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[Mood] Classic or Rank = same thing

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AFKs, trolls, practicing heroes, toxicity...same thing on both. Season by season everything is worse and worse.

On EU server there are no more good solo players. Ukraines, Russians and Belarus finnaly destroyed EU server.

Thanks Moonton for never improving punishment system, for never doing something about practicing heroes on rank, for destroying in-game chat where I can't even write FLAMESHOT. It is too late now for any change, those good players won't comeback. Btw, good players are not only on youtube ;)

Thanks for everything, I don't want my money back, hope you spend it well.

Post time 2021-4-17 06:36 PM | Show all posts
Sorry to hear that. Toxic players exists everywhere, thats why I never ply solo in rnk. I recommend playing trio, imo. Btw suggest us how to improve the punishment system to help better improve in future, also Moonton is aware of those and constantly working on improving over all game experience. Ty for your concern.
Post time 2021-4-18 01:47 AM | Show all posts
Trolls and afks are sort of ok in classic as win/loss doesn’t mean much.
Post time 2021-4-18 01:57 AM | Show all posts
well what game has a perfect punishment system when u think about it?
Post time 2021-4-18 07:17 PM | Show all posts
I mean, comparing the punishment system from before. It has greatly improved already. Although, there's still flaws but like what seimz said, you can't really avoid afkers/trollers because they'll just keep on coming, a new batch will come and come.

Though, to avoid this or at least lessen it, at least try doing a pre-made one.
 Author| Post time 2021-4-18 08:39 PM | Show all posts
Charles replied at 2021-4-18 07:17 PM
I mean, comparing the punishment system from before. It has greatly improved already. Although, ther ...

Please tell me what is better now? You decided to punish AFK after 4 years? From 2016 to 2020 players were crying for better AFK punishment and when you saw people start leaving game for another MOBA,than you said: Look, maybe we could listen to these people who making us rich for 4 years. That's what you call better? Wooow amazing improvement.

Is it so difficult to input in game that you can't play any hero on rank without having at least 20-30 matches? Come to EU server to see how SSSR idiots showing 43% win rate with 15 matches and proudly picking that. They are not even ashamed anymore to show disaster win rate and pick that hero. Come to EU server to see how they pick heroes in this order: Jungler, Marksman(no win rate just expert), another Junger, Mage(Chang'e or Vale) and they call you troll because you don't want to tank for that trash team? Come to EU server to see how fast can you lose with 2 Ukraines and 1 Belarus. Those games can't be longer than 10mins. Come to EU server to feel the pain of defending base from minute 3 to minute 10 and ofcourse lose in the end. Stop talking those stories for kids how MLBB improved punishment system. No, they didn't. They just made stronger punishment for AFKs after years of complaining.
Post time 2021-4-18 11:38 PM | Show all posts
Due to toxic teammates not picking tank, I picked Miya as second marksman

Guess what, I carried the team to victory in 8 out of 9 matches

I lost one game due to intentional feeding of a player using Rafaela. 3 mages + 1 feeder support + 1 MM = Savage for Alucard.

If your teammates are trolling, just pick MM and shoot all your enemies without any fear
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2021-4-20 09:19 PM | Show all posts
I completely understand your anger. I remeber a many seasons ago (like s4, s5 etc) the players in EU as well as the gaming environmemt were much better. But now, the more seasons pass, the worse the situaion with trolls and afks gets.
Well and as this game is a 5v5 i suggest u to find a good team so u can enjoy ur games more witouth afk or trolls
Post time 2021-4-21 02:31 PM | Show all posts
Seriously..try Wiel Reef. You don't necessarily need to que with teammate all the time to have better match experience.

I'm still solo que 99% of the time and I rarely have bad experience in this game. Obviously, que with your friend will be better..but solo que is good as well. It is definitely better then solo que in ML.
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