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[Share] Fair game? Balance teams!!

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So I justplayed a game solo, classic. My team had a trio using mic. They picked Layla,hanabi and karina. Karina was good, current gm highest epic with 2000 games and50% wr. Hanabi had less than 500 and the Layla was a new player with 8 games.They were probably teaching her how to play. Of course we lost 3-26. The threekills were mine, I was 3-0. The Layla was 0-13 hanabi 0-5. Karina didn’t do sobad.
In total,my genius trio had 2508 games, kind of the same as the enemy trio, thedifference was that the enemy trio had 3 average normal players, but my 3little geniuses where 1 average 1 low skill and 1 new. They should be matchedagainst a similar trio. Enemy team highes rank were legend and epic, these 3were epic, gm and warrior. So basically there is no way to win a game like thisunless the enemy trio was similar.
If you lookat their history they lost ALL games in the record omg… again, I don’t blamethem, I blame the matchmaking. They were 3 friends just wanting to play andhave fun. They didn’t care about losing, I heard them laughing a lot andjoking. They started insulting me when I asked them not to fight but to jungleand try to get the towers instead. No reports of profanity or negative orfeeding went trhough of course, im used to this.
Why cantsolo players play ONLY against solo players?? It would be amazing if we had vs1.,          2.3 vs 2.3,         5 vs 5
And neverever again
1.4 vs2.3,         1.1.3 vs 2.3      and all those different teams. ALL TEAMSSHOULD BE THE SAME!! And with the same numbers!! No game? Well, play brawl orsomething. Im so tired of these “fair” games.
Just now I losta game with a friend, we were 2.2.1 vs 3.2 or maybe 2.2.1 vs 1.3.1, but the leslie in my team was 0-9, and herfriend Lolita was 0-5. Enemy team had average players who didn’t feed. Ofcourse, no punishment for the Lesley.
Its beenreally hard to play, yesterday and today. Maybe because I have good stats thesystem try to “balance” the game by putting me with bad stats players, fightingagainst average stats players.
I reallyfeel 2 epics are not both epics, when one highest has been mythical glory andthe other player highest is epic.
The optionof “solo” would be great. I have some time off right now but im still angry forthe lasts games, not fun, very frustrating. I don’t mind losing against betterplayers, I actually enjoy it. I just hate those games where its not even 3 minsand your team is 0-10, or not even 6:00 and enemy already have superminions. It’sa joke. Hopefully its very fun for the enemy team, at least you would have 5very happy players.

Post time 2021-4-15 11:27 PM | Show all posts
Hello! I'm sorry for you , i guess soloq is not fun at all . I suggest you to join a team or any group ..
 Author| Post time 2021-4-16 07:41 AM | Show all posts
Tempestt replied at 2021-4-15 11:27 PM
Hello! I'm sorry for you , i guess soloq is not fun at all . I suggest you to join a team or any gro ...

i have friends and a squad, but you cant always play together. I guess for me its 50%.
The problem is even with friends, as i mentioned, its not balanced and sometimes not possible to win, like in the example i mention here.
yesterday was a good day, won about 70% of my solo games.
Post time 2021-4-16 12:47 PM | Show all posts
Classic is for fun and practice. I don't care about wr, matchmaking, punishment in classic mode
Post time 2021-4-16 06:07 PM | Show all posts
u complaining about losing in classic like cmon.
Post time 2021-4-16 06:38 PM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2021-4-16 06:07 PM
u complaining about losing in classic like cmon.

To be fair...You lose winrate in Classic too :)) Which makes it normal to complain about it. Even if Classic should be chill, losing wr due to different factors (by this i mean players) is no fun at all...i stopped playing classic when i had a troll in my team because he couldn't pick the hero he wanted - other teammate did so he trolled all game long which did cost me some wr, not just general one, but also hero winrate. And we all know it matters in ranked when you send that "I want to use [x] hero" and you show it's winrate.
Post time 2021-4-16 10:42 PM | Show all posts
I suggest separating classic win rates from ranked ones in a more organized way so it's an obvious difference between the 2.
Classic mod is made to help people practice certain heroes or/and to play for the fun of it without sweating.
It feels good to win, even a brawl game but as mentioned before each game mod got it's objective so IMO playing ranked will increase your chances of wining since everyone is trying their best.
I play classic each now and then to play other heroes/roles than the ones I main because I can't risk playing a hero I'm not good enough with.
Post time 2021-4-17 04:37 AM | Show all posts

I noticed that the matchmaking was better after the first revamp  last year/this year, but it went back to what it was now. I did noticed that most matchmakings were solo players during the revamp, but now I can see duos or trios in solo matchmaking. Which was kind of a regression I guess as duo/trio teams should only be matched against each other.

Good point; I myself do support a cleaner matchmaking as well.
Post time 2021-4-18 08:26 PM | Show all posts
I think maybe you should play with friends instead. This system have been reported many times to moonton. But no change have been made. I hope moonton will fix this unfair system ASAP. :D
Post time 2021-4-21 02:08 PM | Show all posts
Why don't you try other game? My experience in Wiel Reef is the best so far.
Not a lot of thrash talking. Players are more matured (less kid playing this game).

Solo que is much better than ML. When playing rank, you can role que and people actually playing their assigned role. Less troll pick and hero tester in rank. Most players actually plays rank seriously because they know how hard it is to rank up.

Getting to higher rank will result in better teammates. But you need to wait for longer queue because there are not that many players in high elo. Getting to higher elo is much harder and more satisfying when it did.
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