmond doesn’t need anything.

-Badang andZilong destroy towers faster because they use basic attacks, but Balmond canleave that task to the minions after he killed the enemies in that lane, sogoes to the next lane to do the same, pushing not only one but two lanes.

-Mashakills the lord really fast, but she cant fight in teamfitghts, she can onlyattack one enemy. That’s the beauty of Balmond, he can easily give you a doubleor triple kill, even manianc and savage. You can get lord with Balmond, youjust need the bloodlust axe, another defence or attack item and a level 2 (ifpossible 3) jungle defense item. Its easier with the jungle axe than with themachete. You can get it solo, no problem, not as fast as Masha but if you got adouble kill and your team is pushing or fighting it is safe to go for lord. Imgetting an average of 2 turtles per game (sometimes one or three), and one outof three games Im getting lord (but enemies usually surrender cause imdominating by far, after my second triple kill nobody feels like fighting meanymore).

-Uranus andGatotkaka are definitely better tanks, but Balmond deals more damage so he isscary because how strong he is (his second skill deals between 1000-5000 damagedepending on the items and the level)

-Helcurt,Lancelot and Gusion are burst assassins that can kill squeashy heros in 3seconds, giving no time to flicker away. Balmond can kill you in 5, it’s thespinning skill plus ultimate and you are dead for sure. But those assassinsdon’t really want to fight fighters or tanks, Balmond does.

-Chou,Paquito, Argus and Jawhead are way better than Balmond for 1 vs 1 fights.Balmond cant fight against Paquito or Jawhead at all because they interrupt thesecond skill spin, which allows Balmond to deal damage and recover his life.These 2 heros are the only ones that have given me problems. Those two or anystund like Eudora franko aurora next to a marksmen with 3 items. Stun plusdamage doesn’t let you attack them and heal, those have been my 20% lost games.That and a bunch of randoms because I play solo most of the time.

-WithBalmond I have been doing from 30% to 65% of the damage, most towers and mosttanking; everything. With Hanzo, Zhask, Helcurt and Layla I do 60%-70% towers,an average of 30% damage (less than with Balmond) and most kills, but mytanking is super low, which is normal because they can do damage but they canttake any damage, this is one of the reasons I prefer Balmond.

-Balmondcan easily invade and steal jungle, my other heros cant (except Hanzo).

-I haven’tplay Lapu lapu, he might be a good alternative for Balmond, high damage andhigh lifesteal, maybe his defence is lower. Freya is fun! I have only playedher with trial cards because she is the only hero you cant buy with battlepoints (why!!!), I have fought her and seen her defence is really high, shegets a shield and its really hard to kill, plus it feels you are fightingagainst a Zilong with a mix of basic attacks and skills, she might be anotheralternative for this Balmond playstyle.

-Balmondshines early game, more than any other hero I have seen (unless its an assassinprotected by a tank or with an annoying support like angela aurora). He candominate mid game easily BUT late game he has problems. He cant kill fastanymore because people get defense or even the revival item.

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I love playing Balmond, although I don't get the opportunity to play him on Classic/Rank and only mostly on Brawl Mode. He's basically one of those heroes with massive sustain abilities. Actually, before he's one of the most feared hero especially if you will build him with an item that's called uhh, something like Bloodthirsty Armor? It gives HP regeneration whenever you get an Assist/Kill which was overpowered back then!
 Author| Post time 2021-4-8 01:12 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2021-4-8 12:02 PM
I love playing Balmond, although I don't get the opportunity to play him on Classic/Rank and only mo ...

after his revamp a couple of months or seasons ago, he become the easiest fighter to use. I guess they buffed him to help new players but they created a monster, I swear. As I said in this post, I got 10 savages in a month or two, crazy. The thing is you can spam his skills, hopefully they wont nerf him.
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HoaHoa replied at 2021-4-8 01:12 PM
after his revamp a couple of months or seasons ago, he become the easiest fighter to use. I guess  ...

Well, he's already more than enough with his 1st and 2nd skill lmao + the Passive that is really gamebreaking. I agree how spammy his ultimate is lmao.
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balmond is a strategic early game hero now. because he is so tanky and have high damage in mid-game
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