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I have beenplaying Balmond the last few weeks because he has an execute ultimate, a chaseescape throw walls dash skill, a lifesteal never ending spammable spin, and heis naturally half tank tank fighter but he can be used as assassin and jungler.Honestly the only thing he is missing is a range attack or some kind of magicto have everything. His weakness is fighters like jawhead and paquito who canstop his spin with spins, not with ultimate, so they can stop him anytime.
I was ableto fight jawhead but not Paquito, not even when I was 2 levels higher and hadone or even two more items. I couldn’t kill him or I even died when fightinghim. So I bought him.
First I triedhim in custom, one vs five. He is one of the few heros you can easily win incustom 1 vs 5. It was so easy that I had to sell all my items, just kept themovement speed boots to move around faster. I didn’t feel much difference, Ikept killing the 5 bots with ease. I immediately took him to classic, no needfor vs AI because that’s easier than 1 vs 5 custom. The results where the same.
I was level1, my spell was retribution, I was fighting a Roger level 2 with red buff. Ialmost died but instead of escaping I remembered all those times I died againsta Paquito. I killed Roger…
There was alancelot and a Eudora, which was hard because of Eudora s stun and burstdamage, and lancelot mobility and high damage, but I didn’t die. As soon as youunlock your ultimate there´s not much enemies can do. You can stun all enemiesin the small area of your ultimate, get a shield from the first skill and spamyour passive. Easiest game ever. And all the games after that where similar, didnt face any big threats, won them all.
I saw avideo about how to paquito before buying him. They show you how to have adouble ultimate thanks to the passive but once I understood him I realized itsactually 3 times, not 2. So you have your ultimate with 2 or 3 stacks, you useit and immediately you can use it again, but if you use it with 3 stacks youcan immediately use the first skill then the second skill (after the secondtime you use your ultimate) and you just need one basic attack to use it athird time. No fighters can survive this, not even with lifesteal because youstunned them twice.
This is howyou are able to fight easily 1 vs 2. One vs 3 is harder because there is alwaysa stun combined with high damage so you shouldn’t do this.
Hisultimate is not really an ultimate, its more of a third skill and your mainsource of damage and mobility (you can decide between keep attacking orescape). This is exactly what Dyroth needed, to be faster (I played him alittle but he is too slow). Paquito is definitely better than jawhead becausehe can spam his skills.
He definitelyneeds a nerf, its insane all he can do (he even dashes through walls). Give himmore shield and nerf his damage, or let him spam his 2 skills but not his ultimate,or eliminate his slow down effect, something; anything for god s sake. I meanlook at chou, he didn’t kill you with his ultimate he has to retreat a little,and he kills only one. Paquito kills two, retreats a little, and he is ready tokill two more.
I haven’t playedIve but I have a pro Ive friend and when I have to fight him I always lose.Ive´ slowdown is a nightmare and she has a huge trap you cant escape. I feellike Im slowly being eaten by a spider. She should be stopped when casting herultimate!!

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Paquito is simply the strongest laner in the game right now, i would say he is OP but i kinda disagree. Yes hes VERY strong when used right but hes one of those heroes that can’t really “carry” a game on his own and can be counterable vs cc and ambushes. Tho if he was nerfed i wouldn't be surprised at all
Post time 2021-4-9 07:21 PM | Show all posts
Paquito is okay he can also be countered. I just have to avoid his combo then burst him using mm or mage hero. I think Chou is still the strongest offlaner. He has high damage, cc and high def yet moonton doesn't nerf this hero even though he gets picked or banned a lot in MPL tournaments probably because he always have a new skin and he is a crowd favorite.
Post time 2021-4-9 10:47 PM | Show all posts
If you wanna counteemr pacquito, you have to know his skills and mechanics. I'm pacquito user, and its easy to counter when someone uses Pacquito in enemy team. His dmg is really good I agree, and with those dash and cc , one of the best fighter in meta. He's weak on burst, cc and team fight . If you avoid his combo, he's easy to kill.
Post time 2021-4-10 12:03 AM | Show all posts
His sustain in early to mid game is what made him really overpowered plus his easily stacked Passive w/ shield and regeneration. A semi-tank Paquito is really troublesome especially if the player knows how to manage his skills well and knows how to aim. The cons of his is that, he should never miss at least his ultimate or it's a disadvantage already. His pros however is his kit and his unbeatable offlane/side lane capabilities. Though a quick burst can bring him down but don't let him do the first move and set the phase during clashes or you're dead.
Post time 2021-4-10 08:03 AM | Show all posts
Another thing about paquito is that his dash range is shorter than most. If u know the range of his dash, u could avoid it.
Post time 2021-4-13 11:45 PM | Show all posts
Every hero have a rival that counters the hero. Same as cc heroes which counters balmond. I think it is a balance mechanism in game. Though, paquito is one of the banned hero now. So, have fun playing ML! XD
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